<em>Planet 51</em> trailer <em>Planet 51</em> trailer
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Planet 51 trailer

  • http://www.bishopanimation.com Floyd Bishop

    I have been waiting for this film ever since I saw some character art a few years ago. It looks great!

    Some more info (since none was posted):

    The film is being produced by Ilion Animation Studios with a budget rumored to be $60 million. The movie was acquired for US distribution by New Line Cinema in November 2007. As of 9 July 2008, Planet 51 is slated to be released in the second half of 2009 by Sony Pictures Worldwide via TriStar Pictures. It is supposed to wrap production sometime in March.

    Kudos to the team that did this. It looks great so far.

  • rocktapus

    Looks like a really fun premise. The medicine bit at the end really got me.

  • http://www.elliotelliotelliot.com Elliot Cowan

    Funny alien doggy…

  • http://rufftoon.livejournal.com/ Johane Matte

    Many thanks to Floyd Bishop for posting the information. I had not heard about this film, and am glad to see more international productions making it to these north american shores.
    The premise looks like a lot of fun.

  • Siamang

    Great work!

  • http://thelink.concordia.ca Christopher Olson

    Reminds me of the premise for “Escape from Planet Earth,” about some aliens held up in Area 51 who make a daring escape. Both films flip the “alien invasion” premise in a creative way.

    Here it is on IDMB:

  • Matthew

    The trailer is basically a jumble of gags, which would work well for a short, but is there a story to support them for a feature?

  • http://sopesope.blogspot.com/ Luis Sopelana

    The trailer alone is packed with great, funny moments.

    And the world building (sorry, English isn’t my 1st language and I couldn’t come up with a better term) is excellent.

  • Charles

    Really? Everyone likes this? I must be some cinical jerk, cause everything about this movie looks bad to me.

  • Chris J

    Looks great and had me chuckling throughout. It does what a teaser is supposed to do: get me interested.

  • http://www.autodaddy.blogspot.com tom

    I went into this with less than zero in the expectations department, but I was really charmed. I love that little Alien dog too.

  • Steve Gattuso

    As Gene Wilder said in “Young Frankenstein:”




  • Mike Fontanelli

    Potentially cute idea and funny Alien pooch gag, but…

    The hideously generic character designs have “executive interference” and “corporate creativity” written all over them, (as fully documented in Sweat Box, the buried “smoking gun” movie no one will ever see). It’s Shark Tales and Robots all over again. When will the @#%&$-ing empty suits learn to leave animation designers the f*ck alone?

  • Kyle Maloney

    Not bad. Not pixar good, but it could be worth watching. I’ll keep an eye out. it could stand to shed its generic feel, but still.

  • http://www.arschblog.blogspot.com/ Steffi_Alien

    Welcome to planet Shrek! XD

  • Sam

    “Sweat Box” was quite relevant. I was lucky enough to see it during its brief L.A. run. Probably would have been killed if the filmmaker hadn’t been married to Sting.

  • http://www.autodaddy.blogspot.com tom

    On second take, I think Mike is right about the alien folks. I would have liked to have seen something a little less dollar store there, but I’m still thinking that this could be a very pleasant surprise.

  • Joseph

    >>When will the @#%&$-ing empty suits learn to leave animation designers the f*ck alone?<<

    Did you ever think for a minute that maybe this WAS the pick by the character designers?!

  • http://dailygrail.com/blog/8389 red pill junkie

    I’ll definitely go see it. And I welcome this kind of films because I recognize them as part of the long-term conditioning program to prepare the public to accept the reality of Alien visitation.

    …I’m only half-kidding ;-)

  • Junkle Ron

    Look at these designs, color etc. and then scroll down a bit to the post on Dan Gordon. Day and night isn’t it?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Did you ever think for a minute that maybe this WAS the pick by the character designers?!

    I’ll bet it wasn’t. They look like those TV commercials with the CGI mucus characters

  • http://vincemusacchia.blogspot.com Vince Musacchia

    Great. More inbred sci-fi inside jokes that only us comic book and animation fans will appreciate. Way to go animation pioneers! I’m sure the general public will be lining up to see this.

  • http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=052C631F61EE2838 Iain

    It looks pretty good.

    I don’t think it’s nessicary to keep us waiting until November, cause (as Mr. Bishop said) it’s wrapping up in March, and there’s also some competition with “Princess and the Frog” during the same time, so isn’t it nessicary to move up the date?

  • Azz

    Meeeyaahhhh…..This actually looks ok. The design looks generic but there’s a cuteness to it that appeals to me somewhat. I’ll check it out if future trailers make it look like there’s a decent story.

    And is it just me or is the “Action – Long pause – reaction” gag getting a bit old. They used it twice in this teaser (though the medicine gag was great)

  • Chris

    Yeah my first thought was this was on the level of Igor or some of the worse Dreamworks movies. Not to knock it before I see it or be the eternal pessimist but I certainly wasn’t charmed. I will hand it to them for the dog gag though. Didn’t expect so many favorable reactions. Hope it’s good, the more the merrier!

  • Andy Panderer

    A very funny concept, strained and strangled with the same tired “creative ideas.”

  • Andy Panderer

    A funny concept. Too bad it’s been strained and strangled by creative executive “ideas.”

  • http://midnightheist.deviantart.com/ Scott G

    @ Azz: yeah, that gag seems to be everywhere at the moment.

    I have always wanted to see a movie with this kind of premise, so I hope the story is halfway decent.
    Love the dog and the crop circle motif.

    But that music is dated already. Why do they insist on adding those generic pop/rock songs?
    I’ll bet that the target audience wouldn’t notice the difference between that and an upbeat score with no lyrics.

  • Isaac

    Looks like a cross between Robots and Shrek. How about less “alternative humans in wacky situations” and more PLOT, ENGAGING CHARACTERS, and CINEMATOGRAPHY?

  • http://voyagesextraordinaires.blogspot.com Cory

    @Azz: “And is it just me or is the “Action – Long pause – reaction” gag getting a bit old. They used it twice in this teaser (though the medicine gag was great)”

    Without it, Pixar would implode into itself.

  • http://www.grotto11.com/blog Brian Tiemann

    “…first person to step foot on it”.

    Aaaaauugh! It’s SET FOOT. Now we have to worry about animation encouraging illiteracy too..

  • http://www.jessica-plummer.com Jessica Plummer

    I liked the Alien pooch too!

  • Koojiba

    @Azz: “And is it just me or is the “Action – Long pause – reaction” gag getting a bit old. They used it twice in this teaser (though the medicine gag was great)”

    Thank you for that comment. This is the biggest turnoff for me in movie and animation trailers. Not to mention pretty much every single trailer I’ve seen seems to be narrated by the same guy, in the same tone of voice and the same format.

  • http://drcriddle.blogspot.com Jack

    Can’t say this exactly grabs me either. The aliens look like those blobs of snot from the Mucinex commercials (“whose house is this?” “Mucus’s house!”)

  • Aleksandar Vujovic

    Seems rather bland. Boring colors (which remind me of chicken little), boring character design, comedy reliant on pop-references. Short-lived movie before it’s even released. :(

  • Brannigan’s Law

    looks like a bad Sea Monkeys license they had to make work. Miyazaki is right…

  • Nick Jolley

    This looks soo great! I saw the trailer at Printworks. Lol the astronaught guy jumping on The planet