<em>Once Upon A Girl</em> at the Silent Movie Theatre <em>Once Upon A Girl</em> at the Silent Movie Theatre
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Once Upon A Girl at the Silent Movie Theatre

I don’t actually recommend this film, but in the interests of animation history (and as a connoisseur of animation “worsts”) I must note the public screening this Saturday of Once Upon A Girl (1976) at the Silent Movie Theatre in Hollywood. The program begins at 10pm preceded by several hardcore porno-toons, including the silent-era classic Buried Treasure.

Once Upon A Girl was created in the wake of Fritz The Cat. If you ever wanted to know what an X-rated Filmation cartoon would look like… here it is. Strangely enough, it was actually made by a bunch of Hanna Barbera artists led by Don Jurwich. Larry Huber, Joel Seibel, and Barry Bunce are among the familiar names in the animation crew. And yes, that’s voice actor Hal Smith – in drag – as Mother Goose in the live action scenes. Here’s a censored version of the trailer:

  • I saw parts of that at a show at the World Animation Celebration in ’99, I think. A genuine “worst”. Impossibly tedious and slow moving, but maybe people were starved for titillation in the 1970’s.

    There were several other “X-rated” cartoons on the program, all awful, but at least we didn’t have to sit thru the usual long credit roll at the beginning that showed the logos of all the sponsors of the festival. An announcement was read from the stage duly informing us that they all disassociated themselves from the program.

  • RDee

    See it in the name of Science!

    I think I seen bits of this on one of those HBO real sex docs as a teen, is some of this footage culled from a german cartoon?

    I watched “Burried Treasure” Online not that long ago, and as crude as it is, some if actually was funny.

  • MattSullivan

    WOW. Just…wow. I’ve never even heard of this. Too bad this “adult” cartoon looks so crappy.

    Boy, ya learn so many new things here on the brew :D

  • vzk

    Leave the animated porn to the Japanese.

  • Tom

    Spectacularly ugly. Wow.

  • Inkan1969

    Geez. Erotic art is supposed to be arousing. That trailer made me want to join a monastery.

  • I learned that poor film making can even make sex look dull.

    On the other hand, I’ve had the opportunity to see the “good stuff.” I’m talking full animation done by the best in the business. However, this was back in the fifties — and I dare not tell you where.

  • Marc Baker

    Your right, this is exactly what a Hanna-Barbera porno film. would look like. Especially since some actual crew members work on the animation. Adult Swim has got nothing on this film. Very good find, albeit a dirty one.

  • As another appreciator of appallingly bad cartoons, THAT… is hilarious.

    Plenty of hentai anime exists which looks cheap and nasty, but even the worst they have is nowhere near as bad as this.


  • Let me know if you find footage of Fred nailing Daphne!

  • FP

    About a million years ago I had ONCE on VHS. Bleh! I ended up recording episodes of Robotech over it.

    For real “adult” animation (the kind men like), see Bakshi:

    (This YouTube version is partially redacted for reasons of national security)

  • Marv

    Mid 1970’s American hackwork has its own look, to be sure. People gripe about animation going overseas but this is the level U.S. tv animation had sunk to just before that time.

  • Right up there with “Attack of the 60 ft. Centerfold” as a film that’s supposed to be arousing, but is just a Thing That Makes You Go “Meh.”

  • Duane Fulk

    If anyone wants to know where to get a copy of “Once Upon A Girl,” complete and uncensored, contact me at [email protected]

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Interesting to see someone plugging an uncensored copy to send to any unsuspecting viewer here!

    “Once Upon A Girl” came out during that period when it seemed like ‘animated smut’ was profitable in the industry. Ralph Bakshi of course got the ball rolling with Fritz the Cat. In Japan, you had Osamu Tezuka and Mushi Pro try their hand on a few adult-oriented works that were more art than porn, Charles Swenson gave us Dirty Duck, and a Belgian cartoonist gave us his spoof of Tarzan. In some way, these films present many flavors of what 70’s animation was like, Once Upon A Girl can be see as a TV-style take on the matter given the H-B animators involved on it, but it should not be considered an H-B film despite the comments I do see about it on YouTube.

    I still haven’t seen this film personally, but the trailer alone seems to give me all I need to know so I may not have to! This is especially true of Japanese movie trailers when they tend to spoil you than tease you over the plot and outcome of the characters. They just don’t know how to market a film over there without spoiling details.

  • Inkan1969

    This movie really makes me appreciate the talent of Freddie Moore.

  • lindsay

    the 70’s rocked! it was such an awesome, fun, trippy era and “once upon a girl” is a product of that awesome decade! anyways, i actually own it (i’m really surprised that duane fulk is asking people to email him if they are interested in obtaining a copy because it’s not that hard to find-at least for me it wasn’t) as well as “erotic cartoon festival” and the ralph bakshi movies “fritz the cat”, “heavy traffic” and “coonskin” and they all entertaining! i suspect alot of the people badmouthing it haven’t even seen it and are just jumping on the once upon a girl-hating bandwagon. (which sadly, is pretty typical of people nowdays) anyways, another trippy 70’s era film made by gerard damiano (of deep throat fame) is “let my puppets come”. it’s a puppet porno. yep, that’s right- a puppet porno with jim henson type puppets that actually have sex and even ejaculate. it’s a hoot! as a matter of fact, i bought my copy months ago and just watched the whole thing the other night. gotta love the 60’s and 70’s -back when things were original and unique!