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Mexican Mo-Cap Feature ‘JOYFLUID’ Opens This Friday

The animated feature JOYFLUID opens in a limited number of IMAX 3D theaters in Mexico this Friday. The Mexico City-produced motion capture animated film was directed by Alejandro Rodriguez Huerta and made by the Rodriguez Brothers Animation Group.

The look of the film reflects its small budget, which was under $2 million. In its defense, that’s only one-tenth the budget of the Indian mo-cap film Kochadaiiyaan, which looks only marginally better. No indication is given in the trailer, but JOYFLUID apparently has a socially aware message that deals with child development issues and disorders like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The film has a Twitter account with frequent updates. If any Mexican readers see the film, please let us know what you think in the comments.

(Thanks, Christian Bermejo, via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook Group)

  • Juanqs

    If you want to find great projects, very talented animators and signs of a healthy animation industry in Mexico, you are looking in the wrong place. In Mexico there is a tendency that, the “bigger” a project is, the more likely it is that you’ll find poor results, filled with exploitation stories, and corrupt management. Nevertheless, there are great projects coming from smaller 6 to 15 people studios like Llamarada, ComeSesos, Flaminguettes and Brinca. Their shorts and TV shows have been showcased and awarded in festivals all over the world. Instead of inconsistent VFX wreckage pieces like this, it would be interesting to read at CB more stories about successful Mexican projects. That could create a more accurate and balanced impression of Mexican young industry.

    • Christian Bermejo

      Although I agree that Mexico has great talent in the younger studios, I think Joyfluid should have at least the benefit of the doubt and (at least at this point) should not be shadowed by anything wrong done in the past by other studios. It’s not like they have the same animators or producers.

      Short films and feature films are totally different ball parks. Distribution, salaries, pipelines, technology, etc.

  • ed

    Reminds me of El Gran Milagro

  • Ben

    Joy Fluid sounds like a really badly translated japanese porno talking about semen.

  • elliot Lobell

    Looks like it’d make a pretty cool video game

  • Christian Bermejo

    So, about the plot, what we know so far is: The movie has a social aware message. It is about a science expert single mother, who lives only to work and give her son a better life. In doing so, she sets out on a journey out of her country that will become the experience of a life time in a visual adventure never exposed before.

  • Robert Kohr

    Aside from the mocap there are some really poor lens and aperture choices which cause half the shots to look like they are miniature or tilt shift.

  • Mapache

    If any Mexican readers see the film, please let us know what you think in the comments. YEAH RIGHT!

    Oh wait. You’re serious.

    • John R.

      Why does that seem unlikely? The Brew has a wide international audience. Just thought you might be new here and not know…

    • alfonoso navarro

      I think it will be considered as a Cult Film

  • Seth

    I’m half-Mexican and have lived in Mexico almost all my life. I have not seen any promotional marketing neither in the local theater or in Mexican film websites. There has been more promotion here for animated movies like ¨Metegol¨ (or Foosball) or ¨Kumba: The Stripeless Zebra¨ and ¨Tadeo¨, which I believe are both Latin American and Spanish productions. As far as Mexican animation, I’m afraid the cheaply-produced Huevo Cartoon movies and the not-so-recent Top Cat movie have proven to be successful here despite their awful animation and plot.
    I’ve seen great Mexican short films in film festivals here. One recent example is Electrodoméstico, which has won many awards worlwide. But I’m afraid no one in Mexico City is confident enough to back up an original, innovating animated film. And that’s frustrating.
    I like the idea of Joyfluid, even though the animation is not that good. But I have not seen anything here about it. I think the marketing is focusing solely in Mexico City. I don’t know about Guadalajara, but I was there last week and didn’t see anything…

  • alfonoso navarro

    I saw it today, and it has a great visual job, the plot talks about the violence on the video games mixed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, this is a social responsibility movie and not a mainstream movie, the scenarios has a lot of mapping projection and I notice some artifacts from a lidar scanner there, a lot of buildings with too many windows working with the raytrace engine inside a volumetric ambient looks great on the 3D screen (fog turned on on near all the shots), the 3d is spectacular (the stereoscopic work), it has some huge volumetrics with radiosity turned on, in some shots where you can see a huge and wide angle of view, seems to be full global illumination turned on on all the shots with a lot of color bleeding (looks like an unbiased render engine because the grain), also you can see chromatic aberration on all the shots (i liked it), 3D dof, 3D motion blur and all the things of a large budget film, for me, it is the best animated movie today in mexico, you are right, the movie talks about video games and looks like a huge cinematic video from a 2 years old halo (you have to keep in mind that the work of is much better than any pixar´s work talking about animation and cinematic for games), I understand that the retries of the game of the plot is like making fun of the boys that spend all day long playing games. btw, I am not a fan of mexican movies but this is a great step for the local industry, they are newbies and no matter if the old employees of the old stablished and bored industry are posting garbage here and there, it is a nice effort and you can see it on the screen, btw, if you think you can make it better, do it and show it off to the world. I hope Ana and Bruno, OZ and The Americano movie show more 3d work than Joyfluid because if it doesn´t will be a shame for such veteran studios.

  • alfonoso navarro

    I agree, looks like a video game because it talks about video games, the movie has causal and logical connections, it has a very complicated script without plot holes, but you have to pay a lot of attention if you don’t want to get lost, it is a nice movie if you are fan of psychological and complex scripts, this is not a grey movie, you will hate it or you will love the movie, I love it, but my girlfriend hate it.

  • robert bucle

    it is so sad the way mexicans talk about mexican work, just because you can not make it doesn’t mean other not can, maybe you have to work harder and talk less.

  • Carlos

    You must be new here, a copycat? if you had a small idea about Carlos Carrera’s work, you would know that the girl design is just the way Carrera draws, years, decades!, before Boo he was already drawing characters with that style. Of course he must have inspiration from another styles, nobody has invented anything new, but saying that this is a copycat is way beyond stupid. Greetings!