Raggedy Ann pencil test Raggedy Ann pencil test
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Raggedy Ann pencil test

Sorry this is a bit hard to see, but it’s an early pencil test of Tissa David’s “Candy Hearts” sequence from Richard Williams Raggedy Ann and Andy (1977). I meant to post this last year when we acknowledged the film’s 30th anniversary, but I couldn’t find it then. Copies if this (in 16mm) were floating around the New York animation community in 1976 and I was lucky enough to snag a dupe copy back then. It’s interesting to compare it to the finished version. It’s one of the few animated features never released on DVD and that’s a real shame. Michael Sporn has written extensively about the film on his Splog, and of course John Canemaker wrote a wonderful companion book detailing it’s creation.

  • Hard to see or not , I love watching pencil test reels , so this is a treat. Thanks for posting it , Jerry.

    Maybe someone will turn up with a clearer copy of this and post it .

    By the way a higher-quality version of the final sequence is available on YouTube here:


  • This sequence was animated by Tissa David and cleaned up by Eric Goldberg. What a combo! I saw Eric talk about this film last weekend here in San Francisco. Great speaker, wish I could see the film on DVD.

  • Jack

    Canemaker’s 1977 book on Raggedy Ann is still one of the best ‘making of’ animated film volumes.

  • Brian Kidd

    There is a DVD floating around of a widescreen transfer from a 35mm print that was put together by the same guy who did the THIEF AND THE COBBLER: RECOBBLED CUT. It’s great to see the entire frame, though the disc creator chose not to correctly frame the picture in the name of slightly higher resolution. The upshot is that the image is quite elongated. Still, I suppose it’s better than nothing. This is one of my favorite animated films, warts and all. Why it has never been released on DVD is a mystery to me.