<em>Space Chimps 2</em> trailer <em>Space Chimps 2</em> trailer
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Space Chimps 2 trailer

Your worst nightmare comes true: Zartog Strikes Back!

Opens tomorrow in the UK.

(Thanks, Iain)

  • I am embarrassed to be part of the animation industry. Thank you, Space Chimps 2.

  • FP

    Looks as unpleasant as the first one.

  • Edwin Austin

    What happens in the UK stays in the UK…I hope!

  • “This project is officially wierd.”

    You know a film is bad when even the characters don’t get whats going on.

  • Isaac

    The art direction isn’t too bad.

  • erlab

    Okay, who’s fault is it to let something like this happen?

  • Rezz

    how did the animation get worse?!

  • TK

    Who the hell greenlit this thing? And seriously… another one made in India?

  • There must have been more upside to SC1 than we imagine or they wouldn’t have made a SC2.

    BOMojo says SC1’s worldwide gross was slightly less than twice it’s budget so that’s only about break even at best.

  • Karen

    Looks more cartoony and interesting than that horrible Peanuts Flying Ace cheap looking crap.

    Although, that’s just not saying very much.

  • NC

    I’m going to try to be an optimist this time around. If any good can come out of it perhaps it will interest children to pursue careers in our dying space program… you know? Come on work with me here Space Chimps!

  • Kevin

    The first one was bad enough!

  • First reaction: ARE YOU SERIOUS
    After watching the trailer: Awful, awful… EXCEPT for the gag where the alien is talking to the scientists, and when it’s from the scientists’ point of view, the alien is speaking alien gibberish. Love it. (But not enough to see the whole movie…)

  • Does anybody else thing that character doing the dancing at the end of the trailer looks a lot like Jerry? :)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    If there’s a Space Chimps 2,then I DEMAND Dreamworks make an Over The Hedge 2!

  • This look better than ‘Snoopy Flying Ace’

  • The sequel no one was asking for!

  • With the first film, the ads only showed clips from about 15 minutes of the movie and completely omitted the stupid “Creature From the Black Lagoon” aliens.

    This time there’s no excuse for anyone to think it’s anything but terrible.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Of all of the films that deserve a second look at the characters, this was right above “Baby Geniuses.”

  • Tim Brown

    Pathetic…..simply pathetic.

  • first, awful.
    second, why does every 3d animated cartoon need a dance sequence to have a “credible” trailer?
    third, lip synch? did anyone from the company look at what pieces they were putting in the trailer? or is this really the best they’ve got.
    fourth, when did zartog first strike? who cares.

  • Hal

    Is Andy Samberg even voicing the chimp in this one? If not, do they really think having his chimp character dress like HOT ROD will confuse the audience? Suddenly “Horny Wolf Movie” seems like the glass half full in the CG realm.

  • Betsy Bauer

    Oh man… the weight in some of those shots is just awful!

  • Rooniman


  • Patrick

    Didn’t the first movie tank? Why make a sequel? Blasted DVD sales.

  • Obo

    Heh people worked on this, so they were able to pay their bills. Does much more good than harm in every way, so whatever.

  • mother1

    How about you see it from a little kids point of view. As much as I didn’t like the first one myself, my two and a half year old got very excited when she saw Ham on the side of a bus.
    Don’t be so geeky and leave it for the kids.

  • samster

    Another Indian production, guys its time we all pack our bags and go over there and show them how its done!

  • andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    show them how its done? i wonder how much these guys and gals were paid and how fast they had to produce.

  • Michel Van

    Not that Picture
    Not that Picture
    Not that Picture

  • Hal

    “Its time we all pack our bags and go over there and show them how its done!”

    Hey! Lets just pack some nails and hammers so we can knock those final nails into the coffin of American animation that much faster!

    I give it 10 year or so until India’s talent pool is just as good as ours – probably less. Our Indian friends almost all speak English and are among the most tech-savvy out there, so producers looking to cut costs are going to be thrilled to ship it over there. Snark all you want at SPACE CHIMPS and HORNY WOLF MOVE for now – these “crap” features are progressively building the next wave of animation houses that will take over most non-Dreamworks/Pixar productions, and its India, the one country with MORE features being produced than the US.

  • Peter

    I don’t get why it’s fashionable to hate this. But I never saw the first one and I’m not prone to pack mentality like too many of the commenters here.

    It looks like a nice kids film, I can’t understand having ANY emotional reaction to this. I love this blog and consider it a must-read but am frequently baffled by the surreal and obscure things the readers get up in arms over, haha.

  • It is not fashionable to hate this movie. IT IS JUST CRAP. It was obviously just made for the 3D effects it probably has. With two younger children who both love the first film and will not wear 3D glasses we saw the non 3D version.
    After 20 minutes I wondered why I had paid and wasted £20 for my family to be put through this drivel. There were no jokes or even any funny bits in it, I have seen funnier things on Sky News. The animation jumped around like a frigging cricket and the script was appaling. This doesn’t even deserve to be a TV film never mind making us pay for this shite.
    No wonder people pirate films when they don’t know if they are going to end up with shit like this.

    Yours, a usually very satisfied cinema go’er.

  • Pete

    This movie was made by Prana studio that brought us Tinker Bell. The animation is of game quality. It really sucks.