Ratatouille Featurette Ratatouille Featurette
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Ratatouille Featurette

If this doesn’t get you excited about Ratatouille, then nothing will.

This is part of a new Ratatouille podcast series that can be subscribed to for free at iTunes.

(via Seward Street and FilmIck)

  • YES!

  • GhaleonQ

    I would kill if Brad Bird asked me to do so.

  • K.Borcz

    eeeeeeeeeeee!!! Now I want to go home and get the podcast immediately!!! This workday is going to go soooooo slow. *sigh*

  • Is Jan Pinkava involved with this film in any capacity anymore? If so, you wouldn’t know it from that clip.

  • Brad Constantine

    I don’t think I blinked once…Can’t wait for this!!
    Rock On, Pixar……Looks Great!

  • Coming from a company who actually strives on a Mouse….this looks as visually fun as it is funny! Can’t wait!

  • Brad actually seems less bald than he was during the incredibles, heehee. Yeah, this film really looks quirky and great. My brain is salivating to see this! Patton Oswalt is one of my fave modern day comedians along with Jim Gaffigan and David Cross.

    And the ambient glow on everything really looks beautiful. Cant wait cant wait!

  • Christopher

    Oh, man. That looks fantastic. Aside from John Lasseter, Brad Bird is the ideal animated film maker ever born. I fell in love with the preview trailer and after seeing this, I can’t wait to see the movie itself all the more.

  • The stuff that’s on the podcast so far, I have already seen elsewhere, such as Yahoo and YouTube. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be later additions. So I will keep my eye on it.

    I am so totally ready for this movie, even though I have to wait another three months. Brad Bird is one of my heroes, and an inspirational figure in animation.

    I have a really good vibe over this movie.

  • He said he was the screenwriter… does that indicate a major rewrite after he took over?

    I too felt he had accumulated some hair since last we saw him.

  • Yes, there was a significant rewrite. Bird basically revamped the whole thing but kept in mind all of the character, prop and location assets that had been created.

  • Ian Copeland

    Can you believe the detailed direction Brad Bird was giving? “He should be a little more elitist,” the clueless director unhelpfully suggests before having the nerve to give the actor a line reading: “‘Survive in my kitchen.'” Like the actor doesn’t know his job. If only William Shatner had been doing the voice work, HE would have put Bird in his place! Shatner would have blasted him to atoms.

    I bet Bird is also too ‘hands on’ with his animation direction. “Can you overshoot the lip smack at the end?” If Bird had known what he wanted when he was directing the motion capture sessions, some poor, long-suffering programmer wouldn’t have to go in and create a performance out of thin air.

    That said, ‘Ratatouille’ may well be good, but it won’t be ‘Happy Feet’ good. That’s probably a bridge too far.

  • I always think that new pixar movies are going to be bad when i first see their previews. I thought Finding Nemo, Monsters inc. and Cars all looked bad in the previews (I was pretty much right with one of those ). I thought that this one looked pretty thin in the trailer, but I think i am going to dig it.

    bug’s life hasn’t aged very well.

  • Chris Olson

    Darn it, Copeland, you had me going there for a second. I absolutely love that Bird can get into the minute details of what he’s doing. That said, Bird’s introduction at the beginning almost feels like he’s underimpressed with what he’s saying. “This project is personal to me… in a way,” sounds a little forced.

    Of course this film isn’t as personal as The Incredible no doubt was, but I’m sure his connection to the material is no doubt as strong as is his connection to the animated medium. In fact, if a movie ever demanded a sequel, it’s probably Bird’s The Incredibles.