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Mexican “Top Cat” movie – in 3D!

Anima Studios (Kung Fu Magoo) and Illusion Studios have been producing a hand drawn movie adaptation of Hanna Barbera’s Top Cat (we first reported about it here in June 2010), primarily aimed at the South American market where the character is still incredibly popular. Warner Bros will release the movie – in 3D – to Mexican theaters this September and here’s our first look at the posters (click to see enlarged versions):

(Thanks to BleedingCool)

  • 2011 Teenager

    Still need to see the actual shots in order to judge, but 2D generally does not translate well in 3D. They usually just come out as stand-up planes.

  • I still honestly don’t know what to think of this. I’ll get a pal of mine to torrent this and then I can give my full opinion. But, I will say this… 3-D: no bueno. Gracias.

    • How cheap can you be!?

  • Well, at least they didn’t ruin it with a live-action/CGI Top Cat movie.

    • Funkybat

      Hear, hear! I’d be infinitely more interested in seeing this than “Yogi Bear.”

      I suspect the “2D characters turned into 3D models” thing isn’t as big overseas. It seems like it’s not nearly as stigmatized for adults to enjoy 2D animated character and comics outside of North America. Hence, there was no push to “do a Yogi” to the Top Cat characters.

      I actually prefer how “Enchanted” or that “Fat Albert” movie handled it, where the cartoon characters became real people when entering the “real world.” That’s a lot more tolerable to me than 3D Scooby or Yogi.

  • Michael F.

    How do they manage to make a 3D movie out of 2D? That’s gonna look unusual.

    • Funkybat

      The clip of the 3D converted “Beauty and the Beast” I saw a Comic-Con a couple of years ago was pretty amazing. I was biased against the premise but it worked really well. I think it’s something that isn’t “necessary” for most 2D films, but for something that is extremely well-drawn with a lot of deep environments and camera moves, it’s pretty cool. Disney worked hard to give some sense of “dimensionality” to the interior surfaces of the 2D characters, the noses seemed to come out from their face even in in a front-on view.

      Somehow, I will be surprised if 3D Top Cat looks anywhere near as good, but I doubt any of us Yanks will get to see it in 3D anyway.

      • Kyle Maloney

        Im still really disappointed that the US theatrical release of beauty and the beast has been canceled. It’s going to release straight to 3D blu ray, but it’ll be a long while before I’ll have the means to watch it that way. Same with the Lion King.

      • Funkybat

        Damn. I was really hoping that the 3D Beast and/or Lion King would get at least a limited theatrical release, similar to the “limited time only” 3D re-release of Toy Story 1&2 in the Fall of 2009. I think it could be a profitable thing, especially if it’s done as a special run with a certain end date and attendant marketing hype. Maybe it’s not too late for them to change their minds, after all, it’s not like the films are up against any hard deadlines.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        And it’s not like they’re wasting celluloid either if it’s all done digitally anyway, or are there more red tape messes I’m not aware of. Sad I won’t get to see that on the big screen (let alone this Top Cat flick, but I bet it wouldn’t stop a few of my pals from seeing it anyway possible).

      • isaac

        Actually that supposed 3D effect is more suitable for flat animation than for any other kind of visual representation, because the 3D is nothing but flat layers one in front of another.

    • J.M.Urbina

      What,you never had a View Master?? they had “2d” images in that.

    • Based on my experience with Beauty and the Beast and Teddy Newton’s Day And Night I’d say traditional animation looks way cooler than CGI in 3D.

  • Funkybat

    Hopefully, this will get an English-version release on home video here in the US. It seems like Cartoon Network isn’t very interested in keeping their “heritage” H-B properties in the public eye. Aside from Scooby-Doo and of course the 3D Yogi movie, I just don’t see any H-B stuff out there anymore. Even the Flintstones seem to have faded away.

    Maybe if Boomerang wasn’t a premium channel on most cable systems, those shows would get more exposure. I’d hate to see them become as obscure and hard-to-find for today’s kids as Woody Woodpecker and Mighty Mouse are.

    One odd thing about the “Don Gato” art; it feels very “90s” to me, I wonder if that’s just the poster artist’s influence. The “Don Gato” image in the June 2010 Brew post has much cooler-looking character art.

  • Keegan

    man this shit sux u kno wut wood b funnier, maek top cat cgi wif human eyebalz and partnur him wif humans an lotta poop jokes XDXDXDXD

    In all seriousness, all I can say is whaaaaaaaaaaaat, and HOLLYWOOD STOP MAKING PROFITS OFF OF OLD FRANCHISES FFS.

  • Alfons Moliné

    Even if I also think that the use of 3-D is superflous, I will be looking forward to this Top Cat movie; the advertising artwork looks promising. I am sure that the Latin American animators will do a better job than the Hanna-Barbera studio itself, when it did that awful thing called TOP CAT AND THE BEVERLY HILL CATS way back in the late 80’s. Hopefully this will be released in Spain too, where ‘Don Gato’ is also very popular, as well as in the U.K., where it has been re-ran on network TV until virtually today, even if T.C. was re-named there ‘Boss Cat’ for some time (because of a brand of pet food also named ‘Top Cat’ being marketed there). In fact, during the British release THE JETSONS: THE MOVIE in 1991, I remember a review of it from a London newspaper which concluded by saying “What Hanna-Barbera should have done [rather than the Jetsons movie] is a Top Cat movie -now that was a realy good series”.

    • Funkybat

      Funny to learn that “Top Cat” has been popular and in the public eye for decades overseas! Reminds me of how Uncle Scrooge and the “Disney Ducks” have been very successful overseas forever, even before DuckTales.

      While not obscure by any means, here in the US “Top Cat” seems to be about as prominent in the media as Snagglepuss or Huckleberry Hound. Famous enough for, say a Family Guy cutaway gag making fun of him, but not enough for any new shows or movies. Jetsons, Flintstones, Yogi, and of course Scooby seem to be the US “evergreen” properties for H-B. Everything else is consigned to Boomerang and people’s memories…

    • Dokeck

      hope animation or any significan production does not come from imagine studio. Its terrible

    • Alfons Moliné,

      Don’t forget that Top Cat is also very popular here in Brazil.

  • I’m not a big fan of Hanna-Barbara, but if the animation in this is better than what Hanna-Barbara did with I’m seeing it. But I want to see some footage of this beforehand.

  • JD

    Office Dibble is being played by the Animaniacs security guard.

  • David Mackenzie

    I thought people here would be more positive about this? It’s a hand drawn (non CGI!!!) film based on an old series.

    I don’t care much for 3D, but it didn’t harm Day & Night much, so…

  • Toonio

    Top Cat can teach us a lesson or two on how to live thriftily.

  • chipper

    The posters are cute. I like friendly, happy posters. They sure beat the hell out of the ATTITUDE IN YO’ FACE! posters. I mean, look at the second one! He wants to share!

    • J.M.Urbina

      yeah, I agree ,The Bugs Bunny Rockstar Basketball player from the 90’s who just got laid with lola bunny -tude that Top Cat had in the first poster was totally out of character…and style.

      • Funkybat

        While I prefer the more innocent attitude displayed in these posters, the overall artwork in the first poster seemed more modern and appealing to me. I agree that Top Cat himself was looking a bit too “90s-in-yo-face ‘tude” in that first image.

        It’s hard to know *what* the actual animation will look like based on a couple of promo posters, though. For all we know neither accurately captures the true style of the film.

      • J.M.Urbina

        yeah dude but you know that posters have to sell. a flat vintage top cat poster wont sell to “new generations”

  • Mister Twister

    If this gets shown in Manhattan as well, I will be there.


    Anything to support hand-drawn animation.

    • El Bonjour

      Actually I think they made it in flash…

      • Kyle Maloney

        Hand drawn doesn’t have to mean on paper. You can hand draw things in flash with a tablet. That’s how they animated Goofy’s How to Hook Up Your Home Theater. Well, not flash per se but some other paperless system. and looking at the final results it can work great.

  • joecab

    Isn’t it freaky that stuff like Top Cat and Wacky Races is still popular in other countries? I envy them :(

    • tonma

      it feels good, believe me :)….. sadly you have to get up at 5 in the morning to watch them…

      • Shawn’s Bro

        Two words. DVR recorder.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It does seem a bit interesting noticing that. In Japan, Wacky Races is like this big deal, yet over here we’re like, “huh?” And even then, I admit the first time I heard of Top Cat goes back about 22 years or so and even then it was hard finding much about that when it was probably confined to one or two episodes on VHS at a video store (or the chance some UHF station had it in it’s line-up).

  • J.M.Urbina

    Brewreaders let’s be positive about productions like this…you complain about Yogi’s creepy look in 3d but when a studio makes a decent 2D version you hate it too?

    Congratulations to the mexican studios that took the challenge of making a 2d movie out ot one of the most popular Hanna Barbera characters in the LatinoAmerican culture “Don Gato y su pandilla”. Posters look good.

    • Funkybat

      I think most people here *are* positive about the film itself. The 3D seems like a needlessly tacked-on element, but even that isn’t anything to get too riled up about. This “Top Cat” project looks light-years more appealing than last year’s 3D Yogi film. I’m not a huge “Top Cat” fan, but I’m glad to see this movie on the way and hope it will be followed by more 2D Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

      It *is* a little sad that it’s not produced by CN Studios themselves, but it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in doing anything from the H-B days other than Scooby-Doo. I love Scooby-Doo, but it would be nice to see other revivals done by the heirs to “the house Bill and Joe built.”

  • I support this completely, I mean heck how often do we get an animated film from the mexicans? This could be good, Day and Night was nice in 3D so maybe this will be as good as that.

  • tonma

    Oh! it’s finally out! I worked for a year and a half on this movie, yet this comes as a surprise since I didn’t know they had new posters for release already. Let me say too bad they didn’t also publish a Hi-Res version of last time’s poster which I think is more stylish and better reflects the movie and it’s content. Oh and about the ‘tude issue that one caused: don’t worry much about it, the general tone on the characters is more candid and light hearted than that, nobody wants top cat to become and asshole and we didn’t either.
    Now, reading all the comments I find interesting and a bit worrying how much the “3D” tag in a movie distracts from all the other elements. I, as many here feel it didn’t need to be 3D at all, nor they had to show some lame ass 80’s red-cyan glasses in one of the images. Also I haven’t had a chance to see any of the footage in 3D so I still fear it can end up being all cardboard cutout-looking… But, hey fellas, this are all corporate decisions, not creative intention; we all know it, so who cares anymore… I don’t even think they will release it in 3D on dvd/bluray. What I really hope is for them to release a trailer soon so we can talk and criticize more about the movie itself.
    Anyway, I’ll let you know how it looked in 3d theaters here in Mexico if the studio treats me to, because I’m like hell not paying for an extra D anymore.

  • Matt P.

    While I am a TC fan and I’m a little interested to see this, I think I’ll have to remain a little skeptical until I know what the plot is. Just because it’s 2D doesn’t mean it’ll immediately be good. Story counts.

  • It’s good too see more concerning this film. I could care less about it being in 3D and how it looks ‘cuz I’m too cheap for that stuff.
    Still, I’m insanely jealous how they get a 2D movie based movie, while we’re stuck with stupid CG movies.

  • As a Top Cat fan, I’m jealous of South America. Hope I get to see it!

  • tonma

    Oh an by the way…Yes, as far as I know it will be released internationally on DVD. In fact, the voice track used during production was all english.

  • Hey, somewhere along the last four decades, Top Cat grew eyebrows!

  • Hyaw

    Hey, some of us liked Jimmy Neutron… Besides, the Oscars needed to solidify that the BAF award is still a “for the kiddies” award.

    • Vzk

      Wrong article, pal.

  • El Bonjour

    flash animation?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’d still love to see movie versions of the Cattanooga Cats,Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kids,and Goober & the Ghost Chasers. (I’m serious!)

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      I’d also love to see a Help! It’s The Hair Bear Bunch animated movie as well.


    2011 Teanager, the link above contains stereoscopic life drawings of mine that show how line art came be more than flat planes stacked like sheets of glass in 3D. I’ve tried to bend lines back from the foreground into the background.

    These are free-view style and can be seen by crossing your eyes and focusing on the image that forms in the middle.

    Animation would probably be done the same way only viewed with polarized glasses.

  • Shenaniganza

    More like STOP Cat.

  • Alissa

    Why can’t characters in American movie posters smile and be happy like that? It’s so cute!

    Really, the fact that it’s not blasted cg is great.

  • Steven M.

    I think this proves something. You can’t make any movie nowadays without an executive dick-weed slapping “in 3D!” on it.

  • I really, really hope this version ends up in a decent rendition of the characters. I personally don’t have any reference of the quality of the animation or the production of “Don Gato” in particular, but as a Latin American viewer, I’m kind of disappointed by the previous deliveries of these production companies. Both companies have turned to exploiting franchises with very irregular results… IMHO, Anima with “El Chavo” and “Mr. Magoo” can’t stand up a comparison with their original counterparts, either in comedic effect or in animation quality (awful flash), and for Argentina based Illusion Studios I really dislike what they did with “Boogie” or “Gaturro” (not to mention that the same people was previously involved under different company names in destroying such beloved comic book characters as Patoruzito and Isidoro). They seem to have a “burning” franchises strategy, making low budget, low quality versions of pre-existing products, draining as much profit as possible using promotional stunts (such as “3D” conversion and tons of advertising), and then let them to die into oblivion…
    I’m sure the animators and other people working for these companies are sincere in their efforts, and the quality of some of their productions are quite good, so I really hope they manage to make a good version this time, and don’t spoil the characters for sake of quick money…

  • Amused not surprised my father used to tell that when he was a kid that top cat was one of his favorite cartoons and was it extremely popular in Mexico. Something about a cat who trying to make buck really spoke to him. Hope it doesn’t suck.

  • Richie

    I wonder if they’ll get Jorge “El Tata” Arvizu to reprise one of his most memorable roles as the Latin American voice of Top Cat.

    • Richie

      Wait, wait, I didn’t finish that sentence. Make that “the Latin American voice of Top Cat’s Benny the Ball and Choo Choo.”

      • tonma

        Yes, He will.

  • Matute

    Arvizu’s voice for Benny and CHoo choo was the coolest thing ever in any cartoon. I hope they get him for this movie too.

  • What makes Top Cat so popular around here is that the mexican dub is one of the best ever performed in an animated show, it even improves the original cartoon.

  • Anwar Sosa

    I am from Mexico and Top Cat is a famous character her mostly for the mexican acting voices of that time. Anima studios has great quality in rheir work, but I am concerned of the script, because in this department we have lack of talent and another thing is that most of the people that made the voices has passed away it is almost impossible to match that wonderful talent. I wish the best for the priduction, because I really don’t want to have another cartoon of my childhood ruined.

  • Kaos

    El Tata made the voice of Cucho and Benito and you can see the interviews with the other actors

  • Zip

    This is the official teaser in HD from Warner Bros

  • This was actually animated in Flash. Some of the best Flash work I’ve seen. Very 2D.

  • seigi-chan

    welll, i´m not sure about the movie, it seems that will be good for ones, but the relly question is, they will be?
    in my opinion anima studios is not a good animation house, i hat “el chavo animado” ´cause for me the real comedy was about “chespirito” and now the cartoon looks like loney tunes, i´m not desagree with loney tunes, but in mexican cartoons are very creepy and buring, well, we see if the “don gato” movie are a weird creation like “the chavo animado” or a good movie (that be the first time ¬¬U )
    now I’m eager to criticize it. . .
    so good luck México!!! :D


    Here is the trailer for “don gato”, looks cool!

  • JJBanders

    Finally new generations will share the love we have for all this characters. Remember everything could be better or perfectible. But this means a lot of work, talent of hundreds of people. Let the work speak by itself.
    An interesting cuestion is why in Mexico is so much appretiated Top Cat than U.S.?

  • Arelly Lopez

    Its just because the excellent dubbing work in Mexico… the local in jokes the voices with accents from some regional places (from Mexico). For example Benny the Ball is like a little child etc etc… that is the reason to be near popular as The Flintstones

  • MJ

    First Episode, mexican version

  • Angel Reyes

    Saw it last week. Production is good overall. Story is in bad fanfiction territory.

  • Ivan Fenster

    I live in the united states, and I am sort of a fan of the Top Cat cartoons. I am wondering if the Top Cat movie will ever be dubbed in english and will play in the United States.

    Top Cat fan.