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“Mia and the Migoo” American Trailer

Mia and the Migoo

Watch the American trailer for Jacques-Rémy Girerd’s Mia and the Migoo. The film’s distributor, GKids, make no mention on the official website that the film is set to expand nationally on April 22. Then again, what’s the hurry when there’s still eight whole days and nights left to post the release date onto the site.

  • A lovely film. Folimage are one of the most inspiring studios in Europe.

    I wonder what the US will make of “A cat in Paris” … To me it’s a real masterpiece showing how broad the visual language for handdrawn animation is .

  • Lou

    that’s great news. I watched it in French with subs and really enjoyed it.

  • I’ll do my best to check this out, it looks lovely.

  • Yes, it’s true… GKIDS website needs an update – and we are also launching standalone site for Mia in next few days. Film opens DC April 22 at the Avalon in partnership with Earth Day folks, and we open LA, Chicago, Houston, Miami, other major markets (and re-open NYC) in the following weeks. We expect to be in theaters thru the spring and summer. /// Hey Tomm, GKIDS also picked up A Cat in Paris – and based on how fast tickets sold and reaction at NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival we’re hoping US auds are going lap up the movie. Cat is playing some select fests (SF, Seattle, DC) and we will release later in the year.

  • Donald C

    Not a fan of the “Big Bad Corporation inc” plot device, but the art direction does look fantastic.

  • We do really need more films like this. Mainstream 3D animation movies are not giving the dynamic range and artistic exploration that hand-drawn or hand-painted creations are capable of.

    Here’s a trailer for it I uploaded on youtube:

  • Nik

    Looks like a lot of rehashed Hayao Miyazaki themes with some Evil Corporation stuff mixed in — like “Totoro” with explosions. The trailer does not make me want to see this film. Beautiful backgrounds though. The character design reminded me of New Yorker magazine covers.

  • D

    I love this film, I own a copy in french. You can tell it was inspired by Miyazaki’s works but then again it doesn’t feel entirely derivative it feels like a warm homage to Miyazaki’s work. The english cast was really well selected from the trailer and DiMaggio was a nice cast choice for the central antagonist.

  • Alberto

    Looks really pretty… but also looks kind of preachy.

  • Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that John DiMaggio, who is most famous for voicing Bender from Futurama, is given higher billing than big name movie stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Wallace Shawn and James freaking Woods?

    In any case, I’ll probably see this movie. Amazing how more and more traditionally animated (and often independently produced) films from other countries are given theatrical runs in the states.

  • Nicolas Orizaga

    wow!! I love it…I was worried it was going to be something my kids wouldn’t understand…Definitely going to check this one out!!

  • Paul

    I agree with several of the comments. Looks totally ham-fisted.

    Hulk say corporations BAAAD. Nature GOOOD.

    Maybe it’s the translation, but I doubt it.

    At least with Miyazaki movies, when you watch them in Japanese they’re nowhere near as preachy as the Hollywoodified Greenpeace translations. Miyazaki actually tends to be very fair with both sides and lets the viewers come to a conclusion in the original Japanese versions of many of his films.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Big bad developer verses beautiful perfect nature. I’ll pass.

  • Inkan1969

    “Mia” already played for one week in NYC. But the NY critics savaged it.


  • cougar

    looks… terrible.