“My Dog Tulip” has terrific debut “My Dog Tulip” has terrific debut
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“My Dog Tulip” has terrific debut

My Dog Tulip

Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip had a terrific debut last week with the third-highest per-theater average at the North American box office. Granted, the film played in one theater–the Film Forum in Manhattan–but its weekend gross of $11,550 from a single location is impressive for an indie animated film. The film continues to screen at the Film Forum this week, with many other cities coming up. Animation fans, it’s up to us to support this film and help encourage more variety and choice for animated features!

  • Hooray for Paul & Sandra – and all indy filmmakers !!

  • Congratulations! Looks like the promotion guys did a good job of finding the film’s audience.

    Looking forward to seeing it when I can.

  • Went to see it this weekend on a date and it was more than just a good animated film, it was a good film. The story, the narration and especially some of the humor had me laughing out loud. I don’t know if it will work as well for those that haven’t had the shared experience of loving a dog, but for those that had it’s beautiful.

  • FP

    Maybe I’ll like this film. I have a big dog I hate but I take care of it like a baby because it’s my wife’s and it’s family now. I want to beat it to death with a brick but I treat it like a king. Seven years I’ve wanted to kill this bastard, but I talk so nicely to it, so nicely, while buckling its collar to walk it and harboring horrible thoughts about “accidents”… It trusts me and rests its wretched head on my foot while it sleeps and I work at my desk… Its giant acid farts smell like insane cancer death in hell, blinding me with nauseated rage.

    I just gently petted its head and blasted laser holes in its skull with my thoughts. It didn’t work. Damned non-existent super powers.

  • james madison

    While not necessarily the style of animation I go for, I look forward to supporting the film.

    Congratulations to the creators.

  • Bob Harper

    Looks like I’ll be at the Nuart on October 22! Way to go team Fierlinger!!!

  • tom k

    This kind of article makes me tingle all inside. We can do it and make something w/o the big brothers looking over our shoulder.

  • Saw it in annecy , a great acheivement a truly original take on what animated features can deal with well worth checking out …

  • Matt Sullivan

    “We can do it and make something w/o the big brothers looking over our shoulder.”

    Well that’s a nice thought but I think ego would get in the way. We’ve been talking about people doing something outside the studio for years. Have they? No. The independent animation spirit is dead in America.

    • Bob Harper

      No it isn’t dead – it’s brewing…

  • Smudge

    ‘My Dog Tulip’ is going to be showing in the Detroit Institute of Arts/Detroit Film Theatre in November (along with an animated shorts program two weeks earlier).

    This is a perfect opportunity for us Michigan residents to vote with our money and prove to theaters that we will support those who show independent animated film in Michigan!

    After enjoying ‘Still Life with Animated Dogs’, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Fierlinger’s film in November. :)

  • Doug

    FP – your post is worthy of a film. I can’t recall laughing that much in a while. HAHA Maybe its because it feels like me with my Shi-Tzu’s which only follow my wife, but I’m the one who takes them outside.

  • I really enjoyed this film at its screening in Ottawa. Even being a style opposite to what I usually enjoy, I still fell for its charm and simplicity – there’s something refreshing about being immersed in such a loose style of art and storytelling. This is certainly not a “big” film; instead it’s more like an illustrated reflection on something. Glad it’s doing so well!

  • JD Schwengler

    For those of us above the 49th parallel who don’t have a showing coming up (or saw it at film festivals), we can get a copy on DVD! The movie was released a couple of weeks ago, and while there are no extras, it really shows that Tulip is one of those movies that you really need to see a few times (in my opinion).

    • G. Parks

      JD- where did you find the DVD? Would love to know where to find it up here in Canada.

  • perry duffy

    Deeper then just an animated film, sad but funny, this film will make big bucks, and well it should,hats off to the indy folks who make it and had faith in it.. it will win an acad. award…not just animal lovers will get a lot out of this film….