<em>Mary and Max</em> trailer <em>Mary and Max</em> trailer
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Mary and Max trailer

As mentioned previously on the Brew, Adam Elliot’s Mary and Max opened the Sundance Festival this month. Collider.com has just posted four brief film clips from the film – and here’s the trailer:

  • awesome, cant wait to see it. i like how the trailer ends on a “fart/poop” joke, but this time, it’s funny.

  • Looks fantastic!

  • Oh, I am looking forward to this. I really am.

    Funny, touching, and different. Adam Elliot’s got an unusual world, but one that is relatable nonetheless.

  • Oh wow; this looks absolutley marvellous! Congratulations Adam! There’s some beautiful animation going on without loosing any of the charm of previous shorts – everything is enhanced with the humanity retained; a pitch-perfect trailer for me! Annecy suddenly got very exciting this year (I hope, at least!).

  • Wow! This looks really cool!

  • I saw this at Sundance. THIS is the animated feature that HAS to be nominated for Best Picture next year. If you’ve ever wondered if an animated movie could feel “important” and be done the right way—this is the movie.

    First of all, if you’ve seen Harvey Krumpet—this feature is similar in tone, and style.

    The story itself is very well thought out. Very few, if any plot holes that I could find. It’s based on Adam Elliot’s own personal pen pal relationship, and many of the plot points deal with very familiar, very real experiences. There seems to be a prevalent “Charlie Brown”-type theme to the film. There are hints to the seminal comic strip, and the characters experiences in the movie hark to a “Charlie Brown” existence.

    The characters are all well developed. Character Design is marvelous. Each character is distinct from the other. The set designs really bring you into the worlds of these characters. The use of color and the choice of color is smart, makes sense, and reveals added dimensions to the characters and the overall story. These are characters that breathe and feel. The voice acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman, as Max, is the best I have ever heard in animation. Yes, better than even Mel Blanc! You believe these characters are real because of it.

    The music score is glorious. It adds to every scene, and sets the mood for the viewer. Some of the best music scored for a movie. Additionally, the film editing keeps the story moving at the right pace—this is slow moving story, but you never get anxious for the ending to appear. The editing makes the movie flow in a natural way.

    This is a movie that is touching, funny, and sad, (often at the same time.) Made with nothing short of brilliance, it could turn out to be one of the most important animated stories in this genre’s history.

  • Jeepers that’s quite a review Steven. I love this trailer and I wish I could see it RIGHT NOW. That just totally captivated me. Thanks for making me aware of this.

  • Jay Taylor

    I wish I didn’t have to watch the Max Payne commercial before every single clip!

    Anyways, I HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS FILM! Looks fantastic! I hope if they can’t get distribution they’ll end up putting the film on DVD and selling it directly. I’d certainly prefer to see it on the big screen though.


  • Steve Gattuso

    This does look quite interesting. I’d love to see it get some mass exposure.

  • This looks GREAT!!

  • I loved Harvey Krumpet to pieces, and that trailer has really gotten me excited for this even more now, wow. I hope this gets all the attention it clearly deserves. What a year 2009 is going to be for stop motion animation!

  • Hmm…Can’t wait to see this. I’m loving the interesting adult-child relations.

  • I am exploding with glee.

    *BOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!* :D

  • For what it’s worth, here’s a five-star review from Film Threat:


  • i’m really impressed by the voice acting myself. prolific animation voice actor billy west once ranted against using celebrities for voice overs (citing robin williams’s genie as an example), since the celebrities just end up doing their own voices. but i was shocked to see toni collette’s name and even more shocked to see philip seymour hoffman’s name at the end of this trailer. these sound like real characters, not just versions of the celebrity voices. can’t wait!

  • I’m really excited to see this!

  • Finally remember where I first heard the music at the beginning (Perpetuum mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra). I first heard it during Peter Roe’s Showreel 2008 where the robot befriends a lighthouse: http://bit.ly/NUyja