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‘Simpsons’ Vet David Silverman is Developing CGI ‘Pink Panther’ Movie

Simpsons Movie director (and longtime Simpsons producer) David Silverman is developing a CGI/live-action Pink Panther film for MGM, reports Deadline.

Unlike the other Pink Panther features, which focused on Inspector Clouseau, a role made famous by Peter Sellers, this film would focus on the Pink Panther character himself. The iconic pink cartoon cat made his debut in the title sequence of the 1963 Blake Edwards comedy The Pink Panther, and was later developed by the team of Friz Freleng, John Dunn and Hawley Pratt for a long-running series of theatrical shorts.

Producers of this new film would include Walter Mirisch, who exec produced the original live-action Pink Panther features, and actress Julie Andrews, the widow of Panther film director Edwards.

(CG Pink Panther by 3DSud)

  • Sweet baby Geezus why???

    Please stop raping my childhood with these Ghastly 3D remakes of classic cartoon characters! If you’re going to bring these characters back, do it in 2D.

    • Anonny

      Assuming that this film is indeed being created in order to “rape” your fond memories of watching the Pink Panther, does it really matter what medium is used to create it? If it’s a fantastic film in 3D, will the trauma consume your brain until all that’s left is the damaged remnant of (what I assume is) a life-long love of the character? And if it’s a terrible film in 2D, your brain will be spared from being sexually assaulted by an extra dimension?

      Futhermore, while I sympathize with you in that it’s a little disconcerting that more and more animated studios are turning to the cartoons of yesteryear for source material rather than trusting their ability to create a more original universe. But what do you think of when you think of Yogi Bear? Do you think of the travesty that was the 2010 film, or do you remember the Hanna-Barbera version? And conversely, what do you think of when you think of Shrek –– the book by William Steig, or the vastly different take on the character that Dreamworks unveiled?

      My point, frankly, is that your rose-colored glasses view of the past, and this idea that your connection to the character that you apparently seem rather close to will forever be tarnished by, not necessarily a BAD film, but ANY film that tries to redefine the character, visually, by using computer-generated 3D imagery, is laughable. I wish 2D animated features were more prominent as well, as they can be just as vivid and beautiful as the best CG-animated film, or stop-motion film, or live-action film, etc. However, so can a CG feature, which are becoming more and more profitable in the minds of studios. And even if they were to animate a two-dimensional Pink Panther film, that looks exactly like the old cartoons, does that make it any better than a film that takes risks with the design/dimensionality, assuming the films are of the same quality, cinematically?

      By crafting this into a black v. white, 3D v. 2D issue, you eliminate any possibility of an existence within the grey. 2D is no more superior to 3D than live-action is to animation in general, or features are to short films, etc. Good film is good film, and good film loves the grey.

      • Bob

        Our beloved ogrelord originated from a book? We learn something new about Shrek everyday.

      • DangerMaus

        Some characters just work better in 2D. For example, Peanuts. Charlie Brown just looks off in 3D CGI.

  • Gordon

    I’m guessing that you found the worst possible CG representation of Pink Panther that you could muster in hopes to incite as negative a response as possible? Well played Amid.

    • AmidAmidi

      Actually, it was the first CG Panther I found on Google and it looked fine to me. Any judgements about its quality are yours. I just wanted a representative CG image for the story.

    • AmidAmidi

      Actually, it was the first CG Panther I found on Google and it looked fine to me. Any judgements about its quality are yours. I just wanted a representative CG image for the story. And it was a better option than this:

      • iseewhatyoudidthere

        …that tail…

    • Taco

      “The page views! THE PAGE VIEWS!” … he cackles.

      That said, it’s unfortunately not an april fools joke, like some are questioning. This has been reported eslewhere. Pink Panther, Popey, TMNT, Tin-Tin, Peanuts… around & around they go! When will they stop? Only when they money doesn’t show!

      • Mesterius

        Can people please learn to spell the name of Hergé’s comic strip Tintin properly? First I see “Tin Tin” everywhere, and now “Tin-Tin”. It’s “Tintin”!

  • Noël ILL

    This is April fools…I hope haha

  • Pavla Petkov

    April fools! Good one!

  • Roberto Severino

    Crossing my fingers that with David Silverman at the helm, this will at least look decent. I still have high hopes for Genndy Tartakovsky’s Popeye movie for the same reason and that they will continue to accelerate the trend of having much cartoonier animation and more exaggeration in CG animated movies and getting away from having to be super realistic and photo like.

    • Funkybat

      Having these directors involved is pretty much the only reason I have hope for these projects. Until the trailer for the Blue Sky Peanuts, I had yet to see ANY 3D reimagining of a 2D cartoon character that looked at all promising, and that could still turn out to be a mess. The Yogi Bear and Garfield adaptations were particularly off-putting.

  • Steven Bowser

    Haha april fools! Right?

  • Eljay

    They should finally re-do these old b&w Charlie Chaplin movies that didn’t even have any sound for crying out loud. Re-do them with CGI, slap some colors on ’em, add some decent sound with funky dialogue, and finally make them watchable. Imagine how cool that would be to see the Gold Rush in 3D.

    I would also suggest adding some snappy songs. Especially the movie “The Kid” where Jackie Coogan plays Chaplin’s hilarious side-kick, could use a couple of catchy tunes.

    P.S. No, I’m NOT serious.

    • jonhanson

      They actually made an animated Charlie Chaplin series. Oddly enough it had no effect on the existing Charlie Chaplin films.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Oh boy.

  • George Comerci

    Hollywood’s running out of ideas…

  • DangerMaus

    If they want to make a Pink Panther cartoon then make a Pink Panther cartoon. Why do these iconic characters have to be made into [email protected]%tty live action/animation hybrids. I’m sick of the notion that the only time a cartoon character becomes respectable is when it transitions into some godawful live action abortion.

    For example, every print, DVD and VHS of the The Flintstones live action films should be rounded up and burnt.