“Puss In Boots” trailer “Puss In Boots” trailer
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“Puss In Boots” trailer

This is looking better and better to me.

(Thanks to Ed Austin and Ed Himmel)

  • Clint H

    Ok, I’ll admit that THIS looks pretty awesome. Maybe I will see this in theatres.

  • Pete

    I like that it has nothing to do with Shrek… or so the trailer would lead me to believe.

  • Adam

    I’ll see that, if for no other reason than to see how he gets his hat back.

  • Nope, still not interested. But it does make me want to watch Pero in Toei’s Wonderful World of Puss ‘n Boots.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Me too! Certainly a rather more fun take on Charles Perrault’s tale than any I’ve seen elsewhere.

    • Ah, hell yeah! I was just about to leave my own wisecrack about I’d rather watch the 1969 Toei Doga Puss in Boots. You just beat me to the punch.

      Let’s see if Dreamworks can even come close to ’69 Puss in Boots’ zany castle chase.

  • snip2354

    They’re gettin better at humans.

  • Sherrie

    I’m actually less interested than before. Most of the jokes here fell flat for me, maybe because I’m not a cat person?

    • Ergo

      Somehow I don’t think that’s the problem. The jokes were just flat.

  • Jane

    Love the shots of him riding the house in the sand storm, beautiful!

    I can’t wait to see this.

  • Steven M.

    Better than the first one, but doesn’t make me want to see it.

    • David

      The FIRST Puss in Boots…?

      • swac

        Steven’s probably referring to the first Puss in Boots trailer.

  • Erin

    Not too sure about the female cat, if only because she might be the obvious love interest. If she’s well developed and has an equally engaging personality, she might be a good addition.

  • Lilo

    This is alright, but I’m still not seeing why they haven’t made a Donkey movie by now.

  • Ben

    Does every 3D feature have the same art director?

  • ferp

    Their art is certainly getting better.

  • Mike

    This looked pretty terrible to me, and I would disagree that they’re getting notably better at humans. PLUS, has Hans Zimmer really gotten that derivative of his own music? I knew it was bad, but when the score kicked in I had to remind myself this wasn’t a trailer for Pirates!

    No thanks Dreamworks. Nooooo thanks.

    • Jabberwocky

      I thought the same thing– that is an awfully thin copy of the Pirates soundtrack. :/

  • Josh

    That’s not Hans Zimmer. The studio must have temped the trailer with the Pirates them and told the trailer composer to clone it. It’s pretty darn close, about 1 or 2 degrees away from a plagiarism!

    • Mike

      Oh, you’re right. My bad. Somebody slap that composer with a lawsuit!

      • Bob

        The temp score in the trailer is not a POTC (or its derivative) but in fact it is from The Mask of Zorro.

      • Mike

        Oh, really? Well, that just corroborates the derivativeness and unoriginality of Mr. Hans Zimmer, then.

      • Orly

        The Mask of Zorro music was used as the trailer soundtrack for…guess what? Pirates, also. . It’s very common-in fact it’s the norm-for a film that’s months away from final scoring to use a “borrowed” temp track for the trailers. You can’t score a film until it’s locked, and it isn’t locked until very close to the release date.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Keep wading in mediocrity, Dreamworks. Why shoot for the stars when they’re soooo veeeery hiiiigh uuuuup?

    Something tells me I won’t care about missing this one. It’ll have to get pretty damn good reviews for me to reconsider.

    • Skeptical

      So you’ve already made up your mind about a film you’ve never seen, but you’ll reconsider if a handful of strangers praise it. Do you often form opinions based on no information, then change those opinions to fit with the consensus of others?

      • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

        Good question. Do you often reply to blog comments with the sole intent of one-upping people you’ve never met for a quick ego boost that your meager genitals won’t bring? ;)

        I kid, I kid.

        I’m not basing my opinion on no information. They have at least two trailers now, and I’ve seen three of the four Shrek movies. That’s not “no information,” my friend. It LOOKS like it MIGHT be bad, doubly so because it’s a Dreamworks movie. Dreamworks has a history of forsaking substance for glitter and pop culture references. However, if I hadn’t listened to critics on movies like How to Train Your Dragon, I probably never would have bothered to see it and would have missed out on a great movie.

        And the opinion of critics is not “a handful of strangers.” If I followed the group-think, I’d probably like a lot of shitty movies… liiiiike the majority of Dreamworks SKG movies. Critics aren’t just any old crowd of people. I hold their opinions in high regard; they’re far more educated in films than I am and while I have my own personal preferences, I’m more likely to see something I’ll enjoy if I listen to others.

        On the other hand, one of the critics I consulted happened to dislike Rango for a number of reasons, not all of them invalid, and I loved that movie so much I plan on buying it when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

        I’m skeptical as well, Ironic Username, but mine is not uninformed skepticism. It’s very good to think for yourself, but don’t disregard the opinions of others, especially if they’re better at something than you. I’d have to say, my moviegoing experience has benefitted greatly once I started listening to movie critics.

  • It looks potentially engaging, but not in a “spend any money to watch it” kind of way.

    I will most definitely see it within five years of its release.

  • Been a fan of this character since frame one. This film looks like they’re delivering on its full potential. Count me in.

  • chipper

    KITTIES! This actually looks pretty cute, because there are KITTIES in it. It’s also interesting to see cats as good characters. Usually they’re villains for some reason.

    • Camerabob

      I agree, I’m tired of “evil cat” characters in films, especially if a dog is the good guy.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    Kids worldwide are going to eat up this with voracity! Cartoon Brew readers…boot it hard like Spielberg did Megan Fox. LOL

  • Randy

    Looks like all kinds of fun…..I’ll be going to see this!

  • I’d pay to see this. This is more entertaining looking than Shrek ever was.

  • 3 words: Laff OUT Loud! Can’t wait!!!!

  • Ethan

    It’s not directed by Dreamworks, and it’s not written by Dreamworks. This trailer didn’t convince me it will be much better than Shrek 3 which is from the same director, the “I am a cat” jokes felt already repetitive, the rest wasn’t really funny either.

    However the animation looks really great, the lighting looks amazing, and the action could be entertaining. I’m tempted to go see it just for those reasons (same reasons I might see Cars 2, despite the unappealing brainless story).

    I still hope Puss will make a lot of money, because they’ll have more money to put on films like The Croods, HTTYD2, KFP3, etc… i.e. safer films making money to leverage riskier films. As long as they continue making many films per year, their yearly revenues are secure, and as a consumer, I still get great films.

    • snip2354

      “It’s not directed by Dreamworks, and it’s not written by Dreamworks.”

      *looks at the opening title card*

      *looks at this post*


      *looks at the opening title card*

      *looks at this post*


      • Orly

        I think he means that “Dreamworks” isn’t some entity that directs the film, storyboards it and writes it. The story artists do that. The director and head of story do that. One particular production designer and producer do that, and all those people worked on this film in the same capacity they do on Pixar or Disney films. There are many different crews doing the various films at the studios, and each has its own dynamic and style depending on the crew that’s doing it.

      • Ethan

        Yes exactly, thank you. The collaborative process of some studios makes it complicated to attribute the praise or blame for the story itself, so I shortcut to naming those credited as “director”, “screenplay” and “story”. It’s not entirely accurate but it’s much better than putting 2000 employees in the same bag.

        I changed my mind about Cars 2, the reviews are abysmal, it’s by far the worst reviewed animated film of the year. So I’ll pass and wait for the DVD. I think Puss could be a better film to see in theater.

  • The animation and the lighting are top notch, and funny too. This will be fun!

  • Clutch

    Christopher Walken was a better Puss In Boots.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I want to see this! Been saying he should have his own movie since SHrek. I will see it if the Ogre isn’t in it.

    • Orly

      He’s not in it.

  • Toonio

    This movie had to be setup before Humpty Dumpty had the great fall. Everybody knows about the big settlement Humpty got from the wall owner and how he used that money to fund Google.

    My point is nobody with money would put himself on the line to work with a peasant as Puss in Boots.

  • Does this adventure take place before Shrek or is it just completely its own thing? If its before Shrek, I’d like to know why Puss is a Hero in this one and yet somehow becomes a bounty hunter willing to kill Shrek later.

    Animation and lighting look great but not really digging the story. It just feels like Ive seen it already before.

  • John

    Damn those human characters look horrendous!

    • snip2354

      Ooookaaaaaaaay, that goes the opposite direction of my previous post, but eh…

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I am most certainly going to see this when it opens!

  • Scarabim

    I agree, the human characters are awful. But the cat has always been one of my favorite characters from Shrek, so I’ll probably see this one.

  • Skip

    I lost interest in all of the Schreck characters by the third film. As of now it feels to me like Dreamworks is trying to milk the cash-cow for every drop of milk in its utter, and I have become lactose intolerant.

  • Russell H

    Couple of nice Warner Bros. tributes: the “Yoicks and Away!” hommage at 1:27, and Puss getting shoes thrown out the window at him a few seconds later.

    VERY relieved not to see any slo-mo “Matrix” shots, which have been an outworn cliche for at least 10 years now.

  • tredlow

    I’m sick of the Shrek films now, but this actually looks not horrible. I’m gonna give it a chance.

  • Bill

    Same ol’ DreamWorks – One gag after another. Kind of ok until the obligatory threat to the crotch at 1:19. Some of the jokes are ok, but they are just jokes on their own (lapping milk, high heels for a man, etc.) Hated the human designs. The brief human animation doesn’t look any better than the first CG efforts. Animals and even Humpty come off better. The story had better be pretty damn engaging for me to want to see this.

  • Fl

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  • Mike Johnson

    I wonder just how “real” the human characters have to look before some people are satisfied. Maybe you’d all be happier if they just integrated live actors into these kinds of films. The whole argument seems silly to me.

    Anyway, this looks like a couple of hours well spent, so count me in!

  • Julian Carter

    It’s about time some of you differentiated between the artist population at DreamWorks and management.

    The artists must do what management allows them to do (this includes endless sequels and spin-offs). It’s not their fault they’re stuck making thematically similar films. To their credit, I think they’re doing a pretty dang good job of it.

    I wonder what movie gold you’d produce were you working under the same system, “showplease”? I daresay you’d be peddling out the same “crap”, would you not?

  • William

    This looks promising enough. But what I fear is how badly the “furry” community is going to ruin the awesomeness of this movie.

    Once you see some of the things they do with animal characters, you lose interest in ever seeing said character again. ._.

    • Ethan

      I welcome you to the internet. If you browsed google-images looking for it, you have only yourself to blame. Rule 34.

    • JMatte

      As Ethan very rightly said, welcome to the internet.
      Rule 34 applies to every movie, books, theater plays, whatever medium.
      It basically says it in the rules of it: “if it exists, there is porn of it”.
      It’s definitely not just the “furry” community- it is the internet at large that can be a very very scary place. In which case, you should be wary of what happens to every characters of every animated (and live action) films out there.

    • Andrew Kieswetter

      I don’t know about that. I’ve just seen KUNG FU PANDA 2 and enjoyed it immensely. I’m really looking forward to the third KFP movie.

  • TheVok

    Ugly people, yes … but I hate the photorealistic look for the cats, too. Yuck. I miss cartoons.

  • Ew, creepy realistic-but-not humans, why can’t cartoons be cartoons?

    Other than that though, very pretty scenery. Especially the bit with the bridge.

    And at least the mandatory toilet humor part was brief…oh I can’t take it anymore. Kitties! Cute fluffy kitty with his wittle boots and hat got his own movie-woovie!…okay I’m good.

    Geez, first baby pandas, now a movie starring a little orange tabby cat. Dreamworks knows how to reel my money in I suppose. :)

  • goofy. I’ll go see it.

  • Pieter

    Looks like a fun-ride though, but nothing Oscarworthy.

  • John

    Guillermo del Toro had something to do with this film, here’s the proof.

  • Kyle Remus

    Seems to be just as silly as the Shrek movies. Fans will be pleased, I likely won’t.

  • Mister Twister

    Will see, definitely.

  • Eric

    The music in this trailer is from the 1994 film drop zone.


  • Rick Farmiloe

    Whatever happened to cartoons???? I mean…..why design him to look EXACTLY like a realistic cat?? Whatever….never mind.

    • Silence Dogood

      You could say the same for the character designs of the humans as well…:/

  • CJ

    As a stand alone film I can see this doing pretty good, and it seems as though there’s a lot less pop culture that was killing a lot of the Shrek films after the second instillation.

    I might give this a chance. Although I wonder if they’re going to stick to the original concept of book. One can only wonder.

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    Did someone joke about tempting fate when mentioning how DreamWorks would use Puss in a parody of the Old Spice commercial?