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Ratatouille knock off


Thought that Orangina spot was disturbing? Click here to see the trailer for a Spanish Brazillian rip-off of Ratatouille.

For additional laughs, check out the Amazon link and read the reviews. Pixar, what have you wrought?

I suppose it could be worse. I suppose someone could try making a knock-off of Bee Movie. Nah, that’ll never happen.

(Thanks, Floyd Bishop)

  • This is one of the reasons I check cartoonbrew.com at least once or twice a day.

  • eddie

    oh my lord.

    how do people get away with that?
    a cars ripoff! i wonder if its by the same people.

    who wakes up and lives with themselves producing vile like this?!

  • I’m always amazed that anyone makes these movies. It still takes time to do 90 minutes worth of shoddy animation. I can’t even imagine something like that would make back the $100 they spent on it.

  • Eddie: Oh, it’s by the same people, all right. Behold: http://www.branscomeinternational.com/video/OsCarrinhosTrailer.wmv

  • Ah yes. Rip-offs. They are funny and sad at the same time. In the defense of Ratatoing: It includes a cat. I would’ve liked to see other animals in Ratatouille as well. Maybe not as characters, but still.

    Anyways, considering Ratatoing, what am I complaining about? Lemoh! ;)

  • Ey! Ratatoing is not Spanish, it’s Brazillian. We’ve made our own animated crap here in Spain, but not this one.

  • Ha!!! I actually saw Ratatoing at Circut City, and i hid it so nobody would buy it!!! But I did buy Transmorphers though!

  • Christopher Cook

    The “Little Bee” trailer burns us.

  • What makes me cringe is that one person thought this was a Pixar Film!! When are people going to learn that copying other films are never going to be popular?

  • Don’t forget “The Reef”, Jerry.
    Starring Freddie Prinze Junior as a plucky orange fish!

  • I had some choice things to say about this piece of crap at Toon Zone:


    Summary quote: “If you ate a copy of the worst cartoon you can think of, you’d still probably crap something better than Ratatoing.”

    Lest you get the impression that this is one of those cartoons that is so bad it would be fun to watch, let me reassure you that it isn’t. It’s just plain bad. I’m actually afraid to show up at the Cartoon Dump in NYC with it because the combined suck combined might create a small black hole in New York City.

  • Didn’t you already post this before?…

  • The links have gone dead, but you can just “peel back” to http://www.branscomeinternational.com and see their entire ouvre. Regrettably, they also seem to have some tie to Bill Plympton’s work, too.

  • Alfons Moline

    Jerry: actually RATATONIG is not Spanish, but Brazilian (in fact, the trailer opens with a view of Rio de Janeiro, where the movie´s action is taking place), made by the same people that produced the CARS rip-off.

  • All my animation is basic but MAN! It looks like they threw it together in a few days.

    Its almost as if they’re making money off of people mistaking their product for Ratatouille. Like when you go to the grocery store and there’s something called “Mountain Cool” and looks exactly like Mountain Dew. They’re hoping you just buy it without taking a good look at it.

    They’re banking on tired, overworked parents to grab this from the bargain bin, thinking they bought the Pixar product instead.
    Their kids will complain, but its not like many parents are going to get their money back.

  • Baron Lego

    I… uh… yikes.

  • It’s all a front for the mob! That’s the only reason I can think of for producing these things!

  • Ratatoing is a Ratatouille´s Alternative Universe.
    Is A Brazilian Master Piece ! ! !
    The Alternative Parody from Bee Movie and other Animated Films already can be found in my website http://www.videobrinquedo.com.br

  • JMB

    Well that was disturbing but I think , this is from brazil , not from spain

  • The funniest part is how the lettering on top is oh-so-cleverly engineered to cover up the only part of the title that is different when a price tag is placed upon it:

    It seems strange to make your living solely on confusing half-blind grandmothers trying to buy movies for the grandkids. But apparently it works.

    For fun with Live Action mockbusters…..
    Look for Alien vs Hunter, The Davinci Treasure, and I am Om

  • Josh

    I like the tan lines on the pink rat.
    Oh, and some poor idiot thought this was Ratatouille according to the reviews.

  • Fernando Ventura

    In fact, it’s not a spanish, but a brazilian rip-off! Gulp! O_o

  • Jus one correction, this is not spanish! this is brazilian! I saw “The little cars” be sold in brazil just before Pixar release Cars. I just don’t understand why Amazon is selling this kind of stuff.

  • Sue

    Ow, my eyes.
    I thought this was a joke!
    Well, I guess in a way it is…

  • actually they release everything before Pixar, it’s brazilian not spanish, I saw “Little Cars” been sold on stores in Brazil a couple of years ago, it’s understandable in a country where poor kids can’t buy the original DVD (maybe a pirate copy), I don’t agree of course, they must spend some time doing it, I just don’t understand why amazon is selling this too or circuit city, to me it was like a poor version for a cheap price for a 3rd world country.

  • BobT

    Man, that’s shameless

    At one point in the trailer the voice over says: “Ratatoing, where the best cuisine is found….or stolen!”

    You can say that again.

    But this is nothing new, even as a kid I was annoyed when I saw all these cheap animated films popping up as soon as Disney had a new film out , all these cheap looking Alladins and Beauty and the beasts, kinda sad really.

  • Consider also “Plan Bee”:


    There IS a market for such knock-offs. It is harried parents, desperate for some means to occupy their four-year-old for an hour or so while they cruise the net.

    They must be making money at this or they wouldn’t keep making them.

  • The interesting thing about all of the DVD’s you mention is that they’re all made by Peter Pan Industries, the same Peter Pan that made all those scratchy records we listened to as kids.

    Peter Pan Records specialized in jumping on current trends and making records that sold millions, regardless of whether the records had much of a connection to the original version. We’re talking about the people who responded to Rick Dees’ “Disco Duck” and gave the world “Irwin the Disco Duck,'” which spawned an extremely successful album series and sometimes even featured none other than Don Messick as Irwin.

    Peter Pan would license cartoon and TV characters and make albums that sometimes used original casts or soundtracks (Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, Krofft Supershow) but more often hire New York actors to imitate the voices (including Corinne Orr, Jackson Beck and Lionel Wilson).

    Peter Pan also made low-budget records for adults featuring popular songs, Christmas carols and show tunes on such labels as Diplomat, Tinkerbell, Rocking Horse, Power, Compose and Caroleer. All of these records were generally pressed on recycled vinyl so they could sound scratchy even when they were knew.

    So, it’s no surprise — and actually somewhat of an odd tradition — that Peter Pan is responsible for these films. If you ever heard Fred Flintstone Meets Weevil Primeval, you’d know what I mean.

    BTW, Peter Pan is still a family-run business and continues to make audio and video products as they have for over 50 years.

  • Yep, told ya. Parents (generally speakin’, hipster geeks with lil’ nerdlings being the exception) will grab just about anything animated off the shelf to quiet the kidlings, and if it’s cheap and CG animated, they’ll get that.

    Amid must be pullin’ his hair out. Cheap 3d and Flash means that anybody can move some stuff ’round, master a DVD, and publish the damn thing. All a rushed parent sees is a 3d character on a box with a cheap price tag…like they’ve got time to see anything else.

    Jerry, don’t complain too loudly, my friend…gonna need something for those future Cartoon Dump shows. Hey, howzabout a new badtoons show, this time with nothing but modern knockoffs? Add a bar full of drunk animation students and you’ve got yerself a winner, mate!

  • postmodernism people, postmodernism.

  • Larry T

    Heh heh… that is F-UGLY….

    That rendered food in Ratatoing looks about as appetizing as well…. the trailer itself. I guess they were in too much of a hurry to get this thing out on the market than to try finding decent texture maps for anything else.

  • Ryan

    Finally, something we can all hate together.

    I like how if you watch it long enough, part of your soul dies.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I can’t wait to see their latest creation, “Wally.” -_-

  • barney dillweed

    by the way did anyone mention….. it’s not spanish….. read first comment second.

  • A posit: The history of animation is the history of great cheaters. Those who succeed in animation cheat, greatly. The measure of greatness in animation is based on ones ability to cheat.

  • Guz

    hahaha! When I saw it here in Brazil I couldn’t believe it… This is so.. BRAZILIAN. Man, this sucks big time.

  • The Invincible Irony Man

    Hey, remember that cheezy “A Bug’s Life” rip-off? Didn’t they call it “Antz”, or something? Man, that sucked! Who made that anyway?

  • tom

    Did you see the Transformers rip on that link above? Gladiformers! They don’t actually show the Trans, eh- GLADiformers changing shape. Instead, they just cut to a robot standing in a similar spot in the arena. Ten to one they know enough not to have a car change into a robot, but the trailer is cut to confuse the issue.

    I don’t like cartoon knockoffs, but I love toy knockoffs. I’m fickle that way I guess.

  • Saw this at Toys R Us the other day.


    I about fell over laughing. Then I cried a little thinking of the nice dottering old folks and well intended parents who would get this and things like the above for their kids.

    Well it’s a big world and there’s not much to be done about these things.

  • gene schiller

    It’s got chutzpah! I like it!

  • I’m wondering whether this knocking-off is maybe the beginning of a film industry in new “third world” places not connected to Hollywood and Europe. Like the quickie crime dramas made locally in Nigeria. I guess filmmakers in those places might make crappy films forever, because labour is cheaper, but maybe they’ll learn their chops, and rise up, the way much Far East Asian pop culture has done.

    I hope that cheaper but usable technologies such as Flash, Avid editing suites, and tiny HD cameras make movie-making less of an elite, capital-intensive enterprise.

    I used to like looking at the phone-book-thick issues of “Variety” put out to coincide with one of the annual world film trade shows. Packed full of ads for very iffy projects!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Seeing that Amazon link posted a bit ago, I’m kinda surprised to see Peter Fernandez and Corinne Orr having to be a part of that vid.

  • Andrew N.

    Well, considering what the products from Japan used to be a few decades ago… making a paralel, the future of animation in Brazil is promissing

  • Based on the trailers, these have got to be as funny as that “Dancing Bear” animation that Jerry posted a while back! :)

    But seriously, these look kind of like student films.

    I take that back. I don’t want to insult animation students.

    And the fact that they’re blatant copies of RATATOUILLE and BEE MOVIE is absolutely embarrassing. Is it really worth anything if Peter Fernandez and Corinne Orr are involved in the latter film? I am so sorry for them.

  • IKR

    I found this at a Wal-Mart, and me and my friend agree. It’s poo that should get thrown in the garbage.

  • You can say whatever you want about “Carrinhos”. It’s poor, it’s cheap, it’s awfull.
    Who cares about you, folks?
    And you remember: Disney was the biggest pirate of all the times!

  • Jeffrey Gray

    I’ve seen these at the local Rite-Aid before. I don’t understand how anybody could mistake these for the real thing; if people do, I pity them. Now we know why Disney always puts their logo above the title on their releases. :)

    I remember those Goodtimes knockoff releases which had covers made to look like the Disney films. They even got sued over it. Of course, the films themselves were anime-esque productions done in Korea, which didn’t look like Disney’s stuff at all…

    And I’m still a bit miffed at Genius Entertainment’s atrocious cover and retitling of Stefan Fjeldmark’s “Help! I’m a Fish”. The CG shark and fish characters, and the title “A Fish Tale”, make the movie look like a Pixar/DreamWorks CG ripoff, even though the actual film is an excellent traditional production.