New, Longer “ParaNorman” trailer (#4) New, Longer “ParaNorman” trailer (#4)
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New, Longer “ParaNorman” trailer (#4)

Just released: another trailer, an alternate cut for Laika’s new stop-motion feature ParaNorman. Compare it to trailer #3 to note the additional scenes. Lookin’ good to me – this is shaping up to be a very interesting year for features.

(Thanks, Ovi Nedelcu)

  • oh man! this looks so awesome :D

  • Mark the witt

    Awesome animation and appealing character designs..

    Reminds me of “Monster House”, in a good way

  • Cath

    I’m glad Laika is not just another copy of Pixar or Dreamworks like so many other animation studios. Their films definitely have a look/style of their own.

    I have a feeling that those people who wanted to work for Pixar or Dreamworks are now wanting to work at Laika. I do, anyway!

    • Jay

      perhaps because it’s stop motion?

      • perhaps because it is awesome :)

    • Mac

      I totally, respectfully disagree. “Stop motion” in this form has become such a mastered, baroque technique, with the aid of computerized X sheets and digital compositing and 3D printing of facial blend shapes, that this artificial restriction of putting it in real materials in front of a camera doesn’t seem like it fundamentally changes the quality of the image. This could look exactly the same in CG if they wanted to make it into a skeuomorph of the techniques they are using. Not that I think they should, people love the idea that its this stop motion thing but I think that mainly has marketing value more than anything qualitative. Obviously the people who are in Laika like to work this way, too. My only point is, given that this is a multi million dollar production and not The Brothers Quay or something, I have a hard time giving them a pat on the back for anything in terms of design or visuals or technique, vis-a-vis any other high end professional studio productions stocked with masters of their craft. I’m not saying this is bad, but I don’t think Laika is fundamentally more original in terms of their design sensibilities than Pixar or mainstream studios.

      It does look very beautiful and cute. I look forward to seeing it.

      • tredlow

        The way I see it, the style and look is not that much different from Pixar/Dreamworks, but the themes and story ideas sure are.

  • Dudley

    This film looks beautiful. More like this please!

  • Tak

    In the words of a great green frog Muppet!

    YAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! *Crazy Kermit Arms*

  • Looks truly awesome… can’t wait.

  • George Y

    That last bit with the vending machine is hilarious!

  • Roberto

    Looks great to me too. For the trailers I’ve seen I think this will be the best animated movie this year, the visuals are great and the story looks fun and interesting.

    But I stopped watching at 2:00 minutes. I felt they were giving away too much of the plot.

  • bracken

    Anyone know the budget of this thing? It looks expensive (in a good way).

  • Mike

    My God! This film just looks better and better! I’m there!

  • Glowworm

    I loved the zombie being enchanted by the windshield wipers. Also, the vending machine bit was so funny!
    This movie just keeps getting better and better!

  • Uli Meyer

    Well done Chris Butler!

  • Skip

    Well done. Can’t wait, Para Norman and Brave look like the most promising animated films this year so far.

  • Sarah J

    I’m not big on zombies or horror, but this movie looks like it’s gonna be too good to pass up! Unless it gets abysmal reviews I’m definitely gonna check it out.

  • JMatte

    Not gonna lie, very excited to see it! Love the look and the premise. Looking forward to it.

  • tredlow

    Aaugh, I just hope the best parts of the movie haven’t been spoiled by the trailers!

    • I think the end goal is just to get as many butts in the seats as possible. There are some genuinely funny bits in that trailer. I know it certainly makes me want to go out and see it.

  • Taco Wiz

    Ooh! Did anyone else see the “Manos: The Hands of Fate” board game?

  • Taco Wiz

    Why is stop-motion filling the niche in Hollywood that I was hoping traditional/hand-drawn animation would be filling? I mean, stop-motion is nice, but Hollywood seems to think that it’s actually more marketable than the medium that dominated animation for decades.

    • Frank Ziegler

      I could be totally wrong (which is pretty often !) but I think it has filled in because on the surface it closely resembles the look that a lot of CG films have. Meaning the CG characters look like they are plastic or clay puppets, so this doesnt seem like such a stretch visually. What do you think?

  • Christine

    This looks wonderful!! Can’t wait!

  • Gobo

    At 0:20, watch his dad fall off the ladder. Is that the first stop-motion speed smear?

    This movie looks astonishing.