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Persepolis trailer


As enthused as I am over the big budget, widescreen Hollywood animated blockbusters en route to the cineplex this summer, I’ve been keeping my eye on this little black & white hand-drawn film based on Iranian author Marjane Satrapi’s comic book autobiography.

We’ve posted about it before, Persepolis is a coming-of-age story of a young Iranian girl that begins during the Islamic Revolution and follows her to Austria as a teenager at school, where she struggles to overcome stereotypes and predjudices. What it lacks in Hollywood visual pyrotechnics, it more than makes up for it with an intelligent story and realistic characters. It looks to be one of the most refreshing films of the year.

Check out the blog with many behind-the-scenes podcasts, the trailer (embedded below) and these clips (in French): Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3.

Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud co-wrote and are co-directing the film, which is coproduced by 2.4.7. Films and the Kennedy/Marshall Company.

  • joris

    Wow, that looks pretty good, and the story seems very refreshing indeed! The shapes of the two women in the last scene are really cool animated. I’m looking forward to this one!

  • excelent teaser of the film look forward to see more

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    That movie looks more than worth the money. Can’t wait. I hope it inspires hollywood giants to step down from their flashy 3D.

  • I got to peek at the book before, and this is going to be a nice piece of animated film. The actual animation and visual style is really awesome, and a wonderful use of black and white. Can’t wait to see the final film.

  • Inkan1969

    Anyone know when this movie will be released in the United States?

  • tom

    Will this be released in the US dubbed in English or as a subtitled “Franime”?


    Brilliant. I love the style, and the way the characters are animated, especially those two old hags. After feeling uneasy watching that Bee movie trailer, this is more like it!

  • This is the perfect antidote to the nonsense in the previous post.
    Even in a language I do not understand.

  • Relevan

    Man, why are all the good things in France? I had to go to Paris to see Paprika (you try translating something when you are distracted by French subtitles, I couldn’t get a single word from Japanese to English because of those damn things), Gobelins L’Ecole De L’Image is there… and now this.

    I guess I’ll have to add a 4th language to my repertoire. Augh!

  • Emilie

    ooooh! It would be so awesome to see this film at the Ottawa festival!
    I read the two first Persepolise bande dessinées. The animation style looks perfect for the story! Thank you Marjane Satrapi!

  • Brilliant…can’t wait to see it.

  • Bob

    That’s interesting, the animation makes it actually look fun.

    I had no interest in this film because I had this feeling that the story was sorta pretentious and boring and also because I didn’t like the art of the graphic novel (too static and simple for my taste).

    But the more streamlined animation designs are somewhat nicer too look at.

    Funny thing is that I’m still not the biggest fan of the visuals when I see the stills, but seeing them in motion makes all the difference, those clips are really cute.

  • I never got into the comic book for the same reasons Bob has mentioned, but I really like the look of the animation, and the non-pretentious theme they have chosen for the trailer. Looking forward to it.

  • Anne

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it…

  • I can see why there would be grounds for disappointment. The students have invested fortunes in their education, yet I know of animation on You Tube that’s on par with this done by people with no animation schooling.

  • Soheila

    Well , as an Iranian the film is not interesting to me at all and I think there is nothing worse and more shameful than to trample your Land and to wait for your reward! Marjane could find a better way than to make foreigners laugh at her nation.

  • Well, I have to agree with most of you and say this film looks very refreshing! I do hope it becomes available in English subtitles, I hate missing out on little foreign gems that get overlooked by Hollywood. This looks like it could be one…

    Hasdrubal, I have to say that your comments about the quality of animation were a little harsh, don’t you think? Maybe it’s not all action, but as an animator I find it a LOT harder to do good ‘subtle’ character animation. Although I don’t speak French, it looks as though they’ve done a superb job!

  • Bryan T.

    To answer a question from a few days ago, I read somewhere that they are doing an English dubbed version for the American release. But the interesting thing is that Catherine Deneuve is playing her mother in both versions. I would rather they release it subtitled, but since I’ve read the book translated from French I guess it’s not that different. And isn’t it Sony Pictures Classics? I’m sure they won’t do anything wacky with it.

    By the way, I’m surprised all the talk about the book has been negative. Those two books are instant classics. They really bridged a gap between cultures, making me see this girl growing up during the Iranian revolution as someone very much like me as an American. That’s not something you can say about very many comics, and this movie (unfortunately) couldn’t be coming out at a better time.

  • Rick2Tails

    that film looks very interesting.its certainly nothing you would ever see created by a major american studio.I would love to see this dubbed or subtitled in english!

  • Donnie

    Iran produces some amazing films… some real cinematic geniuses come from there

  • Poupak

    As an Iranian I am proud of Marjane, she did a great job showing the workd what happened to our generation in Iran after the so called “Islamic Revolution” in 1979.
    Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Arash

    Unlike Soheila, as an Iranian I find the work fascinating. The books are the story of a whole generation. They show the resilience of Iranians and the proud history of the nation.

  • FarzadÙ‘ÙŽ

    I’m Iranian Too , But I Don’t Think Like Soheila ! This Animation is great!! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Arman

    As an international person who happen to be born in Iran, I should tell Soheila that Iran is part of this world, and people around the world need to know what is happening in Iran under Islamo Fascisim, and if Soheyla is not happy with the truth being told, she can go read the Royalists and Islamists papers and watch their TV.

    I have heard a lot about this film from film maker friends in France and looking forward to see it in big screen. Also, beside Deneuve, her daughter is the voice of Marjee in the French version. Thank you Marjan.

  • Loonytoon

    I’m still under the spell of Persepolis! The graphics are so very alive despite being mostly black and white (with some shades of gray). If not for a great sense of humor the story would be very dark indeed. This is not a film that undermines Iranians in any way but shows what can happen when “revolution” starts with the best of intents and finishes in a way that is not serving its people but itself (and a small number of those in power). This is not just an Iranian story, it narrates the stories of other races, other cultures and other countries going through a period of revolution, war and transition. The movie is about being human and it made me laugh and cry at the same time. I feel connected to the story although I’ve grown up in a different place. It’s a must see!

  • Armin

    As a nationalist Iranian, I am proud to know that the director and the brain behind Persepolis is an Iranian lady. I was fortunate to watch some scenes of Persepolis in satellite channels.
    Those scenes of Persepolis that I watched truly depicts the situation in those dark ages of so called islamic revolution in Iran, although that the history is repeating itself these days.
    I personally must admire miss Marjane Satrapi for this piece of masterpiece, you are a real iranian lady!

    God Bless Iran

  • mehrnosh

    Soheila looks like Sisters in this film ! maybe she is blind ! or she dont want to accept the truth ! i ve seen more like this lady in iran !
    soheila what did you do for your country IRAN and your culture ?????!!!!!! if you have done tell me more !

  • Gersh

    saw it on Air Canada flight. Amazing. Have been telling people to watch ever since…

  • Jon Ritman

    What can I say, I’m 52 and someone gave me the book as a birthday present, I found the book fascinating and when my partner rented the English language video I was wondering how it would translate. Having just seen it (as of 20 minutes ago) I have to say that despite the film not having the depth and detail of the book it was more moving and brought tears to my eyes on many occasions (that is so rare for me that I have emphasize it). The quality of the animation was different and refreshing (I’m a professional in that I have been making video games for 27 years). I can’t begin to say how much I recommend this film but have some paper tissues handy (by the way I am a guy :).

  • Chai

    I’m reading this comic book , Persepolis in Thai version !

    Yes, i’m from Thailand.

    I think it’s a good comic book for young teens
    to read and learn about Iran . . .

    At first i know a very little about Iran. But when
    i read this book it has made me know much
    more about Iran And Muslim !

    Wow interesting book !