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Sony Will Release R-Rated Animated Film “Sausage Party”

American feature animation just got a little more adult. Sony Pictures will release its first R-rated animated film in 2015. The CG pic, Sausage Party, is being written by actor Seth Rogen, along with Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir. This will become the first wide-release R-rated US animated feature since the 2007 movie based on Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Sausage Party will be helmed by Conrad Vernon, the co-director of Shrek 2, Madagascar 3 and Monsters vs Aliens, and Greg Tiernan, the director of the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Nitrogen Studios Canada in Vancouver will handle the animation production.

The film, which is being described by its producers as “raunchy,” will star a sausage on a quest to discover the truth about his existence:

After falling out of a shopping cart, the hero sausage and his new friends embark on a journey through the supermarket to get back to their aisles before the 4th of July sale.

Co-financing on the film is being provided by Annapurna Pictures, the production company run by Megan Ellison, the daughter of billionaire Larry Ellison.

  • William Bradford

    Well, as happy as I am to hear about R-rated animated films being made in America.. this sounds potentially like a South Park or a Family Guy. WHICH, don’t misunderstand me isn’t bad in itself, buuuut I feel the “raunchy” R-rated American cartoon niche is quite firmly established… even if it’s more in television then features.

    If by R or even PG-13 rated animated feature they meant a legitimate murder or crime mystery or an otherwise gentle slice of life relationship story with legitimate, non-sneaked-in-snicker-snicker sex acknowledgment, then i’d be far more excited.

    • Crispy Walker

      Couldn’t agree more with you if it were possible. South Park was the last great rated R animated film — and if it wasn’t for the musical part of that movie, it wouldn’t have really been ‘great’ either. This movie sounds like more Seth MacFarlane garbage, even though he’s not involved. But who knows; we could all be surprised and absolutely love it if it’s written well enough. Seth Rogen hasn’t had a great run lately though with the films that he’s been a part of writing.

      • Aymanut

        What are you talking about? This is the End was one of the funniest movies to come out in years. And even if this sucks it won’t be like McFarlane, Apatow-type humor really isn’t the same

    • jmahon

      they’re probably playing it safe in terms of subject matter, It’d be easier to tap a market that exists with the big bucks for a first foray into animation targeted at adults. I can understand this. Honestly, as little interest I have in a sex comedy about sausages as I have, I’m for it if it means letting more serious productions use it as leverage.

    • Funkybat

      I wish someone would adapt Blacksad into an animated feature. Maybe just do the first story, the others could be sequels. Of course, it would require a very high level of artistry, otherwise it would come off as some kind of lame furry fan film.

    • AM

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of the term ‘adult’ animation being another way of saying ‘rude’ animation.

  • Dana B

    FoodFight!: Brand XXX. Sorry, had to!
    So…does this count as “adult” animation like we were talking about before?

    This already sounds like a bomba. When you hear “sausage” and “Seth Rogen”, you pretty much know what to expect. But who’s stopping them? They got money to burn, so it seems this is just being done for s**** and giggles like “Bucky Larson or whatever” or even “Eight Crazy Nights”(which I shamefully liked as a kid).

    I’ll just wait for Ted 2. The first cliche jokes I expected from it, but at least it was done right without being “over the top”. I don’t expect the sequel to be any better, but I’d gladly see it over anything Mr. Rogen thinks is a good idea….like Green Hornet…

  • ed

    Is this a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs spinoff?

    • George Comerci

      Whether or not it is, it’s still gonna be awesome :D

  • hitface

    as great as it is that people are taking a chance with animating a feature length movie for adults(though it doesnt sound any different from most adult swim fair and probably is taking no risk at all) I’m hoping it inspires more than just Adult Swim The Movie. I’d like to see more animation for older people that arent classified as such because the characters make rape jokes and talk about their dicks. It seems like in america we cant get over the idea of animation as either “adult” toilet humor or family friendly (with child friendly toilet humor side kick).

  • Really?

    I heard this project pitched a few years ago. Can’t believe it is actually getting made. I think Seth and his crew are pretty funny, but IDK about this one.

  • fbt

    i wish it was a horror animated movie instead

    • George Comerci

      youll get plenty of those once im a movie director ;)

  • Larry Ruppel

    Great title – Congratulations Conrad, this could be quite funny!

  • Matt

    “Food Fight” reboot. This film sounds like a miss to me.

  • Remarkable Kanoodle

    Rogen and Goldberg were also responsible for writing the recent movie version of “The Green Hornet”, an abomination if there ever was one. I guess Kevin Smith was right, in Hollywood you just fail upwards.

  • Toonio

    Hopefully by now Seth Rogen should be aware that his fame is not strictly related to any of his so called talents, neither as an actor nor as a producer, and he should let his creative team wing it all the way. Else you’ll see him crash and burn like McFarlane and his Dads train wreck.

    I kinda feel sorry for Sony for thinking they can undertake this kind of project that is completely outside their league. But guess this will serve them right into bringing their egos back to where it is supposed to be.

    • Roberto Severino

      Dads was actually created by Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, two Family Guy writers, but Seth MacFarlane has executive producer credit. Either way, I saw the pilot episode the other day and it was just as terrible as people have been saying it was. Very wooden acting and the laugh track just cheapens the whole thing to me. Sorry for getting off topic here.

      As for this sausage film, I don’t really have much to say about it. The plot certainly leaves much to be desired though. Definitely not expecting Ralph Bakshi quality either.

  • Alex Dudley

    Animated cartoons geared towards an older audience have become prevalent in television. So it makes sense that they’d attempt to make one for theaters.
    Unfortunately, adult cartoons for television are for the most part raunchy comedies. I don’t think we’ll get R-rated animated movies that are anything but comedies, until we see them cover more genres on television.

  • tredlow

    Good or bad, a successful R-rated, American, fully-animated, mainstream feature film will definitely open doors.

  • Mister Twister

    Is this the real life?

    • Matthew Koh

      Yes David, this IS real life.

    • Mike

      No; it’s just fantasy.

  • Anita

    Man, this is really pathetic..look at all the hard work Bakshi did to liberate adult cartoons. Rich story, interesting characters, beautiful designs…how many decades do we have to waste before someone else gets off their lazy ass and get’s their hands dirty? PLZ god…no more t.v show based features and lame sequels!! …I gripe, but really I’m still happy because I’ve accepted that it is the independent animators that will save the day. and they will:)

  • On one hand, we’ve got an upcoming US animated movie that ISN’T for little kids! That alone is a sign of progress. On the other hand, potential dick jokes. Not to mention the last time a well known comedian produced a R-rated movie, we got Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights – and that movie bombed. HARD. (Despite all of this, it’s still a guilty pleasure for me.)

    I dunno, I really like Seth Rogen, so I hope that he’ll find some success with this movie. Even if it is overly raunchy, maybe it can pave the way for more animation for older audiences. Though if Seth MacFarlane can pull of a financially successful live action/CG hybrid with a talking teddy bear, I guess anything is possible.

    • Roberto Severino

      It really depends on the execution of the gags and stuff like that. Maybe this film will surprise. I really don’t mind that kind of raunchy humor when done well.

  • Mac

    Reminds me of that snail article, I don’t want to be asked to self identify with a greasy sausage. Just makes me think of that sickening hot dog water smell, swim in sausage water, then go see this movie.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Wurst idea ever.

    • Eric Swymer

      I see what you did there.

    • Knock it off

  • jhalpernkitcat

    This sounds like a real sausage fest.

  • Guest

    It doesn’t matter whether this movie is any good. We should all see it, anyway. If this movie is a hit, the floodgates will open.

  • Trl

    I’m afraid if this is successful they’ll end up making Lemon Party: The Movie

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap

    If the production gets scrubbed prematurely the NY Post headline will read “Sausage Pulls Out.”

  • Graham Finch

    Animation could be taken seriously with R-rated features, but… Sausage jokes?

    This sounds like wasted potential, unfortunately. I could easily see this turning away audiences, thus preventing any chance of adult-oriented animation being successful in the future.

  • Nicolai Marcher

    I’d rather see “The Goon” made when speaking of R-rated movies

  • ToonWatcher

    An “Adult” cartoon doesn’t have to be raunchy. I complain about western animation all the time, but I was hoping for deeper stories, suspense, and action. I am glad that this is coming out though. I hope it does well and opens the door for other animated movies for grown ups.

  • Papagino

    the sausage on the fork visual is not grabbin’ me…

  • Dana B

    When I said I’ll wait for “Ted 2”, I meant it as a compliment. That means I liked the movie “Ted”.
    Did I write that wrong or did you misread it?

    “Ted” was produced with the intention of being a well-done comedy, while “Bucky” and this upcoming sausage feature is nothing more than a joke from rich guys who have nothing else better to do.

  • Mike Deangelo

    Given the brain trust behind this project, I would strongly suspect that R-rated = more dick jokes than you can shake a stick at. I see no good coming of this.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Glad to hear there is work in the future.

  • Ed

    DC’s animated movies are way better than most of their live-action ones. It’s just that Warner Bros doesn’t have enough faith in those projects to give them theatrical releases.

  • What about science fiction then? Fantasy? would they really be cheaper in live action? Wasn’t the Aeon Flux movie a thousand times poorer and unimaginative compared to the original (American!) animated series? while I can see that something like Sausage Party is the safest choice in terms of marketing I also hate the conflation of genre and medium. It’s the same flaw that leads to equating mainstream comics with superheroes, which unnerves me because it’s only actually true for the American market. In a world where video games are steadily gaining dignity – and commercial appeal – as a valid form of storytelling in a variety of genres, it’s depressing to think that animation could only operate in a space between “family friendly adventure” and some Seth McFarlane kind of stuff.

  • Peter McKennon

    FRANKly this film has a strange premise. Yeah I pulled my own joke out.

  • Haruna

    Are you insulting Gojira

    • Ben

      I said Live action TV, not movies. (Unless there’s a live action Godzilla show I never heard of?)

  • Dylan Cuffy

    Recall that Columbia Pictures, before the Sony era, released Heavy Metal back in 1981—also R-rated. Surprised no one brought it up here yet,

    • kadecando

      Unfortunately, I have a feeling this will be far more like Sony’s 8 Crazy Nights than Heavy Metal. Rogan’s coming off his very successful This is The End and gets to do a raunchy animated comedy targeting the same market as Ted.

  • kadecando

    Sony also released Final Fantasy in 2001 aimed at adults and it tanked despite not being that bad and a great marketing campaign. A live action version would have been cheaper and probably wouldn’t have been such a box office dud. The movie industry releases what work. They will copy the movies that do well far more than go out on a limb for something different.

  • HalSolo

    After how unexpectedly bizarre the first half of MADAGASCAR 3 was, how unexpectedly funny THIS IS THE END turned out and how unexpectedly stylish and well animated both CLOUDY and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA turned out to be, I’m cautiously optimistic this could be a winner on all fronts.