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New “Happy Feet 2” trailer

Here is the new improved trailer for Happy Feet 2. Visually beautiful, yes! Story? We’ll wait and see. In the meantime:

  • Scarabim

    Well, that was a jumbled-up mess. I like the “Bringing Fluffy Back” trailer a LOT better.

  • Aw crap.

  • Confusion

    God, I can’t stand characters like the ‘street’ penguin chick that slaps the elephant seal….so unfathomably obnoxious.

  • Peter J Casey

    I love it! I may not get a chance to see it, but I’m glad their making movies! It means more jobs.

  • Mike

    I think the only thing I’ll “wait and see” about this movie is whether it’s as terrible as the first was. And in that regard, the trailer looks promising!

  • Jmatte

    Dear people who put this trailer together: are you trying to sell me a story of penguins or a story about shrimps? Please, let us know because I feel like you meshed up together two completely separate movies.

    Yes, visually beautiful. Story could be fun, but as always a wait and see. I’ll give it a look see.

  • Are the krill(?) some kind of Ice Age/Scrat dynamic?

  • uncle wayne

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ho ho ho NO!! They’re not got sucker me in a 2nd time. Once was wayyyyyyyyyyy more than enuff!!

  • Clint H.

    Well, I’ll admit that this was a little better than the last trailer. I will say that it looks visually pleasing, but from the looks of it, the story looks jumbled up and doesn’t know what it wants to tell.

    But it’s like you said, we’ll see…..

  • I was going to ask the same thing. The krill seem like a comedic side story like Scrat in the Ice Age films.

    The story seems like a mash between “The Pebble and the Penguin” and “Chicken Run.”

    I’ve got to admit, the voices of the baby seals were just too cute. :)

  • Beautiful? This is just like a documentary from TV or pictures from the National Geographic. Def going to pass (oh and of course little kids acting cool with rap. seriously, the kids I have to take care of at my sister’s school are much more cooler than them, and they don’t even sing)

  • James Fox


    • Mad Dog


      The world does not need another pointless sequel.

  • I’m still not sure whether I liked the first one or not, but I’m definitely not liking what I’ve seen about this second one.

  • Ryan Storm

    I remember loving penguins around the time the 1st one came out. Everyone at school said happy feet looked like the stupidest thing ever, I supported the film merely due to my obsession with penguins.
    I went to see it and was completely bored the whole time, when it was over I was incredibly disappointed. I wanted to love it, but deep inside me I hated it.
    I was 11 and I assume was the films target audience, so if the first one disappointed me then, the second one will do the same.

  • Ethan

    Rule number one. Do not assume what the story will be based on a trailer. This is a George Miller film, he’s been very consistent so far. If you liked his other films you should trust him. If you didn’t like them you should pass. Does it have to be any more complicated than that?

  • joe

    That Puffin character design is awful.

  • tim

    and then in the last 10 minutes they’ll throw in live action and preach to you all about global warming……..which had nothing to do with that movie…….but it won an oscar….so what do i know

    • Ethan

      Nothing. Please tell us where the hell you saw a global warming theme. There was plenty of religious, political, and environment-protection messages about over-fishing throughout the film. You missed all of them and invented a message which fit your political bias.

  • ZiggyStardust

    forget dancing penguins, they don’t look fun at all. give me a movie based on those shrimp.

  • DonaldC

    Really pushing that blue and orange huh?

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    I’ll see. Believe it or not, I enjoyed Happy Feet. It wasn’t a masterpiece, and it certainly wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I enjoyed it. I’ll see.

  • Jane

    So cringe worthy.

  • Amy

    Whatever happened to caricature and good taste?

  • Skip

    Not my cup of tea. I’m sure it will make a tun of money, but I’m about as excited in seeing this movie, as I am about seeing Mars needs moms again.

  • Mad Dog

    The penguin and the pebble much?

  • Can’t wait for Happy Feet 3 when Robin Williams voices the ENTIRE cast! :D

    • Deaniac

      …I’d actually pay to see that.

  • Face

    NOOOOO!!! Nightmares again! Those penguins, dancing like humans in suits SCARE the shit out of me….God I hate them!! Someone hand me a club and a chainsaw I am going in for a massacre.

  • It’s beautiful!

    …only on the outside.

  • Those baby penguins look like tiny monsters skinned them alive and are now wearing adorable penguin skins to cover up their own hideous deformities to peddle their ‘funky fresh’ humor and ‘hip’ dance moves to movie-going audiences. It’s like… rapping Lovecraft, only less awesome and more disturbing.

    The shrimp (krill?) were not nearly as creepy. Can we have a movie exclusively about them instead?

  • Dario

    Is it me the only one who hears that “cute” baby voice and just want to puke? Not to mention the crappy songs. Someone mentioned it was good because it meant more jobs. I mean, don’t fall on the trap, you should demand for more. More story, more intelligent jokes and less “fluffy crap”

  • If you can’t say sumpthin’ nice……don’t say nuttin’ at all.

    (So I’ll keep my mouth shut.)

  • Look at all those celebrity voice actors! That MUST mean the movie is good! Right?

    • James Fox

      Dr. Robotnik says: NO!

  • Hal

    It had me at “I’m moving up the food chain Bill! I’M GONNA EAT SOMETHING THAT HAS A FACE!” When a movie throws something that bizarre into the mix you take notice. Also, its a new George Miller film, and until I get my Mad Max: Fury Road I’ll happily take a new Happy Feet. The man does not stick to convention nor does he disappoint.

  • MissConception

    Because a SEQUEL to a mindless pop culture garbage heap is so much more promising.