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Road To Home

Heads up on a new animated feature coming from China. Road To Home is in pre-production at Beijing-based Magic Dumpling studio, on track for an October 2011 release in China. The teaser above reveals the film as a hybrid of painted backgrounds and CG character animation. A report on the studio’s recent presentation at the animation conference in Stuttgart is posted here. A plot synopsis and some production art can be found on Twitch Film.

(Thanks, Al Young)

  • Terry

    They had me until ‘kung fu sheep’. Disney strikes again. Still, if China’s animation studios eventually start producing more animated wu xia (like Storm Rider Clash of the Evils, only better) , it’s all good.

  • Brian

    Hm… Some of the CG looks iffy, but I loved the wolf at the end (the one that says “Will you join me for lunch?”)- really great design there.

  • Mike Milo

    Ick… well at least it’s not about ancestors and gods… they’re learning.

  • I agree with Brian…maybe it’s just a preliminary render. The characters seem to lack the realistic detail of the scenes (although the wolf looked good). Tell the truth, looks more like videogame rendering than motion picture rendering.

  • “a world in which i have friends”


  • swatsi

    Interesting. Looks ok.

  • Floyd Pendershaft


  • Saturnome

    Looks really great except for the close-up at the two (main?) characters. They could use some more rendering.
    The only two other chinese animated feature I saw were Princess Iron Fan and Havoc in Heaven which borth featured some of the weirdest animation I ever saw (but I liked some aspects of Havoc in Heaven). Both are very old and I’ll expect something good here.

  • Hulk


    I guess that would make it “BORT!”

    (think about that one)

  • Jim


    That looked truly awful.

  • @Hulk
    Yeah, I thought about it. And it turns out you’re confusing lazy assumptions about the Chinese with lazy assumptions about Japan.
    Though a phonetic Japanese pronunciation of BOLT would actually sound to western ears, something like ‘BALTO’ oddly enough.

    Regards the clip, Its a sad state of affairs that people think the solution to the characters is more ‘rendering’, as though all the specularity filters in the world are what separate good CG animation from bad.

    Though props to the China for figuring out a way to use their multitude of highly experienced background painters AND multitude of inexperienced CG artists, all in the same movie. That’s efficient resource management. Go communism!

    ( and THAT’S how to make pithy racist observations.)

  • Tragedy of P

    Guys, if it’s bad, just say it is bad, no need for racist comments like “BORT.” (plus as Tony Mines said, that’s a Japanese thing) The letter “L” does exist in our language.

  • Tragedy of P

    Aaaaarrrrgghhhh the voice acting of that last wolf. AAAARRRRRRRGHHH.

  • The characters look great from the back.

  • Hey Guys,

    Al Young here from Twitchfilm.net…Excuse me for this shameless plug but I just ran an interview with producer Kevin Geiger of Road to Home. Its a fascinating read that contains some interesting insights on the film among other things so please check it out…



  • dave-o


  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Ick… well at least it’s not about ancestors and gods… they’re learning.

    It’s a start. They really need to learn they don’t have to have a story set in the past. Why can’t they do one of modern day norms or even the future. I like to see a rise in more contemporary ideas in Chinese animation personally than to keep relying on folktales to get by.

  • From the man who helped bring us chicken Little, eh…?

    That’s funny. This looks like it might be… watchable. It couldn’t be the same man!

  • I liked, except for some of the closeups. Could use a catchier title.