“ParaNorman” trailer #2 “ParaNorman” trailer #2
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“ParaNorman” trailer #2

A second trailer for Laika’s ParaNorman has been leaked to our pals at Bloody-Disgusting.com. Combined with the first teaser it gives us a sharper idea of what’s in store. Focus Features (the art house division of Universal pictures) will release the 3D stop-mo film on August 17th, 2012.

<a href="http://video.uk.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb&amp;vid=b7edd03d-8873-446f-b043-a43d359e229c&amp;from=&amp;src=FLPl:embed::uuids" target="_new" title="ParaNorman trailer (MSN Exclusive)">Video: ParaNorman trailer (MSN Exclusive)</a>
  • ferp

    Man, that is some fluid, rock solid stop motion animation. It’s almost looking like CG at some points.

  • Animojojojo

    I agree, looks like CG. Much more than Coraline did… Showed this to another animator who didn’t know it was stop motion beforehand, and they just assumed it was CG. Were shocked to find out it was stop motion…

  • Julian Carter

    I firmly disagree. Even viewed in a tiny window, the movements very clearly are of the stop-mo variety. It does not look as smooth as CG.

    And that’s a good thing.

    • Morgan

      Yeah, I really don’t see how you can mistake this obvious stop-motion for CG if you’re an animator. It looks lovely though, looking forward to it!

      • tonyb

        Who cares if it’s CG or stopmo, as long as it looks good and the story is great. Damn, always have to complain about anything don’t you, brew readers?

      • eeteed

        that should have been EVERYTHING, not anything. proper grammar, please.

        THANK YOU! i’ll be here all week! ;-D

      • joe

        They’re complaining about how it looks good?

    • Animojojojo

      tonyb: I care, because why do something with one technique, if you’re not going to even take advantage of it’s unique properties? It seems in recent years that most stopmotion features are trying to “prove” that they can be “as good” as CG films… which should not be their goal. They should use the technique to stand out on their own as something unique.

      • tonyb

        Eeteed:English isn’t my first language, so excuse my grammar.
        Animojojojo: If stopmotion looks like CG (which I don’t think anyway), it’s still stopmotion, isn’t it? So what?
        Then, that’s become a look THIS technique can achieve and that they decided to use in this film. Why should they choose to make it look less fluid just to show you it’s stopmotion?
        But then it’s a matter of personal taste.

      • Chris S

        Why should they choose to achieve CG style movement with stop-motion just to show that they can do it? tonyb, I know English is not your first language, but it sounds as if you are saying that a lack of something, in this case a lack of fluidity, is what makes animation more stop-motion. It’s not a lack of anything but different ascetic of motion. I have to agree with those who argue that there are appealing qualities of movement unique to stop-motion that are not being pushed by this film, and I don’t mean more stroby-motion that hurts your eyes. It’s a little sad that the film is gearing its animation style towards that which we can see in a Pixar film rather than going its own way and surprising us with a style that is wonderful and new, or at least progressed. It’s even sadder that you associate the uniqueness of stop-motion with strobing non-fluid animation enough to argue that stop-motion looks best when trying to mimic another medium. But yeah, Para-Norman looks terrific and there is nothing horribly wrong with that either. It’s a sure crowd-pleaser, don’t you agree?

  • This will obviosuly lose to Brave in the Academy Awards it qualifies for.

    • Mic

      Probably. But I do what to see this more than Brave after seeing trailers from both.

    • kwert

      I think that’s a bit premature.

  • Jim

    That looks AWESOME!!! August 2012 can’t come quick enough!!

  • Katella Gate

    I don’t care how it was made, it looks like fun!

  • Ed Thompson

    This will never win any major awards for 3 reasons:
    1) it’s not from an accepted animated film company- if you haven’t ever won an award you cannot win an award
    2) it has a scary and intentionally gross theme.
    3) This one is the kiss of death- It looks like a film I will love.

    Note: I said win an award, I didn’t say it couldn’t be popular or successful.

    • ZM

      Um… that doesnt make any sense, every company that has one there first award didn’t have an award before it. Who cares what the caliber’ or prestige the award is?

      • tredlow

        I think he was being sarcastic.

      • ZM

        Okay, tredlow, I just reread that and you know what I think your right about it being sarcasm and I kinda laughed.

  • Mat H

    The character designs are brilliant! WOW!

  • joe

    Some of those character designs look pretty ugly and generic to me, like the fat kid and the boy and girl who are designs from The Incredibles. That’s my only complain though, everything else looks great!

    • Brian

      The character designs are AMAZING!

  • Barney Miller

    I really don’t get all the comments comparing the animation to CG. I think it’s quite obvious, based on the movement and the lighting that it is handmade.

    I believe what’s going on is a lot people here grew up with stop mo commercials and Rankin Bass specials where the animation was done quickly and crudely. I’m a huge fan of stop mo and love those specials as well. However, I’m quite excited that recent animated films are allowing animators to explore a more subtle approach to performance. Because there is more stop motion work than ever, they have the luxury to try new things out and get better.

    To ask for these guys to “make it strobe more” so we can see the process is ridiculous. It’s like asking James Baxter to stop doing so many drawings and animate more like an old Filmation cartoon because you prefer the “charm” of that. I’m open and excited to all styles of stop motion animation and would prefer not to place everyone in some preconceived box of what they think stop mo “should be”.

    Having said that, I worked on Coraline and can tell you right now that even though there is a perception that stop mo is becoming more slick, no one has more of an appreciation of what came before than the crew at Laika. For example, all that dirt and rubble that bursts from the ground when the zombies rise, is done by hand with tiny little rigs. Seriously, watch that trailer again and tell me you can’t see the handcrafted love:)

    • I couldnt have put what you just said any better myself.

      Stop motion artists are not trying to emulate CG, they are striving to become better animators, simple. From the trailer, this looks great, Can’t wait to see it

  • B.Bonny

    Love having to watch a commercial in order to see another commercial. Does Cartoonbrew get a cut?

  • Dave

    Yeah, I had to suspend more disbelief at the thought that the anniversary guy not only had time to plan all that but actually PAY for it (live band too!!!) than I did with the movie trailer. Not exactly geared toward the 99%.

  • This is the movie I’m most excited about right now. Go, Laika, go!

  • I don’t like how formulaic this trailer was compared to the one I saw in the movie theater. The one featuring the song “Season of the Witch.” It had much more presence and made the film seem infinitely more interesting. Maybe studios shouldn’t try so hard to explain the plot and characters and why we should be laughing or frightened in a trailer.

  • The designer is Heidi Smith


    I like the teaser better too because this trailer doesn’t show all the amazing work. They are still working away finishing by the way .What is neat about this film is that it is puppetry in 3D. The effect is really, really cool. Also, are those not awesome sets ?

  • chrystalskye

    This movie is based off my friend and mentor, a fantastic gem of a person and best selling author, Norman Klein! should def check out his work. His student was inspired my him to make this character.