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New “Smurfs” trailer

(Thanks, Trent Correy)

  • Chris Webb

    I give up.

    • “You’re milking it, don’t milk it.”

      Exactly Sony, couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • I’m a big fan of the original smurf comics and I thought that trailer was complete crap…

        …until I saw Azrael. I would just love to watch that cat laughing for 2 hours straight.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    I’d rather smurfder myself than see this smurfing movie.

  • The audience who see movies like this must be completely braindead if they keep making them.

    • Grimmy

      Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, and expect different results.
      By Einstein’s definition, Hollywood is insane.
      We didn’t need him to tell us that.

      • JoshB

        Einstein wasn’t the one who said that.
        It is also sometimes mis-attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

        The first written reference to that quote didn’t appear until well after both were dead. Rita Mae Brown wrote that a 1983 book. And a similar quote appeared a year earlier in the 1982 edition of Narcotics Anonymous.

      • Steph

        -Michael Scott

      • Keep doing the same thing and expect different results…

        You mean like making as much money off a practically dead, existing IP that is humanly possible? If it didn’t work they wouldn’t be doing it. Just because it’s not high brow enough for you doesn’t make it worthless, clearly.

      • Kelsey Wagner

        The chief demographic at which this film and others like it is aimed probably does not fall into the over 20s therefore the audience is constantly aging and hence, renewing. The same people do not necessarily sit in the same kind of film year after year after year. As they age they may progress to more intellectually stimulating films or maybe not. What is for sure is that there is a never ending supply of younger viewers which films of this ilk will appeal to.

        What seems old or oft repeated is new to others.

      • Sean

        This movie is essentially Alvin and the Chipmunks redux, and we know how those movies didn’t make piles of money. Man, those studios are insane.

        I think the true insanity are the brewsters who invariably sperg over every single movie trailer or framegrab. Keep on reaching for that rainbow!

      • J.M.

        I dont care so much about Alvin and the Chipmunks, since they are SET in a real world.

        but the Smurfs in contemporary Newyork??? there are things you just don`t do!, lines you just don´t cross….like making a movie about what happened inside the planes that crashed the towers.

  • Randy Koger


    • Mr. Tat

      *stabbity stab stab*

      If there’s a slick animated intro or credits at least, then maybe it wouldn’t be a total downer.

      I’m just here to see if there would at least be something on Johan and Pewitt (which probably won’t happen.) I’m not a major Smurfs fan and other than the spot-on appearance and acting of Gargamel, this trailer hasn’t really convinced me to see it. This really doesn’t have any jokes that stand out in my eyes, not even good ol’ Brainy abuse.

  • Randy Koger

    AKA: Who the Smurf paid for this piece of s***?

  • Sean

    I think I just smurf’d in my mouth…

    • Gerard de Souza


      • Chris Sobieniak

        How I felt. And just when we finally got a publisher after over 2 decades that is publishing Peyo’s original stories again in America…

        This movie deserves not to be seen despite being touted on the covers.

  • One of these days, a trailer like this isn’t going to have pop songs, or fart jokes, or pop-culture references, and I won’t have anything to say, and I’ll go outside and see the sun and breathe cool air and think about what a wonderful world I live in.

    But jeez, that looks like a specific type of crap, doesn’t it?

  • Why is there an Scotish Smurf? Aren’t they supposed to be French? :P
    Neil Patrick Harris must really need the money…

    • Marco

      Smurfs (Schtroumpfs) are from Belgium
      and also from … MIDDLE AGE time.
      They first appear in Johan et Pirlouit comic #9 “The 6 smurf flute”. They were so many to draw that Peyo was helped by an assistant named Walthery who will later create sexy Natacha air hostess.

      1st smurf design here:

      The “cartoon” from the eighties was already not a fair tribute but this movie is an absolute a disgrace.
      It’s so unsmurf.

      • Mark Walton

        Unless you can read French, there’s nothing to see at this link. Was there supposed to be an image?

    • Nipplenuts McGurk

      That’s Shreky Smurf – cuz this movie is from the lazy, cynical, child-hating hacks who wrote Shrek 2.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I had the impression he was supposed to be “Handy Smurf” myself!

  • Brian Kidd

    But Jayma Mays is soooo cute. Maybe it would be worth seeing just for her! What am I smurfing?!? Kill them. Kill them with fire.

  • TURDtoon

    Yay, another “fish(es) out of water story” chop full of pop culture references, bad voice actors, questionable animation, and a fart joke at the end of the trailer.

    I hate the Family Guy generation.

  • Thom Foolery

    I think I just smurfed in my mouth too!

    Everything about this movie seems so by-the-numbers, right down to the played out “bait and switch” trailer, that this cliche parade seems like intentional parody. It’s like the genre satire of McBain on The Simpsons or any number of spoofs on The Critic.

  • anonyMascot

    they have surprisingly porous blue skin. that means this movies’ going to be awesome! 20 stars

  • Officer, someone just gave my childhood a bad touch.

  • The “IN 3D” resumes it all :P

  • John

    This trailer reminds me of a turd I once made in my bowel.

  • tedzey

    The part where smurfette stands under the vent a la Marylin Monroe, that’s where I wanted to hit myself on the head with a crowbar repeatedly!

  • Hey! That basset hound was so cute!…it looks just like mine!

    Wait…there were ugly blue things I was supposed to be watching?…oh…


  • Hank Azaria looks and sounds awesome as Gargamael.

    the marilyn Monroe reference with Smurfette was just wrong.

    The scottish one sounds funny.

    Could have its moments but most likely wont. next.

    • TsimoneTseTse

      Chomet’s Scottish “kilt in the wind” scene in “L’Illusionite” was a little – uh – less blue

  • Adam

    I’m dying to know if the licensed toys and art will look like these steaming piles of smurf, or like Peyo’s cartooning.
    And no worries Neil, I’m not fooled by their “cuteness”.

  • I´ll just quietly ignore the fact of the existence of this movie and watch the Oxfam spot again…

  • Blake

    You guys expect just a little bit too much out of tiny sized blue cartoon characters.

    • tedzey

      Yeah, like a faithful retelling that isn’t stock-ful of cliches like the fish out of water story or modern world meets magic bullcrap every kids film has to have!

  • Sony stole the secret formuler from Dreamworks

  • Scarabim


  • uncle wayne

    THIS film, to me, is 8,000 times more appealing than “Yogi!” At least it’ll be (genuinely) funny…. instead of “sacreligious!”

  • Karen

    You gotta admit, though…the one blank frame at the head is VERY nice looking.

  • Jabberwocky

    Oh Neil Patrick Harris, why…?

    • anon

      Money? Jason Lee made a lot of money on Alvin. Orson Welles was in the 80’s Transformers movie. Who cares…

  • Jorge Garrido

    inb4 awesome and intelligent contrarians defend this poopstain.

  • Dario

    “Oh the humanity”… that’s all I can say.

  • h park

    I wish Hollywood should stop making expensive-as-hell 3D CG movie out of Saturday morning cartoons. There is nothing wrong with childhood memories, but they’re awkward to then-kids who are now grown-ups when it’s represented as edgy adult story.

  • Keegan

    They made an already bad franchise 100x worse!

  • Inkan1969

    I don’t know which is worse. The idea of dumping the Peyo characters in modern times, or the incredibly ugly character designs of the CGI smurfs.

  • Teafly

    well shit, I guess I HAVE to go see Cars 2 now…

  • You know its bad when you can predict the one-liners the narrator uses to be witty.

  • damned me

    HAH!, and I was mad I didn’t get to work on it, phweeeee! dodged a bullet!

  • steppo

    Oh, thought this came and went already.

  • Carina

    It’s kind of sad that the most appealing character in the trailer is Gargamel. And he’s not even CGI…

  • Thomas Hatch

    I like when that one Smurf fell in the toilet!

  • mara

    my reaction was the same as neil patrick harris when he opened the damn box…

    “nothing like a breeze up my enchanted forest”


  • Chris

    Haha. You guys are hilarious. Are you really all that mad about a movie you aren’t going to see?? Your lives must be perfect. Congratulations.

    If you’re of age, how about putting a little social event together. You can have a few drinks, discuss how the world is ending because of a kid’s movie, and when you’re all liquored up enough, you can go on a rampage through town. Seems appropriate. If anything, you should all be thanking the creators of this film. At least it gives you something to talk about with one another.

    I want to get behind the Brew. I love it when you guys celebrate great animation. I’m really not sure why you feel the need to post stuff you know is going to incite this kind of reaction. There must be an enormous amount of fabulous work you can celebrate.

    • La Pulga

      Oh Chris, you know the answer as we all do.

      Business is slow here today. Hell, they are even repeating old posts. Advertisers need to be satisfied, and dodgy movies like this = lotsa reactionary comments = hits = $$$

      Oh damn, I just aided and abetted.

    • “You guys are hilarious. Are you really all that mad about a movie you aren’t going to see??”

      Correction, a movie I would have *loved* to see, if it were true to the original. What original books I’ve seen were well written and appealingly drawn, with a decent amount of depth for a kids’ property. I totally would have watched that.

      This, it’s squandering the enormous potential they had available.

      • Scarabim

        Yes, I agree. Peyo’s Smurfs is an enjoyable comic, and I think the Hanna-Barbera TV toon isn’t too shabby either. That trailer had none of the charm of either version. Its “humor” was gross and unseemly. To rephrase a common comedy trope: The Smurfs are good. They don’t HAVE to work blue!

        *wince* Sorry…

    • Gobo

      As I understand it, this is an animation blog. A blog about animation news and info. A blog that doesn’t exactly shy away from bad animation, given that they celebrate CARTOON DUMP, for that matter.

      And this is a comment thread for people to express their opinions about good or bad animation.

      Chris, it’s not your job to be our mommy and scold us for shunning an ugly looking film, which this definitely is.

      • Chris

        The comments in general for the Brew are pretty predictable. Pixar is a love fest. Short films we get a mixed bag. Stuff like this generates a lot of hate. I think I saw ‘threw up in my mouth’ a couple of times. I’ll have to read all the comments, but I’ll bet you a nickel there’s a ‘raped my childhood’ comment in here. That’s always a Cartoon Brew favorite. I wasn’t scolding your for your opinion Gobo. Only making fun of how predictable they are.

      • Ryoku75

        Short Films tend to get a lot of praise, though I’ll say something negative and 4 people will shove words in my mouth.

        I’m certain that a lot of the comments over the new Smurfs are exaggerated, its not the trailer that gets me as much as someones really scraping the barrel, now who wants CGI Snorks?.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        Short films are usually made by a very small group of artists sometimes on their on time & coin. The community here seems REAL in their support.

        Now, as far as big studio releases……..
        Millions of dollars thrown at clueless, faceless execs to produce mindless animation for the masses
        …that’s just fodder.

        If it’s done well (Tangeled, Rango) people will voice their support.

      • ZiggyStardust

        a lot of short films are trying NEW things, NEW art styles, NEW daring stories rather than rehashing cliche fish out of water cgi/ live action mixes. and us toon nerds like that ;)

  • Someone smurfing smurf those smurfs.

    So they used “smurf” for: vomit, hell, smoked??, f’d.
    Seems like they are on to something..
    What the smurf were these smurf spawn thinking when they smurfed up this pile of smurf?


    • In all fairness, the old comics were written in this fashion too, which I always found a little funny and surprising.

      I guess they’re staying true to SOMETHING….too bad the rest of it isn’t.

  • Wait, why do they sound like 45 year old truckers?

  • Krayon

    Somethings are not meant to be movies and this is one of them, This is probably going to flop just like Yogi Bear. Hollywood is so running out of ideas, Next they going to make General Hospital: The Animated Movie

    • Scarabim

      I’m waiting for the movie about the Banana Splits, gloriously re-imagined in painfully precise CGI detail, with nostrils and fangs and irises and, since none of them wore pants…ehhhhh, I’ll leave it right there.

  • Brandon Pierce

    Natalie Portman spoke once about how she never liked the Smurfs because Gargamel scared her as a child.

    Guess she’ll never look at Hank Azaria the same way again.

  • TsimoneTseTse

    Was that test footage we were just watching?

    I’ve seen this movie before – it was made it 1973 called “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”
    And it didn’t need to be in 3-D to be scary

    Really? This one wasn’t meant to be scary?

    • Kudos to you, for such an obscure reference!
      “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” scared the sh!t outta me when I was a kid, and this movie wants to scare me as an adult.

  • Michel Van

    Oh my god
    here in Belgium, Peyo start to swivels in his grave IN 3D !

    • JPilot

      Peyo’s estate, his children, grand-children and great-grand-children are crying all the way to the bank, and not that far of a drive to the Swiss Banks either.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        In the end, it’s all about money over integrity.

  • Pieter

    As a Belgian, I want to apologize to everyone for this piece of…smurf.

    • tonma

      why? it’s the whole Hollywood movie industry that should be apologizing for indulging themselves into this trends, and then trowing it to the faces of the world.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      You have no need to apologize at all. Belgium has put out some terrific works over the years like Tintin and the Smurfs, yet it’s the Hollywood meat grinder who decides what sells to today’s audience no matter what the reason.

  • Graham

    The Smurfette scene was hot

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I don’t feel too good after watching this. Is it too late to ask for a Goober & the Ghost Chasers movie?

  • Richard

    I think’s it’s funny. Still, Smurf Justice for June Foray!

    P.S. George Lopez as Grumpy Smurf and Hank Azaria as Gargamel

  • I had no idea that they could make a worse movie than the live action Garfield, Underdog, Inspector Gadget, and Looney Tunes Back in Action combined! How they continue to outdo themselves is beyond me.

  • Based on previous teasers and pictures I was expecting even worse.

    Don’t get me wrong, it still looks awful, but it’s more a problem of concept rather than execution.

    NPH and Hank Azaria look like they’ll be decent, and the smurfs are ugly but decently animated . I kinda liked Azrael and the voices of the smurfs.

    It’s still an insult to the comics, which manage to be apt for children but smart at the same time. It’s possible, you know. Actually the comics are a masterpiece and even the old animated series weren’t a very good adaptation, though they at least kept the original location and time.

  • Silence Dogood

    Just more reasons not to take my kid brothers to see this.
    I don’t want any “enchanted forest” references ’round here >:E

  • TheBandSnapsBack

    They cast the late Harvey Pekar as Garagamel?

  • Mark Morgan

    Well, at least this gives us a better concept of the movie than before. Since Gargamel is there and in traditional dress I’m assuming some spell of his backfires and launches them all into the future.

    If anyone remember’s the final season of Hanna-Barbara’s Smurf cartoon (which I will admit was not fitting of the source material, though I do contend it’s still a good show if taken as a stand alone) the Smurfs had been cast out of their own time and land by a group of magic crystal that could be arranged in various ways. Each arrangement took you someplace different and they wouldn’t know if they found the right assembly until they used it.

    It was a basic McGuffin to introduce new characters and situations.

    I doubt if the film will be this creative, but it would be interesting if they set the movie up as a sequel to that storyline with the Smurfs landing in modern day New York.

    The only problem I see is that Gargamel was absent from the entire last season (though they did meet a lot of various evil humans who looked suspiciously like him), but he could always catch up.

    Flawed or not, I love the old Smurf cartoon and right now the only bright spot I can see in this movie is they tried to tie it to the series as a finale. So far as I know the final season ended without the Smurfs ever getting home.

    • I never watched the Smurfs as a kid, but if I were an executive who somehow found myself in charge of this movie, my reaction would have been “That’s a fanTAStic idea!” It would have been a great way to really unite the parent/kid audience. Plus, it would have been a refreshing nod to continuity, which is something that almost never survives.

  • Steven M.

    I’ve lost faith in this film when I saw the first trailer, this new one solidifys that fact.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    “No one knows where they came from…” but I think we all know where they can go.

  • Lily

    I wish they made it an entire CG animated movie instead. Some of the characters do look cute though, but creepy at the same time.

  • Shawn

    …Could we just have a cute movie where Jayma Mays and Neil Patrick Harris live together with their basset hound and go on adorable/funny adventures together? Maybe a few musical numbers? And no Smurfs?

  • Thank goodness it was disabled before i could watch it.

  • Spencer

    I feel a Dreamworks face comin’ on.

  • em

    You’re all so lame.

    It’s a kids movie. When I was a kid, I would have eaten this stuff up, and all your kids will too. If I were a Studio Exec., I’d know that, and I’d make this movie and sleep on the massive piles of money it made me.

    The animation itself looks solid, regardless of what the script will bring. Which we don’t yet know, because that was not a story trailer.

    I’m with Chris on this one… you’re grown ups. focus half the energy you put out into negative blog postings and you could really do something productive with your life.

    • plastic bottle

      There are good kid’s movies and there are bad kid’s movies. Dumbo was a good kid’s movie. This is a bad one.

      • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

        exactly. i always hate the excuse…its a kid’smovie. that doesnt mean it has to be cynical crap. there are plenty of great kid’s movies out there.

      • ZiggyStardust

        exactly kids aren’t stupid and they deserve decent movies like us adults. they need movies to challenge them too. just because its made for kids doesn’t mean it has to be crap

    • Think back to your own favorite cartoon or comic series—be it one that you liked as a kid, or one that you enjoy today.

      Now take a bunch of stereotypically dim towel-snapping jocks, complete with stereotypical jerkass behavior (…and the inherent belief that what they do is in fact strikingly funny and creative).
      Costume them as the characters from your favorite cartoon series.
      Let them run wild in a simplified parody of that series, trashing every plot point or characterization you ever cared about.

      Sure; kids will love the hijinks, and jerkass humor is nothing new (it worked for Mack Sennett, so forget “the good old days were above this”). But why is this the official movie of the cartoon series?
      If the brand’s popularity merited a movie, why run as far as you can away from it in execution?

      I’m personally indifferent to many of the characters that have been trashed this way. In many cases they’ve already appeared in realms of junk (Yogi Bear, Garfield, Alvin, Cat in the Hat, Underdog; Smurfs too, apart from their genuinely good Peyo comics).
      But if you’re going to capitalize on these brands, build on what some people actually liked about them. Otherwise you lose two existing fans for every new fan you pick up. Screw sentiment; that’s brand management 101.

      • Spot on.

        About the other adaptations, though, I agree most of them had already appeared in some crappy series or products, but most deserved better.

        I’m not the greatest Yogi fan but originally it was a nice cartoon, not superb, but good. I used to be a fan of Garfield when I was a kid. It has been a pretty bad comic strip for a long time now, but in the old days it was good too. Not as brilliant as Peanuts, but it had nice jokes and characters.

        They take these things that were originally decent, entertaining cartoons and make these CGI/life action movies that are worse than even the worst things they have done with them before and that makes the originals look like masterpieces by comparison. Some of them ,like Scooby Doo, weren’t very good but they manage to do it worse too.

        We all know it’s a matter of time to see the REALLY great characters being bastardized in this kind of crap. It has happened already with some originally brilliant characters like Asterix, though it’s arguable that Asterix’ comic books after Goscinny have also had their good share of junk.

      • TsimoneTseTse

        I believe a lot of people here were looking for something with a little more respect for the source material and & all out lack of
        heart &
        soul &
        charm &
        wit &
        depth &
        creativity &
        originality &

        help me out someone

  • Kitschensyngk


  • AJ

    didn’t think it was possible to make the smurfs even more obnoxious then it was already. Thats a real accomplishment

  • Feelin’Somethin’

    Don’t be fooled by their cuteness… this sentence makes no sense unless cuteness now means ‘nasty sort-of-real but utterly souless bastardisation of wonderfully cute original design.’ And what genius took on the smurfs world with its buckets of original charm and said ‘smurf it, lets move them to New York and throw one of them in a toilet’. I didn’t just smurf in my mouth, I just projectile smurfed all over the mother-smurfing walls.

  • What the *#SMURF*@$ was that????

    Live action + smurf = Ruined childhood

    • Feelin’Somethin’

      I have a feeling the Smurfs are the type of characters whose original charm will survive whatever inhumane garbage is thrust upon them Ariel. Like the Looney Toons survived Loonatics, like Garfield’s original personality outweighs his his latest incarnation – remember the good times, the Smurfs will outlive this awful blip in their history :)

  • Some Girl

    When will Hollywood ever learn?
    The world may never know….

  • I prefere the old SNL sketch version of the trailer way better

  • Erin Siegel

    So it’s Alvin in the Chipmunks, but with Smurfs?
    ok then.

  • So James Cameron didn’t direct this version then?

  • Brad Constantine

    wait a sec…didn’t the Chipmunks already make this movie…twice?

  • Justin Delbert

    The guy playing Gargamel was alright, but all I can say is let’s wait and give it a chance

  • Daniel Edwards

    Welcome to Cartoon Brew, where if it’s not 100% Deep, OSCAR Winning, Organic, Vegan, Free Range Animation we don’t like it.

    • Ryoku75

      Nobody likes this because its that CGI Rocky and Bullwinkle film, volume 37.

  • Doug Drown

    I love Neil Patrick Harris, but I have not the SLIGHTEST desire to see this film. None. Zilch. Nada. Zippo.

  • “No one knows where they came from…”

    Actually, we do. They came from the fertile imagination of a famous comic book artist named Peyo.

    Thus, let me correct that phrase: “No one knows where this piece of movie making shit came from.”

  • chipper


  • Andrew Kieswetter

    ‘Do not be fooled by their cuteness!’ Just squash the little creeps with your feet. (except for Smurfette,of course!)

  • Animus

    If I were a little kid I’d probably like it. As an adult, I appreciate the fact that they look just like the cartoons. Even Gargamel resembles himself. So don’t be too hard on it.

  • NC


    • Chris Sobieniak

      My very first thought here!

  • John

    Gawd the skin shaders look horrible the smurfs look like play dough!

  • I love Dr. Horrible.
    I love Glee.
    Thus, this doesn’t look half bad, especially since there were a few funny gags in this trailer.

  • People, lets just blame Alvin’s success for making all of this garbage happen.

  • Sean

    God you guys, this looks TERRIBLE! Almost as bad as that Alvin and the Chipmunks movie I didn’t see. These guys are raping my childhood! I just threw up in my mouth a little – mean SMURFED UP, hahaha that’s a joke I just made. This isn’t nearly as good as anything PIXAR puts out, which puts STORY FIRST.

    Seriously though, you guys the most predictable bunch of manchildren I’ve ever seen. Things from when you were a kid are not as good as the rose-tinted nostaliga glasses make them.

    • Those kinds of comments may be cringingly predictable, Sean, but here’s the rub—-can you really argue with most of them?

      • Sean

        True, but to me this trailer looks fine and harmless – and leagues better than the previous one. Knowing Neil Patrick Harris is in it is a huge plus. I randomly caught the Chipmunks movie (which I assume the Smurfs movie essentially is mimicking) on TV last year and thought it was MUCH better than I’d expected. From what I’d read on the Brew from the trailer, you’d think it would be the coming of the Antichrist. People are forgetting two things:

        1. This is only the trailer for the movie.
        2. The Smurfs is a CHILDREN’s cartoon show. It isn’t as good as you remember.

        Regardless, I don’t think I’ll be seing this movie (unless they show it on a plane or something) because I’m a a) a grown-up b) don’t have any kids and c) cool. But the brewsters flipping out on cue after _every_, _single_ trailer for a movie is getting pretty tiresome. Folks, if you are an adult, this kind of movie isn’t for you.

  • J.M.

    I usually don´t swear and I apologize to all readers and brewmasters but I am Angered.

    Why the F***!! would they do that to the smurfs?? Why!! seriously Why!!

  • purin

    Well, Gargamel looks like Gargamel, so… there’s one thing they managed to do well enough.

    Is it just me, or do they have little blue blood vessel in their cheeks?

  • ZiggyStardust

    in some of the closeups the smurfs look like they have skin diseases or something. they look very blotchy

  • Was My Face Red

    I think a lot of the bad feeling here is because something sweet and charming has (yet again) ended up coarse and cheapened because that’s what the studios think today’s audience wants. We live in a cold, smurf you, kind of a world where the only shows of sincerity we get are insincere and everyone else goes WOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHH and farts.

  • Caresse

    Does this take place in an alternate reality where everyone living in modern day New York never saw the original Smurfs?

  • Some girl

    Well, at least we have this trailer..

    • WIN. :)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I would definitely play to see this!

  • Marc Baker

    Once again, Hollywood ruins A childhood classic by throwing unnecessary toilet jokes, and sexual innuendo. That stuff is fine for A ‘Smurf’ parody on ‘Family Guy’, or ‘Robot Chicken’, but not in an actual honest to god ‘Smurf’ movie. The only good things about this is how nearly accurate Hank Azaria looks as Gargamel, and how this is somewhat an extension on cartoon’s final season, but this still looks like a big failure.

    • ZiggyStardust

      I dont understand why the smurfs make sexual innuendo jokes, they dont even have genitals

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Heck, most cartoon animals out there make the same jokes when they’ve lacked the very definition between their legs anyway. It just seems like we’re suppose to accept it as if they’re just hidden or simply not drawn to begin with (like those scenes in Fritz the Cat were we might as well think of genitalia in the same way we might see a watch come on or off the wrist whenever it’s needed in a scene).

  • Metallicfire

    I used to feel bad about judging movies simply by the teaser, without knowing anything about the plot, the visuals, or the jokes.

    I think this is God telling me that it’s okay.

  • Martin Juneau

    Another piece of my childhood who turns into a pile of hacked movie crap. At least Gargamel looks like in the original comics piece. Mean wizard and a bit idiot when Smurfs came in.

    The original comics series by Peyo have not the best artistic spirit but he understanded how made a good storyline and learned more by Johan and Pewitt. The best original Smurfs story i recommand you to read is “King Smurf”. Not the TV fail, the original comics story itself.

    And i’m fed up of that anachronism of the modern Smurfs stuffs. Peyo should stay at his tomb which they made at his works.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      More like saying they should’ve stopped drawing new stores after his passing. That’s what kept the Smurfs chugging along to this day.

      And yes, “King Smurf” is a fantastic read if anyone picks up that one.

  • Glowworm

    Katey Perry is Smurfette–so can I make this joke–“I smurfed a Smurf and I liked it.”

  • Te SMurfs were very adult in the Belgian comics [something June Foray, aka Jokey, would have appreciated, given her experience with the wild world of Ward.]

  • Jeroen

    Wait, did that box say BELGIUM???

  • Why can’t Hollywood hire frequent Cartoon Brew readers to make movies like this? I’m telling you right now, if they did… smurfing my pants to this God-awful smurfing trailer wouldn’t be my reaction.

  • Kasey Kanyon

    Ugh… like many, I am totally annoyed that they’re still making cartoons in the live-action/CG world. Now of course I’m not gonna see this (I’ve never been a Smurf fan to begin with), but man this whole thing is just ridiculous.

    Funny thing, I get the feeling that even if this film had the Smurfs in the original world from the cartoon and not crossing over into New York, it’d still be a pretty ridiculous movie. Even NPH, as awesome as he is, can’t save this.

    Oh yeah, and Smurfs are asexual.