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Rango teaser

Don’t ask me to explain it. It’s for Gore Verbinski’s animated film, Rango. All I know is the film features Johnny Depp as “a chameleon with an identity crisis”. I attended the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas today and snapped this shot (below) of the teaser poster:

  • Iain

    Here’s some more info for you, Jerry.

    I believe this is Industrial Light and Magic’s first fully animated feature since “Twice Upon a Time” (unless John Korty’s Lumage could be considered a separate studio.)

  • KcD

    I got nothing.


  • If I’m not mistaken, this is ILM’s first crack at making a feature length animated film.

    Don’t ask me what that teaser means though :P

  • erlab

    Watching that trailer is about to give ME an identity crisis!

  • Mike Johnson

    Salvador Dali would approve.

  • Twice Upon a Time, when is Lucas going to put that out on DVD?

  • MichaelDair

    Well, they’re certainly not giving anything away.

  • timg

    wish i had that 1:44 back in my life……an hour of that may be the best sleep i’ll ever get :)

  • I LOVE this!!!!!
    I think the knob on the fish is turning the wrong way. Does it matter?

  • vineet

    the opening 30 seconds was the best setup I’ve seen in a long time (pun intended). Now that’s how you make a teaser !

  • greg m.

    timg, I’m with you on getting back that minute forty-four.

  • Sam

    … Someone give me my 1 minute of life back. This is such a ridiculous teaser, any beginner animator could have done THAT for their first Maya class or something. To think they hired a bunch of great animators to do this..

    The environment isn’t even moving (except for some dust and cloud moving from right to left)… Seriously, what’s going on?

  • Sandy

    Feels like i’ve just been given a present of 1:44 min of peace and quiet. I want to live in that teaser trailer – doubt that it has ANYthing to do with the movie though.
    But I think i will watch it again today. And again. And again. Love it.

  • that fish animation was SO LIFELIKE! The eyes especially! This teaser puts Avatar to shame!

  • Gore Verbinski? It looks more like David Lynch. I don’t know, I think it’s pretty original and I found it kind of funny in a weird way. Of course we don’t know what the movie is about, but I think that’s the point. I’m interested, though I have no clue of the actual quality based on this.

  • Warhead

    Are you sure this is David Lynch’s first animated film?

  • Gore Verbinski?
    Johnny Depp?

    I’m in. This I gotta see.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    The teaser trailer reminds me of why I don’t fish. Boring!

  • Sorry to hear Mr. Depp is the lead… I love him as an actor, but he’s not a distinctive voice-over artist in any way, shape, or form.

  • MartinQuaden

    Anyone noticed how this one shot (bright fish floating through that barren landscape) is like the cartoon version of the floating fish in Kusturica’s “Arizona Dream”, which has Johnny Depp in the lead? Odd? Yes! Important? Nope!
    But as a teaser, it certainly makes you go “and now what?” – just like a teaser should.

  • Gobo

    I deeply appreciate marketing that trusts its movie enough to be creative and curious. A trailer like this does a good job of weeding out its target. If you saw this and were intrigued or at least a bit amused, great, let’s see what they show us next. If your reaction was “I want my life back”, you’re clearly not who this was aimed at.

  • LOVED it! And the site too. Can’t wait to see more but definitely not disappointed with what they’re doing so far.

  • Mark

    I’ve seen some of this film. Once again proves that with some good resources, you too can make a middling cartoon not worth watching.

    Trust me–the teaser is far better.

  • I don’t know why this teaser’s effective, but it is, my god it is. We need more animation that is just quietly bizarre.

  • Scarabim

    That teaser would make a great replacement for my Fish Bowl screen saver. I don’t know if it makes such a great teaser though…

  • It’s the Anti Trailer. Sometimes less is NOT more…trailers are supposed to appetize not irritate. But hey, if it evokes any emotion I guess it’s art.

  • There’s 2 minutes I’ll never get back…

  • I like this better than the “Tangled” teaser.

  • I’m sleeping…

  • Wow, that was certainly a waste of someone’s time, including mine.

  • Hal

    BALLSY – now I’m hoping for more of a FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS Depp movie than a SHREK Depp movie. Way to get my hopes up Verbinski.

  • Ted

    Before you die, you see the Rango…

  • *shakes head* Should’ve been a warning that the trailer was gonna be uninformative.

  • Steve Gattuso


  • That was hilarious….look at how tripped out AND PUSHED OUT OF SHAPE so many people got by this slow moving little orange fish floating, not in water, but in the air over a desert landscape. It IS called “surrealism” folks, and yes, it’s a mind game. Where is your sense of humor? Where did your imagination go? You can only watch toys acting in frenetic, exaggerated, expected ways in Toy Story movies or else you’ll go nuts? You’ve been totally hypnotized by the American Way or else? Hmmmm, too bad. Congratulations to all of you who “got it”. Finally, an ORIGINAL animated trailer with an imaginative sense of humor, with thought behind it and NOT riddled in cliches; amazing! refreshing! Yes, Dali would love it, as should we all.

  • Tim Schuit

    @ Tony

    Give me a fucking break. People are not getting “pushed out of shape” over this trailer. People are just wondering what the point of it is. And not in a “wow it’s so mysterious, yet poetic!” kind of way.

    Trailer was pointless and forgettable. And judging by the description of the film it’s probably designed like this simply to distract us from the fact that the film is just another cutesy-talking-animals flick.

  • Rango

    That fish is a friend of mine and I won’t tolerate such invective remarks.

  • Roberto Severino

    Wow. That teaser was a time-waster. I hope the whole movie isn’t like this….

    I barely know what this is even about….

  • Pedro Nakama

    ILM is doing all of the work on this. I’d like to see it to see what they can do. Remember the Universal Frankenstein they were going to animate in the 90’s?

  • Corey

    So.. do they want people to not be interested in seeing this?

    Can I have my 5 mins back?

  • I’m interested. it’s the complete opposite of 1, any teaser or trailer in theatres for any CG animated film, let alone teaser in general, and 2 it’s far more surreal and interesting than most of those films in any case (except for maybe Up or Triplets of Belleville.)

  • Alissa

    I have a weird feeling that this film will be a meme goldmine.

    Just you wait, that fish will be the new rickroll. :)

    Um, I need to glue my brain back together, a chip broke off after trying to figure out the trailer, but this movie is now on my watch list, thanks cartoonbrew!

  • Rooniman

    That trailer made no sense.

  • Nick

    I’m with Tony and Spencer – I found it hilarious, and quite ballsy to put out as a teaser. I’m in!

  • I don’t see any problem here, the TEASER (not trailer) did what it was supposed to do; pique the interest of people who are the curious sort, with weird, uninformative imagery, and steer everyone looking for a talking will-smith fish and a kooky catch phrase towards alpha and omega dog-tale, or whatever it’s called.

  • Bill Field

    I felt played, NOT teased.

  • ZAR

    As said above, there’s definitely a nod to Arizona Dream in this one!

    But what to expect after seeing this trailer is a whole different question…

  • This keeps me interested. Everything outside the formula is better than the formula.