<em>Megamind</em> full trailer <em>Megamind</em> full trailer
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Megamind full trailer

  • Edwin Austin

    Wow, what an improvement over the teaser! I’m now looking forward to this.

  • Mike!

    Most trailers for animated movies, especially ones by Dreamworks, are horrible, so it’s too close to call on this one. Although it doesn’t look that promising to me. Will Ferrel sounds a lot like Rainn Wilson did as the alien from ‘Monsters v. Aliens,’ and the designs are very similar… so that’s kind of weird. Plus more bland designs. So very bland. Why do all these animated movies, a medium with limitless possibilities for visual wonderment, make me want to go to sleep?

  • Dweeb

    I had no hopes on the previous teaser.

    Still don’t.

    Poor environments, bland stock characters and main ones, formulaic animation to its best… Despicable Me managed to to 10 times better with 10 times less budget, WTF?

    Hopefully, HTTYD saves the day at DW.

  • tommy

    So… it’s Dr. Horrible?

  • ZN

    It looks like a popcorn movie. I’m not blown away by it but I’m glad to see that Dreamworks’ films are getting more appealing and expressive. When Shrek commercials air on TV now it almost feels like an anachronism.

  • Funny trailer, pretty engaging and certainly fulfills its purpose. It’s a 2.5-minute trailer, what else am I suppose to say?

  • hellohue

    I really hope audiences prove themselves to know crap when they see it. And I truly believe the majority do. So why insult us with this crap? Pixar has proven celeb voices are NOT an audience puller. (though tina fey’s performance in ponyo was great) Most people I know, even those with no interest in animation, nowadays associate shrek with boring crap, so why mention it in the trailer? It’s so horribly obvious the different teams working at dreamworks too, those making potboilers like this and those run by creative people who want to tell good stories (how to train your dragon), which is sad. Still i’ll probably end up seeing it. But im not planning on spending my money at all. Dreamworks better get their act together. Either create good films that will last, or make money. It’s even worse they’re hopping between the two. Oh wait, Dragon’s had 8 more sequels and a tv series ordered. Why do they always have to run stuff to the ground before daring to be interesting again? I hope this film comes and goes so we can forget it and the studio can decide if they want to make films or money.

  • After “Kung Fu Panda” and “How to Train Your Dragon,” I’m willing to give Dreamworks the benefit of the doubt.

    However, I will ignore the release of “Shrek 4.” A man has his limits.

  • I’m going to admit that after seeing this I really think this movie could be good. They nailed the relationship of a CLASSIC comic book supervillian and superhero. The villain with the massive head and over the top elaborate plots… the Bruce Campbellesqe superhero. They’re actually bringing fun back to a genre that has taken itself waaay too seriously lately. I especially love the gratuitous use of white for the hero and black for Megamind. Its like hats in a old western its trying to show the basic stereotypes..very clever.

    The Tina Fey character looks like she could have good chemistry with Will Ferrell’s character and his mute?(i’m guessing) sidekick has a beautiful expressive face.

    Can’t wait!

  • Nillin

    But I’ve already seen Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog…

  • Tedzey

    So its a comedy from bizzaro’s point of view of superman?

  • Tony W.

    Is Cartoon Brew trying to tell us something in posting this trailer right after the John K. quote?

  • erlab

    New trailer ALREADY?! ….wait. When did you post the teaser here again?

    I thought the superhero was supposed to die. Isn’t that the whole premise?

    Three baby jokes completely unrelated to one another. DreamWorks must have their Bring Their Daughter To Work Days more often.

    It IS an improvement over the last one…. but then again, the last one is very easy to improve…

  • captainobvious

    You’re absolutely right, Hellohue. Pixar’s use of those unknown voiceover talents like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunt, Samuel Jackson, Ed Asner, Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres, John Goodman, and Billy Crystal is courageous and bold. I just hope that someday, those guys get their big break in the motion pictures.

  • Tim Schuit

    Looks awful.

    I smirked once at the end when Megamind was turning on all the death devices, then the smirk went away during the lame “haha spider’s on your face now” moment.

  • Rooniman

    Nothing in this trailer made laugh, not once. At all.

  • Alissa

    I like it. Old-school superheroics, a bit on the bland side true, but at least it looks better than Pixar heartwarmth copypasta. Not as good as HTTYD, but anything’s better than Shrek.

  • red pill junkie

    Shows an improvement from the teaser. I’m more interested in seeing this than Despicable Me.

  • Karen

    ” Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunt, Samuel Jackson, Ed Asner, Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Albert Brooks, Ellen Degeneres, John Goodman, and Billy Crystal is courageous and bold. :

    The most famous person on that list when Toy Story was made was Tim Allen. The biggest star was Paul Newman–past his prime. Everyone else on the list are great voices and actors, but hardly feature film stars. Even Tom Hanks was hired for Toy Story before he had broken out (after starting Toy Story, he made Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump, Philedelphia, and Apollo 13. THEN Toy Story came out).

    Nothing wrong with hiring well known voices for actors (Sarah Vowell, anyone?) so long as they’re right for the role. If I have to hear that lame Mike Meyers fake scottish accent again, I’ll throw tomatoes at the screen. And Brad Pitt? What? Is he apologizing for Sinbad?

  • Megamind didn’t blow my mind not one bit. Not funny, not entertaining, contrived story lines, lots of cliches, lame character designs, bland celebrity voices, etc. Basically the ingredients of your modern animated feature. This is just more of the same crap that’s been prevalent in modern animation for years now. Definitely not gonna bother watching this. Pass.

  • Pedro Nakama


  • The point isn’t that Pixar uses celebrity voices — it’s that they don’t SELL THE MOVIE with them. Does anyone really decide to go to see an animated film BECAUSE Steve Carell or Will Farrell or Jim Carrey’s name is over the title in gigantic type? Honestly, other than their agents, who cares?

  • David.Seth


    Yes, Pixar has employed many well known actors/comedians to do voice over work in their movies. But, unless I am mistaken (which I very well could be), most of their promo’s don’t promote the voice talents the way Dream Works does. I mean, take Wall*E and Ratatouille for example… One featured the voices of Fred Willard, Jeff Garlin, and Sigourney Weaver. The other featured Patton Oswalt, Lou Romano, Janeane Garofalo, Peter O’Toole, and Brad Garrett. Disney could have boasted about these actors in the previews, but chose not to. And I think its for 2 reasons: #1 No one would care because they are not “A-list” actors (even though I love almost all of them). And #2 Pixar tries to pick the actor that would best fit their idea of the character. But it seems to me that Dream Works gets the actor first (and almost always A-list), and tries to mold the character to the actor. And then they market the hell out of them.

  • The Forgettables

    Yet another Unappealing, tired design from Dreamworks. Why would they follow up How to Train your Dragon with the tired old Shrek4, and this duct-taped together re-vamping of characters they had laying around on their “digital backlot” ??
    Seriously. Tell me this isn’t the same BeeMovie Vanessa model, with some CV’s pulled around to make Ginormica, and now going for ‘third times a charm’ with another unappealing big eyed girl, again? She looks like she hopped off of a velvet painting.
    You’re crapping on your brand Dreamworks. Try for some consistency. We’ve seen you’re capable of both Crap, and Fantastic. We tend to favor the Fantastic. Why continue to remind us that you can still make awful designs and cliche movies????

  • greg m.

    Didn’t do anything for me.

  • Toby Prince

    I am a bit unsure about this one. I wonder if it will be like MVA or something great like Dragon. I will give them benefit and hold my judgement until it is released, although I cant say I am looking forward to it as much as Dragon either. Despite most of the trailer, I did enjoy the spider gag at the end though.

  • Does people still pay money to see things like this?

  • Correction. Do people still pay money to make things like this?

  • Looks like it was made from leftovers of other films.
    Sassy female reporter – brilliant.

  • And before anyone else pounces on it, yes, Pixar put Hanks and Allen over the title in “Toy Story 2,” but they’re nowhere to be seen in the advertising of “TS3.” Why? Because they know that we’re buying our tickets to see Woody and Buzz, not hear Tom and Tim.

  • It really looks like Dr. Horrible but less funny.

    Good things? The city looks kind of nice. Brad Pitt’s voice for the good guy is kind of funny.

    The villain character though seems exhausting in his talkative, egocentric attitude and not especially funny.

    The character designs are ugly for the most part worse than those in HTTYD, Kung Fu Panda or even Monsters Vs Aliens.

    The humor is pretty meh for the most part.

  • w

    Who knows?

    The ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ trailer never grabbed me, but the film lived up to what my colleagues were saying about it. Same with ‘Kung Fu Panda’. I’ll wait till this comes out…might see it, might not. I guess this and Shrek 4 fills out their slate for this year?

  • captainobvious

    Audiences care. When the movie comes out and they do the press junkets and interviews, it’s the “celebrity voices” that attract the mainstream audience. It’s just a fact. Pixar marketing may be more subtle, but don’t try and fool yourself and say that they don’t do it as well. Hahha, and oh yeah, if you want to try and say “DWA better start making movies that make money”, please refer to boxofficemojo for the top 20 computer animated films.

  • Cartoon Cave Hermit

    Why do the minds behind Shrek lack any sense of visual appeal. Talk about a polished turd. Celebrity voices aren’t anything new, but why does it have to have such a generic and unappealing style. Robin Williams’ Genie = Great Job. Will Ferrel’s Megamind = Blue failure. I know I am not the mainstream, I know I’m out of touch, but who is this supposed to appeal too?

  • So…Is this Dreamworks reply to The Incredibles?

  • Jacob

    David D.
    “And before anyone else pounces on it, yes, Pixar put Hanks and Allen over the title in “Toy Story 2,” but they’re nowhere to be seen in the advertising of “TS3.” Why? Because they know that we’re buying our tickets to see Woody and Buzz, not hear Tom and Tim.”

    Excellent Point. However, the same exact thing can be said for Shrek. The words “Mike Myers” and “Eddie Murphy” aren’t anywhere on the new Shrek advertising because the audience wants to see Shrek and Donkey, not Mike and Eddie.

  • Robert Barker

    Finally, someone, Tohoscope, mentioned ‘The Incredibles’. This is an uninspired attempt at their version of the Pixar classic. They should have done an ‘Incredibles’ sequel some years ago. Notice this Dreamworks release ain’t coming out in the big leagues Summer season.

  • Bob

    Yeah Jacob, but who was on Letterman the other day promoting the movie. I’ll give you a hint (Michael Keaton voice of Ken) and I’ll bet Hanks and Allen and others will surely show up on daytime/nighttime shows pimping the film.

    *eye rolls*

  • Daniel M.

    So, anyone who decides to do an animated movie based on superheroes is going to be instantly tagged as ‘in response to Pixar’s classic the Incredibles?’ Is there anything in the trailer that resembles that film besides the fact that it deals with superheroes? Anyone…beauller?

    That seems a bit one sided if you ask me…

    Make sure to bring your tissues to Toy Story 3, but I doubt it’ll be to wipe up the tears

  • TES

    Can’t wait to miss this one.

  • Connor

    Why do haters gotta hate?

    Of course it’s a popcorn comedy. Dreamworks seems like they have a great ability to make quality animation a viable business. Add in that they have more than a few gems including Kung Foo Panda and Dragon and I don’t see why they’re catching so much flak on this one. They’re aware it’s just a fun movie, no one is suggesting it belongs on AFI top films lists.

    Even with this community’s appropriately high standards, films need to be evaluated for what they are. This is a fun comedy.

  • mickhyperion

    Fascinating that there is so much hate for this trailer and yet almost unanimous gushing praise for the Rio trailer, and yet they both suffer from the same thing… generic bulls**t personalities.

    Close your eyes and listen to both of them. Now say it with me:


    Whatever happened to unique voices and personalities in animation? The animators are doing a beautiful job, but why such pedestrian characters? Is imagination dead?

  • Hal

    I’m pretty sure the plot is that Sinestro there accidentally kills his nemesis, falls into depression, then decides to super-power the fat guy with the voice of SUPERBAD as his new “hero” adversary. Said superpowered dim-bulb decides he likes being a bad guy more, forcing Will Ferrell to become heroic to stop him. I suppose a MURDER-centric plot is a bit of a buzz-kill for a family-friendly audience trailer.

    The fact that Robert Downey Jr. dropped out as the lead is my main point of hesitation on this one – everybody else in the cast have cashed checks in the past but it couldn’t have been up to snuff if Downey Jr. kicked the crazy money/minimal time commitment of Dreamworks voice-over aside.

    Then again, after GOD THE DEVIL AND BOB maybe he was just afraid of a relapse.

  • Recycling bin material. Mr. Blue-man-group reject looks and sounds like every generic mastermind ever (a la their last attempt, Bland Mutant Wimpettes vs. 4-eyed Octopus Dwight Schrute ).

    Not hatin’. Let the [INSERT GENERAL PUBLIC AUDIENCE/ARE-GROUP] enjoy the film, I guess; not everything has to be groundbreakingly original (as this market has proved ).

    I just feel like these “character”-based movie trends are starting to get a bit stale, Not just Dreamworks; all the big CG companies, Pixar most certainly included. I say it’s time to mix some media– twiddle some thumbs– take a few more risks with storytelling, with visuals, etc and so forth.

    It’ll happen, for sure. I just hope it happens soon, in my lifetime..

  • Howdyhey

    It appears that a new line of 3D gimmicks has begun. Anyone else notice that the camera is moving around the characters in EVERY shot? Not one shot I noticed in which the camera stays still. And there is no depth of field. Every shot is a master shot with buildings in full focus and lacking any depth of field. This is why I’m so against 3D… It’s purposely sacrificing the basics of film for the sake of being “3D”.

  • Leirin

    Kind of unimpressive, to be honest. I don’t like Dreamworks’… ‘style’, for one. I thought the look of HTTYD was GREAT but for some reason, the bulgy eyes and incredible realistic textures on cartoony builds… it’s unappealing to me. Especially the look of the babies and the near-translucent skin on the villain, it just feels a bit too real and almost Uncanny Valley. I will give praise to the design of the superhero, though.

  • ZAR

    If this was produced by some smarter people, this would be about a major setup between those two superheroes to make the population believe they are battling each other while good vs. evil-style while they are actually cashing in on merchandise and planing their battles like professional wrestlers.

    But, unfortunately, since this is produced by the usual money grabbers and morons it will only feature a silly plot based on the oldest stereotypes imaginable, featuring the lamest gags possible and most certainly ripping off from the superior INCREDIBLES.

  • This all feels very familiar.

    I’ll take it over Despicable Me, though.