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NYC PREMIERE: “The Green Wave”

Green Wave

Continuing the trend of documentaries that incorporate animation, Ali Samadi Ahadi’s The Green Wave recounts the “Green Revolution” following the 2009 elections in Iran. The film uses live-action interviews and video footage from the protests alongside original animation created by Ali Soozandeh (art director), Ali Reza Darvish (drawings), and Prof. Dr. Sina Mostafawy and Ali Soozandeh (motion directors).

The Green Wave, which appeared at Sundance earlier this year and is currently on the festival circuit, premieres in New York this week as part of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and will screen on June 18, 19 and 21. A q&a with the director is scheduled after every screening.

ASIFA-San Francisco president Karl Cohen wrote in the ASIFA-SF newsletter that the film is “not an intellectual discourse, but a powerful emotional experience…The story is so powerful and gripping that it didn’t bother me that much of the ‘animation’ was simply camera movement over static drawings or that the artwork was not of the highest quality. What counted was the story of the suppression of a popular movement by a brutal regime.”

For more info, visit The Green Wave website or watch the trailer below:

  • The Gee

    There isn’t a lot in the teaser but it seems interesting. It looks interesting.

    If it is making the festival rounds then hopefully it makes it in front of people who will appreciate watching it. And, I guess it would not be surprising if it gets picked up in a TV deal eventually. Getting aired on TV is always a potential life line for documentaries, right?

  • DD

    Always nice to see fellow Iranians work. :)