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L.A. Animation Overview


Steve Hulett, over on the daily must-read The Animation Guild blog, lists all the known union projects currently in production in L.A. — including a few Disney items I’d never heard of (Joe Jump? King of the Elves?).

Most intriguing project: Batman Anime (Gotham Knight?) at Warner Bros. Scariest titles mentioned: Tinkerbell 2 and 3(!) from Disneytoon Studios.

  • Some Guy

    Clips from Batman Anime can be found here.

  • tom

    I had hoped that JL would have been able to stop the Tinkerbell thing from happening, but it’s got a billion dollar merch engine pulling it into existence, so that sucks.

  • Marc G.

    I heard about that “Joe Jump” project at Disney a while back… supposedly it stars a PacMan-esque character who travels between different genres of videogames… could be fun.

    “King of the Elves” just sounds like the same stuff that Disney’s been pumping out with Walden Media for a few years now.

  • red pill junkie

    That Gotham Knight project is a clear follow-up of the “Animatrix” shorts that were comissioned by the Wachowsky brothers… which is perfectly fine by me! I’m looking forward to seeing these new Batman shorts.

    And shoudln’t the Pixar guys STOP the Tinkerbell sequels?

  • with all the “new york-love” promoted recently, and as a big promoter of said love, i gotta say, that kind of slate of work with real paychecks looks pretty sweet from the unemployed vantage point im currently holding down out here in brooklyn. congrats, LA-folks!

  • Warners is still squeezing out the juice from Scooby-Doo and seems to be slowly turning it’s wringers towards the Dark Knight now….will this make or break the Caped Crusader for future audiences?

    Disney’s “Joe Jump” sounds like a very interesting concept. I’ve been waiting for the appearance of Tinkerbell in film form since the Fairies merchandise has been sitting in stores forever…

  • So the rumors on Joe Jump were true.

    I though Pixar was doing it, not like it matters because the concept is awesome.

  • I believe “King of the Elves” is based on Philip K. Dick’s 1953 short story.

    “Joe Jump” has been in development hell over at the Mouse for at least half a decade so I don’t know what’s happening with that.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    A part of me is not to surprised at the extension of the Tinkerbell fairy product line. The various new fairies (who were featured in short films that were part of the Return To Neverland release) are a properly multi-culti-looking bunch aimed at a wider demographic.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Suddenly, I see an image in my mind of Jimmy Cagney standing in the middle of a battle in World of Warcraft screaming “KING OF THE ELVES, MA!”

  • galacticadude

    I thought “Fairies” was to be a TV series by Disney. Maybe contracts were in place for Tinkerbell 2&3 before Pixar (JL) took over.

  • Tom

    Continuing the Tinkerbell brand makes perfect financial sense. It’s a huge moneymaker and it’s not exactly high profile. If the Pixar guys were to pull the plug on this, they would probably suffer severely. They need to get their money somewhere while they try to breath life into the feature division once again.

    I’m fine with Tinkerbell, since it’s a spinoff and not exactly a sequel to beloved Disney classic cartoons. Plus the demographic is really clear. Direct to Video sequels kills the magic of the original, which was probably why it was so frustrating to see up until the merger.

  • K.Borcz

    Lol Steve Gattuso. But nothing beats the South Park kids in WOW.

    I could see the fairies thing as a tv show, but a movie?

  • Andrew W. Laubacher

    Batman: Gotham Knight writer Josh Olson posted on Harlan Ellison’s boards (where he’s a regular) that the Gotham Knight DTV will be released the same week that The Dark Knight premiers. So, the DVD should be for sale on July 15th.

  • red pill junkie

    James Cagney? I was thinking more on Leonardo DiCaprio :-)

  • Kelly Tindall

    Does anybody know which directors are in charge of the different “Gotham Knight” segments? I understand Bruce Timm is the director of the project, but I’d love to find out who is directing each short.

    Bruce told me himself that Satoshi Kon isn’t involved, which would have been baffling but lovely.

  • Andrew W. Laubacher

    So, is Mr. Timm’s actual credit for something like “Supervising Director?” I know that he’s also a producer on this.

    It seems that the July 15th release date is INCORRECT. James Harvey of the site, The World’s Finest, did some checking and says that more information will be released this weekend (at Wonder-Con, I presume). He also informs me that Christian Bale is not providing the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman for BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT.

  • Earl K

    The Tinkerbell movie has too much merchandising behind it for Pixar to kill, but JL sent it back to be almost completely redone from scratch. There’s a trailer around somewhere that apparently has nothing to do with the current version of the film.

    But I’m a little baffled that there will be another one after this.