One Last Final “Brave” Trailer One Last Final “Brave” Trailer
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One Last Final “Brave” Trailer

Here’s what I believe to be the final, all-encompassing, mega trailer for Brave. It reminds us that Pixar created Wall-E, Toy Story 3 and Up (so as not to confuse this pic with any DreamWorks/Blue Sky/Illumination film), and includes several gorgeous new shots we haven’t seen before. Looks good, sez I…

  • Mike

    Looks gorgeous, and my interest is officially fully piqued. Pixar, I think I may be ready to forgive and forget…

  • bones

    3 little brothers… 3 little bears!

    • Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    • Glowworm

      I’ve noticed that from the very beginning!

  • axolotl

    I’m gonna go see it and stuff, but…I am so sick of ‘family.’ Ugh.

    • Nic

      Ugh. Familial love.

      Just terrible.

      • axolotl

        And bears.-_-

  • Tom

    They really haven’t been doing that good of a job with these trailers, have they? I’m sure the movie will be great (and judging by the Japanese trailer, there’s a lot to be excited about) but I feel Disney/Pixar sort of dropped the ball in the marketing department with this one… though I did enjoy the last trailer.

    Anyway, my prediction for the rest of this thread is that people will either make ‘witty’ remarks about it looking like How to Train your Dragon or that the film-makers are a bunch of misogynists.

    • John Carter flops in the theaters, mainly due to a bad marketing campaign.

      American Brave trailers are not as interesting as their Japanese counterparts.

      Rich Ross is ‘resigned’.


    • Sarah J

      I would have to agree a bit, the trailers don’t reveal much of the actual plot. But the movie is from Pixar, even if it had the worst marketing campaign in animation history, people would still go see it as long as it had the Pixar label attached. And I wouldn’t blame them because Pixar has credibility. So I don’t think the ads will really hurt the movie, especially if it turns out to be really good (which is almost certainly will) and that info spreads word of mouth.

  • Too much “acting” and fambly interaction. Bleh.

    It would be great if PIXAR made something like FANTASTIC PLANET.

    • Neat as Fantastic Planet is, what on earth gave you the original impression it was going to be remotely similar? Ones about a rift between a mother and daughter being at the heart of a fairy tale curse in scotland, the others a pyschadellic (if forgivably wooded) sci fi on social barriers.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Still, I wouldn’t mind watching that film anyway!

  • wever

    There’s a split-second shot of the bear CALMLY WALKING ALONG MERIDA’S SIDE. Hmmm…..

    • Tobias

      There’s also the last shot which has Merida leaping towards a bear who has their hand/paw held out to her.

      • Chelsea

        I know! The bear will win her hand in marriage! :D

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Now that’s a movie!

  • I’m glad that this is the FINAL trailer. I don’t want to see anymore. BRAVE looks great and I look forward to being amazed in the theater!

  • This is the first one I haven’t cared much for. Since that Japanese trailer came out, I’m a little surprised that the emphasis that they placed on the supernatural aspects of the story is still not represented here. Of course it’s on the top of my summer must-see list, but this doesn’t make me want to see it MORE.

  • John

    I wholeheartedly approve. Very much looking forward to this.

  • Randy

    Ugh….more goofy shtick. I’ll skip this film.

    • Mesterius

      Personally, I’ll skip this trailer and watch the film. Trailers have too many spoilers.

  • Azz

    This trailer made me want to see it less. If the Pixar name wasn’t at the start of it I would have zero interest in seeing this film. Did the trailer feel a bit confused to anyone else? Like they’ve tried to pack in too much stuff? They’re obviously having a tough time selling this one.

    I hope I’m surprised by it. I really do.

    • Azz

      EDIT: Saw a version of this trailer in front of The Avengers last night and it contained a Big-boob cleavage gag! Us Aussie convicts are obviously a lower lot that the rest of the world.

  • Every one of the trailers I’ve seen thus far has made the dialogue look sort of… bleh. And cliche platitudes abound. I’m still on the fence about this one.

    • wever

      Could it be because we don’t recognize subtle acting underneath accents?

  • mj

    hm. at one point it was just a butt joke. now the trailers got a butt joke and a purple nurple gag.

  • Ryan

    I love the King & the whole “Pretend I’m Merida” spoof. Whether you like the dialogue or story context of that shot or not, there is some fantastic character animation right there.

    One things I will say, simply to push grand the point that soo many of us make about the current choice of visual direction for big feature CGI animation, where even folks like Andreas Deja have been open with their opinions of it. I think an area where the lack of a clarity of direction & taste in this uncertain visual direction that CGI currently inhabits can be very clearly illustrated by shots like the two dogs barking aggressively up at something behind camera. The dogs themselves, the grass, the lighting, it feels more like it’s out of some quassia VFX blended film like I Am Legend and certain other parts or things in some shots really don’t gel with the other parts that I consider to be good animation that really nails the correct feeling in CG, like the kings lovingly mock acting animation. CGI can be just as inconsistent as bad 2D it seems, because there’s so much in the details & such a wide array of choice with lighting, particles, VFX etc, even thought it has nothing to do with drawing.

    I really hope PaperMan is as fantastic & amazing & everything that we al hope it do be, otherwise animation & animators the world over will be sad & seemingly forever divided into two camps of FBF 2D Drawing stuff and Rig + Spline curve related CGI [both flat & dimensional] stuff.

  • Toonio

    Although the family premise is set to strike the heart chords of the audience (like in other Pixar movies, booring). This one has the “magic?” touch that might be interesting.

    I’ll wait for the opening weekend comments to make up my mind. Else it’s DVD release for me.

    And I agree with Panucci upstairs and the too much acting thing.

    Like in some scenes of How to Train Your Dragon, I wanted more roller coaster flying dragons and less “I never met my father’s expectations drama”.

    • wever

      Why is everyone so uptight about the family angle? Every previous Pixar film had a theme of love or companionship somewhere in the storyline.

      • axolotl

        Because it’s kind of overdone?
        But, y’know, maybe I’m wrong, maybe KING KONG, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, APOCALYPSE NOW, REAR WINDOW and frickin’ FANTASIA would be better if they featured huge sopping doses of family drama. (And character arcs.)

      • optimist

        Nothing done well is ever “overdone”.

        That list, by the way, is pretty silly as some sort of point. None of those films were made to be judged next to each other and each can be enjoyed without any negative shade needing to be cast onto some of the great films where “family” IS one of the themes.

        I suspect that the hint of a “family” aspect just makes some younger animation fans at a certain stage of life uncomfy.

      • axolotl

        Ah…well, I WAS raised by jackals. Have you ever been tested for ESP?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Is this a princess movie?

  • kyle maloney

    Pacing of this trailer was all over the place.

  • I don’t know. I’m kinda tired of animated films where the main character has Mommy or Daddy issues. I’m glad Pixar is finally making a movie for girls, but why does it have to take the most cliched approach?

  • Please don’t tell me that the movie will boil down to the generic ‘Parents need to understaaaaaand their children!’ angle so many movie’s abuse in place of more unique character development.

    That said, movie looks pretty good; though it’s funny how much detail was put into Merida’s wild mane while the bears (particularly the triplets) looks like they’ve been freshly groomed and clipped without a single hair out of place.

  • Hey now


    TIme for some new blood at Pixar.

    • Chelsea

      Formula is what keeps a movie together. Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks/ etc. films will never NOT use formula, it is screenwriting 101 and the only way to ensure that a certain number of people will basically be guaranteed to enjoy the film. GREAT movies have formulas that they then break at various points throughout the film to create contrast and tell a ‘new’ story with familiarity.

      The average audience doesn’t want different. They want the same in new clothes, which is what every blockbuster movie is.

      Complaining about a film being formulaic signifies you either don’t know what formula in screenwriting is, or you only enjoy totally random, unstructured films- in which case I must assume you dislike all Pixar films (which are all extremely formulaic).

      • Alissa

        Perhaps formula is a bad word to describe it. How about recipe? It’s true that most cake recipes start the same, but there’s a world of difference between what’s baked from scratch with good timeless ingredients and cheap mass-produced twinkies you buy at the gas station.

      • Hey Now

        Formula means that if you have an archery scene in any movie, the protagonist must ALWAYS shoot a goddamn arrow through the arrow already in the bullseye.

      • Chelsea

        No, that is a cliche.

      • kyle maloney

        I really do hate that cliché, especially since Mythbusters proved its not even possible. I know, its not real, but it never fails to take me out of it.

  • Max C.

    People, bad trailers don’t always mean bad films. Just blame Disney’s marketing department. And the mooning joke is quite regular if you’ve seen Braveheart.

  • I am also pretty sick of “family” altogether, so let’s just hope the fantasy/mistery part is great and makes up for it.

    Also “family” could be ok if it were played slightly different than usual but I wouldn’t count on it.

  • J

    Pixar’s trailers are almost always a little bit “meh,” while the corresponding films are almost always “Wow!” I’m not sure why that seems to be the case. The Cars films and A Bugs Life were the only ones were both were “meh.”

    • Steve Gattuso

      This is what I was thinking. Hell, the only Pixar films where I thought the trailers were as good as the movie were “The Incredibles” and “Ratatouille.”

      Both Brad Bird movies… coinkidink? ^_^

    • I’ll never knew what people have against A Bug’s Life. I think it’s one of the finest and more sincere of Pixar’s movies.

  • Donald C

    Disney trailers in general as of late have been really unimpressive.

    I’ve never been a fan of advertising that tries to appeal as widely as possible. Using only the cheapest jokes and providing only scant details. Not what I would call gripping marketing.

  • RayRay

    Can’t wait to see this, but it’s funny how that don’t mention; “From The Maker’s Of Cars 2”.

  • Jorgen Klubien

    First Pixar flick to not feel contemporary… feels more like “Tangled” to me, but perhaps that’s an Okay thing, I dunno. Personally I’m tiring of all the CGI animation getting made these days. I have had my fill I guess.

  • I just have to see it……Im not sure what theyre trying to sell me with the trailers anymore. I just hope its unique and well told.

  • Rich Tom

    I’m really tired of hearing a Scottish accent in these CG movies. So tired. I don’t GAS if this one takes place in Scotland or not. That was their choice, years after the Shreks, years after Dragon.

  • Tomm

    I like the song at the end in gealic

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I am definetly going to see this. I would really love to see more awe-inspiring bears in animated movies. Powerful beasts with muscles from head to toe. The bear in Brave looks great.

    • Matt

      Yeah, the way the chose to present the giant evil bear was very well done & very graphic visually, as it was mainly in shadow, tall & dark black with reflective white eyes & the animation on it standing up & lunging at camera in the trailers is/was brilliant. I just hate how that superb choice & the feeling generated by it instantly changes when they ‘have to’ choose to light the bear(s) another way. Suddenly nothing is obscured & you see all the form and it’s in slow motion & the evil bear looks like a white eye’d bear zombie. Visual Choices Pixar! Graphic Visual Choices! Make better ones. Lavish & dimensional & ultra detail doesn’t really gel with caricature. It makes things look deformed rather than designed, because they’re still too realistic to a point. Flat & Graphic animation can be just as “believable” as any full form, Hi-Rez CGI, but it’s the animation that causes that believability, not the amount of substance in the visuals.

  • Spencer

    Not really trusting this trailer. It’s giving the bare bones of the typical stuff we already know about the film, but nothing to go on in terms of an original dazzling narrative… Except that it’s from the studio that brought us Wall-E, Up, and Toy Story…

    Why can’t they let the film do the talking and just mention the previous successful films in 4 seconds at the end of the trailer if people aren’t assured enough?

  • Industry-Tom

    Sorry, but it seems like Pixar’s animation is not evolving much. The bear looks nice but that human animation leaves something to be desired.. look a bit closer

    • Braik

      I would tend to agree, but It is just a trailer. I’m always fulfilled by the character animation in all of PIXARS movies. While this story seems formulaic, I’m willing to bet the specific character acting choices in here will be a delight, as they always are in PIXAR films.

  • Scott

    Formula, not marketing, is killing the movie industry. As audiences wane, studios mistakenly rely more heavily on predictable stories, which only return a ever dwindling pool of fans – most of those in and of the industry – to the theaters.

    As people tweet the quality of the movie during the opening, marketing has no more influence over a film’s success.

  • E. Nygma

    I think this film will be good but the previews really do not show the kind of class that pixar usually has. If the animation wasnt so great i would think it was a dreamworks film. I really hope this is better than a dreamworks film.

  • Linda

    So, it’s like ‘The Little Mermaid’ without the prince? That’s a movie that should have been done 15 years ago.
    Looks like it will deliver what is espected from it, so it’s fine.

  • I don’t like the looks of this :( I am still trying to get over the stink from CARS 2 last summer!