<em>Metropia</em> <em>Metropia</em>
Feature Film


Here’s an intriguing trailer for a new, adult animated feature coming out of Sweden. Metropia, directed by Tarik Saleh, uses still photography, stop motion cut-outs and 2D animation. It’s due for release later this year via ATMO.

(Thanks, Ivan Sarosacz)

  • Daniel M.

    I’ve been following this for awhile, and my anticipation grows every time more news comes out. Can’t wait. I wish a studio here could get funding for something equally ambitious.

  • Looks very cool. This is how Captain Scarlet should be done if it is ever remade (not that I advocate remakes).

  • Dave G

    A studio in America get funding? In 2009?

  • Gio Renna

    Wow! looks like an expensive production. Do movies like this ever make it to US or are they only shown in select theaters?

  • Wow! I am simply blown away! How was this made? I know you mentioned that it used stop motion in areas as well as 2d animation and cutouts etc., but what is what? The faces are so lifelike and well done and they move decently enough to fool the eye. the animation is kind of slow and floaty so I would think this is 3d off the bat, until you mentioned it was otherwise. That end shot of him riding the bike is fantastic. It’s kinda slow and plodding as far as a trailer and I have no idea what it’s about but visually, it’s more impressive than almost anything I’ve seen since Triplets of Bellevile or The Incredibles.

  • Tobias Lind

    Believe it or not but (to my knowledge) the whole thing is basically pushed, prodded, warped, tweaked and animated in After Effects.
    And all with a pretty small crew.

  • AaronSch

    That was amazing. It has the same texture as Brad Anderson’s brilliant live action film, “The Machinist.” I wanna see more…

  • Brian

    Interesting look, but those two actors have ruined many a movie for me; I’ll have to wait for the reviews.

  • Intriguing indeed.

    And Daniel M, you’re right, all we seem to get in north america are Tim Burton-esque movies all the time.

    This at least looks different and new.

    Best of luck to this movie. I hope it gets showings here in canada.