Spielberg’s “Tintin” in 2D Spielberg’s “Tintin” in 2D
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Spielberg’s “Tintin” in 2D

Andy Lyth created this trailer using the track from the Spielberg trailer with visuals from 90s cartoon series.

(Thanks, Betsie Beadling, via Cartoon Brew’s Facebook page)

  • christy

    ha! bravo! i’d rather watch that version!

  • DonaldC

    Well done.

  • The animation isn’t good, but the overdone soundtrack carries it. Though with the limited animation, it doesn’t feel breathless as Spielberg’s film did. Most importantly, it looks like TinTin.

    • “Most importantly, it looks like Tintin.”

      I think that sums it up.

    • The Obvious

      Disagree. This looks like Tintin “fan art.” The difference between Hergé’s Tintin/aesthetic and this is enormous. If you want to get a better approximation, view 6:00 of this clip to 7:30 of this YouTube clip from “Tintin et Moi.”


  • Haha, well done! It really makes the soundtrack of the trailer ridiculously pompous.

  • YabbaDabbaDoo

    Yeah, yeah we get it, you guys hate motion capture!

  • Rock

    It’s funny how all the elements that you complained about from the 3D movie can be faithfully recreated using clips from the classic 90’s cartoon. Maybe Tintin just isn’t your thing.

  • cst

    Thanks for confirming how faithful SPIELBERG’S version is to the source material.

  • ha ! thats funny although i love the origional music to the tv show the opening theme was immense http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le2v90CQyhs&feature=related
    truly stirring

  • Mic

    This maybe the first time that I prefer the 3D version.

  • Amazing. And a proof that Tintin doesn’t need 3D or Motion Capture. The same story could be told with the same scenes and the same editing, thus combining Hergé’s style with Spielbergs storytelling skills.

    I wonder if Spielberg did any test animation in the beginning. Any freelance animator does, when he/she gets a new job, to test which style would suit the project best. Don’t they do this in big productions? It doesn’t seem so. The more possible ways there are to make a film, the more restricted the final choices seem to be. I fear it’s more like “well, we have that unused motion capture facility, let’s think about a job we could do in there”.

  • Although I quite liked the Spielberg/Jackson film despite its serious flaws, this little clip really hammers home exactly which part of the movie was best: the opening credits.

  • Wow, I am digging this

  • Since, I have no read the comic, nor watched the old cartoon. I see nothing special about this video. But as a film music fan, I can say that they could of done better on the soundtrack from what I can gather from clips.

    I haven’t seen the film either, but the movie trailer looks good. I may check it out once it gets to home video.