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“My Little World” trailer

The last time we did a post about Mike Nguyen’s feature-length film-in-progress was way back in 2004. Life had gotten in the way of completing the movie in all these years, but now Mike is serious about finishing the personal hand-drawn My Little World and has started a blog and revised his July Films website. He’s also posted a recut trailer (embed below). Mike Nguyen is an incredible animator (Iron Giant) and teacher (Cal Arts) and I personally wish him the best of luck in completing this amazing looking film.

  • The Gee


    To hear that the production is still going to happen is great. If you first heard about it in 2004 then I guess it’s been at least that long since I’ve looked forward to seeing this film. And anyone should know what you mean by life getting in the way.

    Don’t mean to ruin my street cred but the character animation and the fact that they kids are just playing has a lot of charm to it. That’s always impressed me.

  • Breathtaking! What charming personalities those characters have. Really captivating movement! Best of luck, Mike Nguyen. Can’t wait to see it all!

  • Julian Carter

    What beautiful, bouncy, great animation!

  • B George

    Nguyen’s timing could work out to be dead on. There’s a general swing away from snark coming and his gentle film could land right where it needs to.

  • Dino

    There’s an interesting talk by Nguyen here:
    His flowing, bouncy sense of movement is amazing. If the story is half as good as the animation, he’s got a winner here. Best of luck to him.

  • I LOVE the look of this! It’s so lush, sort of like a Miyazaki film, but at the same time it’s stretchy and elastic, and amazingly fluid. I can’t wait for it!

  • Amazing dedication and commitment to the art of animation by Mike and his crew. He inspires me a lot to keep me going on my own projects.
    I am very happy that there are still guys like him pushing for traditional animation.
    I wish him all the best in finishing his film.
    Congratulations, Mike.

  • tomm

    good luck Mike! We need this movie!

    • Chau Piff

      Yes , Nguyen, we need this movie for our children and also for adults of Vietnamese that live in Vietnam and over seas . And also to let the world know about the simple childhood of Vietnamese children. We didn’t have all the material things like now . But simply Canh Hoa Dau poetic fly in the wind always remind me of my peaceful childhood.
      Thank you so much for your creation.

  • Russell H

    The character designs–the children’s faces, especially–remind me of some of Walt Kelly’s charming 1940s fairy-tale comic-books.

  • Glad to hear that “My Little World” is still moving forward.

    I wanted to mention that in addition to Mike’s main July Films website his personal blog “Rainplace” is one of the best animation “how-to” blogs out there. He gets into the real stuff on what makes animation work. (and many of the examples he uses are rough scenes from his film “My Little World” ) –

    • Doug

      I was just going to link to this site too. From the responses I have read and he has given me, he is a real nice fella and a generous soul. I wish him the absolute best wishes for this films completion. We need more like this!

    • Ditto the plug for Rainplace. Ironically, I’m watching the new trailer while wearing my ‘My Little World’ t-shirt. Go, Mike, Go!

  • Gene

    There isn’t much in the way of what the story is about, and the animation lacks character– but it moves nicely and the backgrounds are lush.

  • Daron

    Best of luck Mike Nguyen! Its an amazing film!

  • Warhead

    Very Ghibli-esque… I like it.

  • Yes!!!

  • Bob Harper

    This is great news! I always wandered what was going on when I first heard about it. My kids already want me to buy tickets. Go Mike!

  • Richard Bradford

    YES!! this is good news. this animation is beautiful. The music score is so awesome. I have to find a way to see this. The story sounds very good.

  • Blasko

    I’ve had my eye on this project since Jerry had posted it some years ago. I agree with the comments — beautiful stuff, and it may just find it’s mark and audience as a growing number of people turn away from sassy CG characters and 3D dizziness.

  • Mister Twister

    My God… I haven’t seen a trailer with good music in a long time!

    Will watch/buy when it comes out.

  • I have also known about this film since 2004 at least, and I’ve always been on the lookout to see it finished. Loved it from the start. I assume all of us here are familiar enough with animation to understand how painful and demanding creating an animated film can be, specially when you don’t have millions of backing Hollywood dollars to spare. In that respect Mike Nguyen’s commitment to this film has been simply stellar. In this age where we’re so overwhelmed with 3D this and CG that, it is refreshing to see there are still creators betting on old school style animation.

    Now that crowdfunding options like Kickstarter are a reality to help projects like these, maybe that would be worth a shot for Nguyen and his team. I’d gladly contribute with something like that in exchange for a DVD copy of the film. Just some thought.

  • Bunnies!

  • Svonkco

    Looks like Mike put Freddie Moore into a blender with Miyazaki. Nice.