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Marketing Wall•E and Kung Fu Panda

The Movie Marketing Madness blog offers interesting in-depth analyses of the marketing campaigns supporting the recent animated features Wall•E and Kung Fu Panda. The blog concludes that both movies had successful ad campaigns.

Then again, they had better be successful for the amount of coin they’re spending to market these pictures. This recent article in Variety discusses the exorbitant costs of promoting animated features nowadays, and says that these two animated features have the costliest marketing campaigns of any two Hollywood films this year, with Disney’s $54 million Wall•E campaign leading the way.

  • elan

    Does anyone know if the number in Box Office Mojo’s “Production Budget” category includes the marketing costs? So, was wall-e 180 million, plus 54 million of marketing on top of that?


  • acetate

    This was from an article on The Weekend Gross Blog.
    ” But while most animated features normally see an uptick in sales on Saturday when more families can go to the cineplex, the $180 million budgeted Wall-e slipped 5% to $22 million, falling another 21% on Sunday to $17.4 million. Time will tell whether word of mouth is weaker than expected or if Saturday’s drop had more to do with Friday being such a big day.”

    I still think it’s going to drop off rather quickly after parents get word of mouth that the kids won’t like it. From the personal accounts I’ve read here and on other boards the theatre is either full of bored kids or kids who are riveted to the screen. Maybe it’s a geographical thing. The East coast kids were pretty squirmy in their seats, but it seems the L.A. kids dug it. There’s alot of theatre seats in between both coasts !

  • Well who’s to say whether 54 mil is too much or not to market a film. What I CAN say is that their marketing efforts were highly successful. When I saw it in the theatre, All the kids were SCREAMING for Wall-E, even before the movie started. They hadn’t even seen the movie and they were already attached to this character. I was amazed.

  • Peter

    Wow, and here I’ve been saying that the WALL-E ad campaign was painfully awful, with the smarmy narrator carefully overexplaining everything in the movie in the TV ads and trailers. I would say that the movie succeeded in *spite* of the horrible (US) teaser, trailers and TV ads.

  • Shmek

    I assume a lot of money will come from selling toys and other different merchandise as well.

  • MattSullivan

    yeah, wasn’t WALL*E advertised a year or more in advance? The movie must REALLY be good if after all that, i liked it so much

  • Dave (Odd)

    Amid, are you trying to make us nauseated? Let me guess: you’re one of those Cartoon People who think it’s funny when a crowd of people collectively pukes all over cheap labor sweating to death in smirking animal suits. How dare you misrepresent Jack Black as a shallow media hooker? Do you know how sickeningly hilarious those karate kicks were? Do you have any IDEA?