New “Brave” trailer – “The Prize” New “Brave” trailer – “The Prize”
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New “Brave” trailer – “The Prize”

The latest trailer from Pixar’s Brave is a complete 2 minute sequence.

  • Michel Van

    I have to see this Movie this summer !

  • tedzey

    I think I fell in love with the last minute of this trailer.

  • My favorite trailer yet for this film! Gorgeous work. And the best looking redhead since Ariel.

  • I’ve always loved strong women.
    – Beautiful work :-)

  • tredlow

    I love the character designs!

  • If the whole movie has this much good design and story it will be great! Looking forward to Spring and now waiting for Summer.

  • Mark R.

    Give the girl a chance! She’ll succeed! – C’mon! Just like you gave Brenda….. oh wait.

    • Chuck

      “You might just make it after all…”

    • TempleDog

      HAH! Good one, phucker!

  • MissConception

    Alright… I openly admit that was pretty cool. Though I still wish it did not have the obvious “I am woman, hear me roar” angle to it.

    • I don’t know. As a woman I think we could stand to roar more often. :)

      • MissConception

        As a woman, I prefer stories about girls and women where their gender isn’t a plot device.

      • Jorge Garrido

        As a movie fan, I prefer stories where what the plot devices are don’t matter as opposed to HOW the plot devices are utilized.

    • optimist

      That isn’t actually the angle of this scene. Rather it’s “I am my own master/the captain of my fate”. I think there’s a distinction there, but ymmv.

      • Eric

        More like promoting disobedience to parents. It sickens me that parents will actually be bringing their children to see this bull.

      • optimist

        LOL-Okay chief!

        You don’t get it either. Try seeing the film first and then see if it’s “bull”.

      • GeneRasputinHole

        context, context, context.

      • Yeah, without movies like this one teaching kids to disobey, kids would certainly tow the line and… Wait a minute. Uh, never mind…

      • Eric

        So if she was bad at archery would that mean she wouldn’t be qualified to dissent to being in an arranged marriage? To me it seems like she is ironically supporting the traditions she supposedly disagrees with. As well as disrespecting her mother at the same time. Our heroine everybody.

      • dan

        its called entertainment for a reason, relax.

      • Someguy

        No, he’s right.
        Just because you are being ‘entertained’ doesn’t mean that you have to turn off your ability to think critically.

        Personally, I want to like this movie, but it’s progressive in a way that media product produced by large corporations is almost always progressive…as in being decades too late to be relevant.

        The challenge facing women today, isn’t men fighting for the right to marry them. How many fathers are holding tournaments in their backyards to select their future son-in-law? So bravo to Pixar for having the courage to take on such a cutting edge concern. This was already antiquated when Mulan tackled the subject, except that film was relevant because it wasn’t about marriage, but rather the right of women to expand beyond limiting stereotypes and conventions. That was and remains a relevant concern or many people, certainly not just women.

        Now, I’m sure Brave is about more than just her fighting to not be married off. Is there not a bear involved in this somehow? I’m likely never going to see this, as I have yet to see a single thing that makes me think this will be remotely interesting or engaging for me. I will reserve judgment until a real story trailer comes out.


      • I didn’t know the emotional subjects of films needed to be topical…

        As if old tales are of no interest, just because they feature outdated emotional conflicts.

        Remember that Bravo is the first Pixar animation film featuring a female star, and still one of the very few animated films to do so.

        However, I think it’s a pity that films starring women are almost immediately about womanhood, as if female stars can only exist in this context. On the other hand, the male star of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ had a conflict with manhood, so it might be a topical subject, after all…

        It would be nice, though when the movie industry and its writers realize that an animation film about a woman, can simply be about:

        teaming up with an intruder (Toy Story),
        giving use to her odd talents (A Bug’s Life),
        choosing between old and new friends (Toy Story 2),
        adopting a child (Monsters Inc.),
        seeking her son (Finding Nemo),
        realising winning isn’t all (Cars),
        follwing her dream (Ratatouille),
        discovering love (Wall-E)
        letting go of the past (Up)

        Then, and only then movie feminism is complete.

      • I will personally boycott the cinema until movie feminism is complete. I hope it’s in time for me to see this film

      • Someguy

        Oh they don’t have to be topical…”relevant” would be a good place to start.

        How many animated movies made for women and young girls are about marriage?

        How many cartoons aimed at boys are about marriage?

        How relevant is yet another movie where a movie about a young woman rebelling against her father’s desire to marry her off to anyone living in North America right now? How many men on this site paid a dowry for their wives? How many got a knighthood or an estate?

        Perhaps it’s my own naivete that leads me to imagine that a cartoon movie with the infinite worlds of possibility that animated media entails might set its sights higher than ‘girl avoids unwanted marriage – hilarity ensues’.

        Again, I haven’t seen the film, so maybe there’s more to it than this…one can only hope…


  • Deaniac

    Please tell me I’m not the only one getting a Robin Hood vibe from this clip. Not that it’s a burden or anything, this movie looks great.

  • hitface

    the way the bow bends and shakes is amazing god can it please be summer now

  • Beautiful! I am really looking forward to see this movie.

  • That was definitely some trailer..some real tension right there! Love it how she shows her rebellion by tearing her dress…well, you know what I mean!

  • simple math

    I loved this scene (in Robin Hood).

  • Mike

    As a big Pixar fan put off by Cars 2, this has me much reassured over the other trailers! Glad to see the wonderful design, characterizations and more subtle humor I expect from Pixar making a return!

  • Matt Sullivan

    I’m not watching. I wish they wouldn’t do this..spoiling 2 minutes of what SHOULD be unknown. This whole spoiler culture sucks. Whatever happened to discovery and surprises? now people want to know everything in advance? Why?

    • Sam

      Because they need to get people to watch this movie.. Some people don’t want to be spoiled, some wants to know more. To each their own.

  • M. Seegz

    I think I’m going to enjoy this movie.

  • MUST SEE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to be such an awesome film but such a long wait to see!

  • While part of me kind of wish I hadn’t just spoiled myself on what is clearly a key plot point in the movie, at the same time my interest level in “Brave” has gone up considerably based on this trailer. It feels like a story that has been done before, but I’m also getting the feeling that it’s going to be done really well this time around.

    • Funkybat

      I think I would have been upset about “spoilers” if I had not seen the outcome of the whole scene broadcast in the first 30 seconds. The logistics of her “demure” outfit being too constraining for her to properly fire an arrow was a nice bit of double-meaning, but the only thing that really gave the scene any tension was the cinematography and score. When the arrow started to wobble, I thought for a second that she was going to flub the last target, but instead the more cinematically likely outcome occurred.

      I’m very much looking forward to this film, but I have to say that seeing this segment “spoiled” very little for me.

      • Yoyo

        That’s actually a big props to the studio team. Ever watch a real arrow shot by a bow in slow motion?

  • The only thing I saw was curly red hair.

  • chris

    The only thing lacking in this scene is some Mater.

  • This is the way you sell a film. No backing track, no bloody ‘record-scratch’ gags, no visual gags or dialogue stripped of context, no cheesy tagline, just a nice, short, uncut scene that gets right to the essence of the film. Lovely.

    • tommmy

      And the essence of the film is a guy lifting his kilt and mooning someone.

      • That scene was overplayed in the trailer and is much subtler and more funny in context.

    • Sam

      I don’t know, I think this 2 minute bit might have been cut shorter to fit in the 2 minute preview. I could be wrong of course, some part of this felt rushed and poorly paced.

      Nonetheless, this is better than the previous trailers.

      • Oh probably, yes. It’s just refreshing to watch a trailer that lets the film breathe a bit.

    • Some Guy

      Don’t forget the constant fading to black that occurs on every single dramatic trailer.

  • This smelled like a Disney Princess flick to me, but as engaging as those 2.5 minutes were, I doubt I’ll care. (and I’ll go see it just to look at her hair for 90 minutes.)

  • Tom

    Wasn’t impressed by the last trailer, but this puts me back up on the Brave bandwagon! The last minute was mesmerizing, and when the intense celtic music kicks in on the arrow’s impact, I got some serious chills.

    Bring it!

  • Dario

    Like I said the first time. I’m not surprised by what I know about the story and don’t like the butt joke. Anyway I just think they’re for a higher level.

  • John

    THIS LOOKS AMAZINGly cliche…

  • Chris Peterson

    I love the trailer and can’t wait for the movie. Good character design, a heroine instead of a hero or the standard princess, and, of course, excellent animation. If the story lives up to this trailer, I’d say Pixar is back on track after “Cars 2” (pun intended).

  • this just really doesn’t feel like Pixar to me – obvious gags and below their usual standard of acting plus everything feels so CG, am hoping this isn’t what the whole film will be like

  • rfk

    Wow! This sequel to “How to Train Your Dragon” looks fantastic!

    • lola

      Really good joke! Haven’t heard that one! Personally reminded me of Mulan! AmIright?!

      (Trailer looks great, don’t even mind the butt joke since it’s not made the center of attention like most of those things. Can’t wait to see it).

      • Matthew Koh

        People! If you compare new things to the past, you’re actually killing originality.

      • rfk

        But what am I going to do with all these surplus “Bravehair” jokes?

    • Tedzey

      How? This has Scottsmen. Dragon had Vikings. BIG difference, brotha!

      • Nik

        I thought Dragon had Vikings with Scottish accents?

      • Tedzey

        The did? I could care less about that film personally…. :?

      • “couldn’t” care less.

        Pretty sure they used/imitated Scottish accents for Dragon.

      • You couldn’t care…. hang on this guy says it better

  • Sherrie

    The animation is gorgeous, and I love how she “hulked” her dress. It’s interesting to see how they play out the mother/daughter relationship, I can’t think of another Pixar film where a relationship between two women was prominently featured.

    • Funkybat

      The mother/daughter conflict is probably the most unusual thing about this film, stunning visuals aside. As much as people like to bag on this being derivative of “How to Train Your Dragon” or even “Mulan,” I don’t feel like it’s all that much like those films. The visual style and locale are somewhat reminiscent of “Dragon,” but unless the story is ultimately about the “Bear Society” not really being a threat, but a misunderstood culture, I don’t see much story resemblance.

      As for Mulan, I suppose the mother/daughter conflict is similar in some ways to the father/daughter conflict there, but this movie looks like it is otherwise rather divergent. Merida seems to have a different motivation for her actions. Mulan was unhappy about being prepped for marriage, but the reason she took up arms was to spare her lame father from likely death in battle, not to avoid a dull life for herself.

      This movie will stand on its own, for better or worse. I refuse to speculate on how good it will be based on these snippets, especially since some recent Pixar films have had sections that are masterpieces and sections that are just good within the same film. I look forward to seeing it in full soon enough.

  • what gets my juices going beside that AWESOME butt joke is the relationship between the father and daughter. I really feel the love and joy the dad has being with his daughter. It isn’t so heavy handed but casually sincere and honest. Then of course you have the strict mother creating all the tension. It may not seem like an original story(what movie is nowadays) but it looks like it’ll be told well. Excited.

  • This seems to me a Challenge from Pixar: “We’re doing the TYPE of film we’ve hithertoo avoided because that’s what ALL studios do. BUT when it comes out you’re going to be reminded that this Genre can Kick Ass in all it’s sincerity.

    Now I could be wrong, but whether this feels fresh and inspired or not, I’m sure it’ll be well done. Also I this this film will have a women’s lib theme in the same way Wall-e will have a ecological theme: If they DIDN’T put that in people’d complain about them neglecting how behind the times it is. All in all, I’d rather be criticized for going along with modern, changing perceptions then going against them. As a director I wouldn’t want to say that’s what my films strictly about, because most good stories need something personnel about them: which is hard to do if political views come first. However as someone who thinks both gender rights issues (and certainly ecology) are important, I wouldn’t want my film to try and contradict them.

    Either way I’m confident the film will be good, even if it’s not original. And if it’s not original as animated film, it’ll be original specifically to the Pixar canon

    • gerald

      “If they DIDN’T put that in people’d complain about them neglecting how behind the times it is. All in all, I’d rather be criticized for going along with modern, changing perceptions then going against them.”

      ^^ This is exactly the opposite of the issue. People are complaining because including this theme IS behind the times. It’s been said, it’s been done, we are beyond it! Also, someone should never shoehorn something into a piece of art that doesn’t contribute to the whole in some way, you don’t just shove political messages into stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with politics. Your talking about some weird ad hoc, ad popullum, storytelling, which isn’t pixars style.

  • Female role model #331,497


  • Jorge Garrido

    Mulan in Scotland

  • Spencer

    Looks a lot better than I thought it was gonna’ be.

  • Lyle


    • Lala_Marin

      That. Was. Hilarious!

  • Geeking out on the animation.

    • katrav

      I’m guessing you haven’t seen How to train your dragon!

  • This looks very strong. Can’t wait to see it!

  • E. Nygma

    LOOKS Amazing! I will see it, though I am worried a bit about the gags…some of the lines are dreamworks quality not Pixar.

  • Looking great! I agree lots of ‘meat’ to this trailer, although may be giving away too much, but I haven’t seen the film so I’ll hold on that.

    On an animation note though, did anyone else notice the dialogue/lip sync was pretty off when the mother character first speaks? Looked like early Dreamworks stuff, the voice really didn’t work. It’s nit picking, but that’s what this place is about, isn’t it?!

    Now hopefully this film won’t raise tourism too much in my beloved Scotland…stay away people, it’s ugly and rubbish there, honest..

    • Mike

      The audio on this entire clip is behind by about half a second. I’ve watched other postings of the same clip, and the mouth syncs much better!

  • John

    I love her Cabbage Patch face! Talk about an ugly design.

  • A Smithy

    I’m very surprised at the quality of the opening shot. Looks extremely flat and straight from an online MMO. The animation on the king is great but queen is lacking in expression. Looking forward to seeing more of the horse and the bear.

  • Wow, this looks good. I agree with some of the others that the storyline in this scene is somewhat cliché, but it really looks good! It gives me a lot of confidence in the rest of the film, and I’m looking forward to see it.

    And whaddayaknow: they ALL speak with a Scottish accent!

  • Looks Great, but the shots with the family on the podium was weird though. They should just have let her sit there angrily in anticipation of what she is about to do like in her first shot with (the one with the wrong background). And let the dad do all the jokes, trying to cheer her up. It would give the whole thing a bit more tension.

    • Ryan

      “The shots with the family on the podium was weird though. They should just have let her sit there angrily in anticipation of what she is about to do like in her first shot with. And let the dad do all the jokes, trying to cheer her up. It would give the whole thing a bit more tension.”

      A brilliant story observation there Kristian K.
      +2 storytelling points for Denmark!
      All you Pixar story artists, take note.

    • That’s not tension. That’s angst, and it’s so 90s.

      I actually like how the father and daughter have a strong bond. Obviously he’s the one that showed her how to shoot an arrow in the first place.

      • Ryan

        “I actually like how the father and daughter have a strong bond. Obviously he’s the one that showed her how to shoot an arrow in the first place.”

        All good & true for the argument of their back-story, but their conversation & the mood of their joviality back and forth banter seems out of place/context for the scene.

        But hey, what do we know? We all just hope this film is good because they cost so much money & take so much time nowadays that it’s really a crying shame if they’re not.

  • Joe

    Looks like Merida is ready to stand and live beyond her provincial life. She is not a prize to be won and should follow her dreams that point to another path. Being a big tough girl she’ll find who she is inside. Then her life will begin.

  • katy

    I want to like this – but about 70% of the faces are just plain UGLY and in that creepy zone. It looks cheesy and dated. Girls like real adventure too, doesn’t have to be stuck in fairytale land.

    …. I did like the look of the dog though.

  • To me, this reeks of “How to Train Your Dragon”, right down to the character design. Instead of the (perceived by the clan) weak and feeble boy having to prove his mettle, there is the (perceived by the clan) “weak and feeble” girl that must prove her mettle. I am sure it will be good but…

  • Nick Lemay

    Am I the only one who feels that the character designs seems more Dreamwork-like then Pixar? They lost there Pixar singularity…They seem quite different from the Incredibles or Up.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I don’t know whether they TRIED to make the blonde archer look like Napoleon Dynamite but I must say they succeeded.

  • really looks great. I can’t tell if reminds Mulan or Robin Hood or “How to Train your Dragon” or anything else before see the whole picture. And i’ll definetly see that movie.
    I think Pixar is back on track again. :)

  • McMulan.

  • Don’t make the princess angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry!

  • Toonio

    What’s up with so many cliches.

    Did somebody from Dreamworks is now a big honcho at Pixar?

    I’m still pondering if Brave somehow resembles the Hunger Games with all the bow, forest, hunting and whatnot.

  • ak

    Holy crapola…. this trailer feeds my female emotion of showing up the boys. LOVE LOVE LOVE – can’t wait for this movie.

    Who cares about cliches when they shoot straight into your raw emotions and get a reaction. That’s the point of good story-telling, no?

    • Someguy

      No. Cliches are like hollow shells. If you replaced your family members with perfect replicas they wouldn’t still generate the same emotions.

      Good storytelling avoids cliches because they’re most often barriers to actual audience engagement. Often cliches will be turned on their head or presented straight only to be mocked by a creator (and audience) who are in on the joke.

      So boy meets girl and falls in love is a cliche, so in the Titanic, it’s boy meets girl…falls in love…faces disaster…has to fight for his life…ends up not getting the girl in the end, but gains something else.

      That’s actually what I dislike most about this clip. I felt nothing. If she had missed, that would have gotten my attention. If they had built up her imminent triumph only that at the very last moment, she had failed and her confidence was shattered, sending the story in a NEW direction away from the obvious cliche, that would have gotten my attention.

      Now I’d be like “Wow, not only did I *not* see that coming, but I’m wondering how they’re going to turn this around – will she run away? Does another character come along to give her the power to take control of her life – but with a price? Suddenly, I’m engaged. Now I’m like…whatever, she has cool hair dynamics, I guess.

      • ctrayn

        Wow that would’ve been a really interesting twist. I wish they’d have done that. It would’ve given her more of a reason to seek out the witch’s help.

  • maxeythecat

    WOW. If Brave is as good as what we’ve seen in the trailers-especially this one-I guess I can start forgiving Pixar for Cars 2. Beautiful work and a sound HUZZZAAAAAH for another chickie does it better than the boys type movie, cos little girls need a hero too.

  • Roberto

    On the plus side the scene has some real tension and emotion and the butt joke is funnier in context.

    On the less side some of the jokes are a little silly, the ‘Mulan’ aspect is kind of cliche and especially, yes, no matter how well it’s done, the final minute is exactly the same concept from Robin Hood.

  • Ryan

    Sorry Pixar, but I gotta say it’s NOT love at first sight for me :-(

    I also agree with Matt Sullivan up there, this new marketing via Spoilers or Behind the Scenes clips is really draining the culture of film & “going to the movies”, and playing more towards the culture of the internet and “Anything and everything right now in full all the time!”. I mean, you still want us to go to the movies, right?

    The new poster looks stunning thought, so thunbs up for that.

  • Billy Batz

    Please, no more slow motion. Also, think how much better this scene would be if the competitors were actually skilled, and the heroine was in disguise fore more than a mili-second.But that would mean making a sequence work using suspense instead of tired cliches.And why show her clothes rip if you don’t show skin underneath?Could have been sexy, instead shes got frumpy orthopedic wear underneath, and why is she pissed before she shoots arrows?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Splitting an arrow? I’ve never seen that before!

  • I would guess that the overall movie has very little to do with this scene, and that the film will revolve a lot more about her journey to seek and hunt the bear. Pixar loves putting out red herrings.

  • Jenovasilver

    Wow where do I begin, um…to borrow Sherlock ‘BORED’ I was bored watching this trailer, I don’t mind that Pixar borrowed a scene from Robin Hood there’s only so many ways for you to do a Archery Challenge scene but really. This clip did NOTHING to make me want to go out and see the movie, I was ALREADY on edge with it after the Brenda fiasco and subsequent ‘Focus Group’ hack job from the last trailer but THIS trailer sealed it for me.

    I see NOTHING in this trailer that demands that this movie needed to be renamed to ‘Brave’, she didn’t do ANYTHING brave in fact, I haven’t SEEN her do a damn thing ‘brave’ YET. Where’s the threat? Where’s the villain? Oh what she’s ‘overcoming social norms’ and ‘being headstrong princess, oh look she can use a bow! She’s TOTALLY awesome!’ That’s nothing gripping or interesting at all, all I see is gorgeous CG hair on a Cabbage Patch faced girl.

    Where’s the DAMN BEAR?! Because as of now, this movie is completely not doing a thing for me as a female or movie goer. Sure people will like the movie, Pixar will rake the dough but they won’t be getting it from me. Not until I see something worth a damn then CG redhair.

  • Jay

    Beautiful! I am truly pumped for this one! :D

  • Looks good to me. I hope nobody revokes my snarky internet credentials.

  • SC

    As a female that has to compete with men in athletics every other day, I’m personally pretty offended with this constant scenario of having female characters outdo male characters ONLY when the male characters are bumbling, incompetent buffoons.

    Heaven forbid a female character outdoes a male character who is smart, talented, willing and perfectly capable.

    With that on top of all the other marriage, womanhood and princess themes…I don’t really know what to think…

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing this but….I would have been more impressed if she actually missed. Who knows what the story is really about because it’s just a commercial. (Emphasis on commercial not the “mini-movies” people try to make trailers out to be)

    It might not be PC to say but the “tough woman, I can do it, I don’t need a man” thing is getting a little passe in my opinion. It’s positive to have strong women, but I wonder if I am the only one who is noticing that male characters (especially in US animation) are getting goofier and more insecure and women are the only one who have their act their together.

    More and more, male characters these days are falling into one of these categories: 1) a goofy boy 2) a jerk 3) a complete misfit.

    In terms of male and female characters — there are a lot more dimensions to be explored than these “generic” character types.

  • Teela

    Awww, it’s a sad one!

  • Tom T.

    It’s worth comparing some of the impressions this trailer made with science fiction and fantasy readers.

  • Teela

    I can’t help thinking of Shrek with this ‘medieval’ film. Now, a witchy movie, that’s what I want to see! :D

  • Matt

    Japanese marketing for the win.
    English marketing for the lose.

    • CJ

      Wow, this does so much more justice for the film than the above trailer.

  • Jazzy

    I feel like the point of this movie was more about the mother-daughter relationship and how adolescents feel the need to rebel from their family. The “strong female character” thing just felt like icing on the cake. Though I must admit, I love the fact that there is no “love interest” for once….