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“Kung Fu Panda 2” new trailer

Loved the first one — and the second one does not look like it will disappoint:

  • one mega-huge popcorn no butter pls….

  • Clint

    Looks pretty cool! Might just wait for it to come out on DVD, seeing how there will be much better animated films I wanna see, like RANGO, RIO, and WINNIE THE POOH.

    • Misv

      really..winnie the pooh over kung fu pand, seriously?

      • Jane

        Winnie the Pooh looks excellent, actually.

      • Arf Trondolio

        I’m skipping Rio and Pooh because there isn’t really anything at all captivating about them for me. I’m glad that 2D is still alive at Disney, but I think I’ve seen enough of their Pooh to last a lifetime.

        This does look great, and I’m excited to see Rango.

    • Keegan

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      • tonma

        Woow didn’t konw! guess that’s why tigress is made so cool!

  • Anonymous Joke Maker

    Just looked on IMDB, and saw that it’s directed by a woman.

    Ugh. Seriously?

    Women should stick to what they’re good at – making movies about fearless bomb disarmers in the Middle East.


    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

      I think we can all agree that the word “joke” in his name is to be taken subjectively.

  • Awesomeness!

  • Keegan

    Haha looks funny.

    The wolves look cool.

  • This looks pretty great. I’m not sure if it will be as funny as the first one but it looks even more spectacular.

    I loved the last gag.

  • It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. A teaser for Puss n’ Boots is also out, and it doesn’t look nearly as fun.

  • awesome awesome awesome , i see that they are more confident with the actual martial arts movie references and tribute this time. just from the trailer i saw glimpses of “Once upon a time in China” and maybe a little bit of Jackie’s classic “Project A”.

  • Autumn

    I’m in.

  • Sherrie

    Looking forward to this!

  • Liam

    Imagine what kind of films they’ll make when Glen Keane goes over there. I read he’s headed over there soon.

  • Yo

    For the love of god please have more character development/scenes for the Furious Five.

    • Oliver

      Will Jackie have more than a quarter-page of dialogue this time around?

  • Toonio

    The lighting system they used is out of this world.

  • 2011 Teenager

    Po seems to be the sixth ranger now, but also looks to have adapted to his role as a Master ……. Panda? …. already. As long as Po uses his body weight, fat, laziness… or all the other things that make him as “human” as in the first film… I’m good.

    … I did not see any of that in this trailer.

    • Actually there are quite a few of that in the trailer. Tigress using Po’s fatness. Po’s stomach rumbling. Po being overly enthusiastic while Tigress makes a facepalm. Po hitting his face with the signs. Po saying stairs are his old enemy. What more do you want?

      • Scarabim

        Tai Lung.

      • 2011 Adult

        A lot of these actions go by in a blink of an eye, so it’s hard to miss them. Po being overly enthusiastic with Tigress, or facing the Stairs of Doom, are NOT applied “in battle” in that scene, which I was more specific about.

  • Erin Siegel

    Haha, alright there was some awkward cuts but I still saw a lot of gold shine through. Also good to see the lighting and weight effects refined even further. These characters look more organic and I’m happy to see they didn’t decide filling them with FUR! FUR! FUR! FUUUUUZZZZ! was an “improvement”. The more sculptural and graphic the better.

  • Some girl

    Looking awesome. Totally seeing this.

  • Maybe this is just me, but did anyone else think Master Shifu sounded raspier than usual? It’s been a while since I saw the first film so maybe my ears are playing tricks on me.

    Aside from that, I’m hoping for good things from Kung Fu Panda 2. I loved the first movie, so I’m hoping Dreamworks does a good job with this one as well.

    • Michelle

      As far as Shifu’s voice is concerned, no one can stop Dustin Hoffman from aging.

  • erin

    i am sooo excited about this trailer! But when did it get to be ok to put ‘freakin’ in a kids movie trailer?

  • Ethan

    Nice particles work at 1:30, watch it in 1080p :-)

    I love the improved lighting and the extreme sky colors. I liked the shot with Lord Shen, there’s something cool about his center of gravity and how he uses his tail feathers to “pause” in the air. That gives me high expectations. The shot of Tigress stopping an arrow without looking is great too. Some jokes fell flat, but it’s only a trailer, the pacing of the jokes is always broken in a trailer.

    I’m glad there isn’t too many spoilers for once (except for the cannons, but really, who doesn’t expect that).

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’m glad Dreamworks still isn’t giving away the whole movie in this trailer.

  • Mark McDermott

    Well, they had me…right up to the “Miserilou” remix. “Pulp Fiction” was GENERATION ago! Well, as long as they reference classic kung fu movies and keep the annoying re-made classic rock for the end credits.

  • The more I watch it the more I think it could be even better than the first one. And the first one was already pretty great. But the two things that could make this one better is that the adventure seems less predictable than the usual underdog story and that they are actually travelling around and not staying in the same town for the whole movie.

    Yeah, I kinda liked Po as a clumsy guy too but like I said he seems to keep a lot of his human qualities here. Jack Black should stay as a panda, he’s funny and likeable when he is doing this character, quite a bit more than he’s in person.

    As for The Furious Five I really didn’t mind that they didn’t have more personality in the first picture. I thought they worked in their role as five characters playing one character (the group of efficient kung fu fighters). I was actually more disappointed with the cliche personalities of the secondary kids in How To Train Your Dragon (I’m also expecting that they’d give them more to do in the sequel). However if the Furious Five are going to be co-protagonists in this second movie I also agree they should give them more personality. Not necessarily character development. I don’t really want to know more of their backstories (that was covered in The Secrets Of The Furious Five short and didn’t add much to their personality). Just give them more different and clear personality traits. I think Tigress is already quite defined as the most serious and efficient one, but Crane, for example, is not especially well defined.

    I’m not sure about five sequels, but I’m starting to think it was a good idea to make one sequel cause they’re already using what they didn’t do in the first one. This is pretty great for a Dreamworks sequel cause they could have just repeated the formula as in the Shrek saga. They sure have improved a lot in the last few years.

  • Pieter

    That’s right, Dreamworks. Write “Freakin’ Awesome” with an apostrophe! You guys are just ruthless!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m under the impression that seeds of romance between Po
    and Tigress will be planted in KFP 2. I really like Dreamworks’ interspecies relationships.

    • It could happen…but I’d actually prefer if it doesn’t happen really.

      It could be ok if well developed but there are already too many romances in animated movies.

  • Steven M.

    At least it didn’t spoil the movie like other trailers seem to do.

    • AwesomeGirl86

      Agreed. :)

      I’ve seen trailers where they practically give away the whole story in one trailer and it just spoils the whole fun of seeing that movie.

  • One of the delights of the original Kung Fu Panda (and one of its real pleasant surprises) was that unlike SO many Jack Black roles, Po was not a loud, brutish, and rude jerk of a guy. I’ve read some places that Jack Black himself actually asked for changes in the script to see to it that Po wouldn’t be that. (Sheesh, why can’t Jack do THAT more often??) I can only hope that the makers of the sequel do not change that about their lead character. Some things I’ve seen in the trailers have me a bit worried. Other things I’ve seen give me hope.