“Sandman” opening titles “Sandman” opening titles
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“Sandman” opening titles

This past Monday we posted the trailer for Germany’s new stop mo feature, The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams. Delighted by the positive comments it recieved, co-director Sinem Sakaoglu has sent us the first four minutes of the film and a little bit of info about the title sequence:

“It is an homage to the TV Sandman and the sand dreams are made of! Thus the more limited animation and the variations on the famous title song of the series. We also wanted to celebrate handcraft. One might say we took it too literally, but the hands appearing are really the hands of the animators who animated those shots. Pretty much everything was done in camera for this sequence, including the animation of the sand on glass. We did composite some layers together digitally though. Three very talented animators worked on the title sequence: Fritz Penzlin, Bernhard Schmitt, Dobrin Yanev. The clip also includes the opening shot of the film. Hope you enjoy it!”

  • Some really nice looking stuff. It’s so great that animated films are being made all over the world and with the internet we can see samples of them faster then ever before. It’s a great time to love animation.

  • hooray for keeping the flame alive and making fun things the whole family can enjoy…

    Doubt I’ll see it on a US screen, but thank goodness my laptop plays PAL!

  • Jay Taylor


  • Thanks to Sinem for sharing that, it looks amazing! Really hoping to get a chance to see this beautiful film.

  • Very generous to give us that clip! Film looks lovely IMO!

  • Bob

    Charming! I’d love to see the whole picture.

  • That as absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed the animators hands! I would have loved to see the process of working with and reshaping that paper. :)

  • Jmatte

    A colleague at work remembers the television series. I should show him that clip.
    It looks really charming! Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Enjoyed that SO much!

  • I worked with these guys a few years back. they are a great talented group. It’s so nice to see them continuing to do bigger and better things.

  • Oh this is wonderful. So simple and magical… I love the way the paper is used!

  • Loring

    Looks beautiful. I love the character designs, especially the faces of the sheep.

  • Sinem Sakaoglu

    Thank you for your inspiring comments! We had a lot of fun making this film and it’s great to see that the joy is somehow contagious…

    @ Kate Burck & kecky: the materials we used were paper and also some (ok, a lot of) black wrap painted to look like paper because it is easier to shape, rip etc. I will try to put a timelapse of one of the animators at work on my vimeo account in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for it.
    Cheers from Hamburg!

  • How wonderful! How beautiful compositions with paper and black background. My feet are dancing while I wait to see the movie in theaters!

  • Even after watching this time and again, it remains very neat and incredibly charming… somehow, it reminds me of Pingwing – http://www.dragons-friendly-society.co.uk/pingdraft.htm – or at least the snippets of it I’ve seen thanks to the Brew. It’s a perfect intro and a whole feature done this old-school would most likely try anyone’s patience, apart from slowtiger… Hats off!

  • Chris

    Wow! I missed the trailer, so seeing this was a delightful surprise!! I cannot wait to see the whole thing, I’m still feeling all giddy inside after seeing 4 minutes!

  • I did not want it to end! AMAZING! Stop-motion just has a magic about it that CG can not capture.

  • eeteed

    very creative! i hope i get to see the entire film!

  • Mike Johnson

    My GOD was that a breath of fresh air!

    I agree with everyone else; charming, wonderful, lovely…all are perfectly apt descriptions! I would add enchanting, in the truest sense of the word! Reminded me of the classic Rankin/Bass specials insofar as how I felt inside while watching these four very short minutes. It’s rare when a fifty year old man feels seven again, and I just did.

    I’m going to bed with a smile on my face tonight!

    • Sinem Sakaoglu

      And your comment just put a smile on my face, forever! Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.

  • Carla Veldman

    Really charming; I especially love the paper transitions!

  • Blasko

    Oh my goodness, what a joy to behold. The animation pulses with whimsy and life. This is now my most highly anticipated animated film to see (and that’s saying alot, considering that I also can’t wait for The Illusionist). Thank you for your generosity in sharing these wonderful four minutes.

  • RadFemHedonist

    Utterly delightful, I really want to see this now and I’m not sure I’d even heard of it before (I read a lot about animation so it’s possible I’d heard of it then forgotten), thankyou for putting so much love and care into this.