Sultan The Warrior Sultan The Warrior
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Sultan The Warrior

Four scary words: Motion Capture from Bollywood.

Submitted for your approval: Sultan The Warrior. This new Tamil-language animated feature opens in India in May through Big Pictures, a Reliance Group company (Dreamworks recently partnered with them). It will then be distributed throughout the rest of the world by Warner Bros. Consider yourself warned.

(Thanks, Liam Scanlan)

  • Bugsmer

    This looks terrible. The hero doesn’t move right at all.

  • Nick

    why does he wear the exact same expression in every scene?

  • … Isn’t that the same guy from the Indian Thriller video?

  • chris B

    WOW are you sure this isn’t Weekend at Bernie’s 3. He sure does look like Bernie with that same expression throughout the trailer. :) I also love that horrible rap song in the middle of it. Can’t wait!!!

  • mim

    I think most trouble is in his face expressions, there is nothing change in his face at all;

  • “Motion Capture from Bollywood”… featuring music from Academy Award-nominee A.R. Rahman.

    Deadly combination.

  • Jeffer

    This looks utterly awful in every way. It’s not really a concern considering it really only serves as a billboard of the fact that the animation coming out of India continues to be of extremely poor quality.

    Best of luck getting an international audience to part with any money to view this steaming turd!

  • Very subtle on the facial expressions.

    Also, medieval sideburns. Why not?

  • greg

    It looks like bad machinima (animation made using video game engines). BTW, if it in Tamil than technically it is not Bollywood. Bollywood = Hindi films.

  • Well at least they’re not trying to make him realistic, so he doesn’t end up in the uncanny valley.


  • Geaffusunuman

    This looks an awful lot like the video game Assassins Creed!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Nah, Assassin’s Creed had FAR better facial animation.

  • FP

    This isn’t the first “Motion Capture from Bollywood”. We must not forget Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists. Leonard Nimoy and Brendan Fraser provided two of the voices for the US TV presentation. The animation and rendering was not that great.

    There’s one scene, if memory serves, in which a character picks up a treasure chest. The chest is two feet to the character’s right. It moves like it’s supposed to, but it’s offset, visually, two feet from where it’s suppposed to be, hanging in the air. That’s in the version I actually saw on television. Renders were similar to 1996-era TOMB RAIDER.

  • what frightens me, is that he looks like my uncle!…
    … and that horrible slow motion…
    … and the rap…
    … and the lack of expression…
    etc, etc…
    Well, it frightens me so much that I cannot even bear to see all of it.

  • mikey

    where are the cows??!!! i demand cows on that set… would so up the realism :)

  • Albert

    Cant wait to see the ‘making off’ on how they used a new fur algorithm for the mustache.

  • Vishnu

    Ok..i dont know wat to say, but i shud, sumthin, coz am an Indian!

    Speakin abt Indian animated movies, our Animation Industry is fairly behind compared to a few other countries. Its not because we lack creativity.. Its technology and quality learning institutions we lack. We are certainly developing! And as far as I know, this is Indias 3rd 3D animated movie. Give us time to grow world! :)

    Abt the hero and his expression, ITS RAJNIKANTH! One of Indias (or mayb South Indias) biggest actor! The rumour is that, the producers were uncertain if the movie would run well in the Indian Movie Industry (and ours is the biggest movie industry in the world! Even bigger than hollywood!) dominated by live action movies. So wat they did was, they starred one of the most famous actors in it – Rajnikant-who is also the father of the director of the movie, so u see, cheap and famous!!. And tats the reason behind the NOT-SO-HANDSOME-ACTOR.

    @Kit Silva: Yep, he is..
    @chris B n Iain: Ok, this soundtrack was made for just the trailer. Not the movie. And tis ones not made by A R Rahman!
    @Jeffer: Give us time Jeffer.. We r just learnin.
    @Brandon Waltman: Yeah right! Nice joke!

    And sumthin for the Indians who plan to comment.. Am not anti patriotic or nething! Its just tat Indian animation Industry should keep their mouth shut from International arena until they can develop a decent flick!

  • Where’s the big musical numbers?

  • why are bollywood superstars allowed to have facial hair??? why can’t that be socially acceptable in hollywood? poor, misunderstood joaquin phoenix…

  • As an animator and someone who’s spent time in a dojo, I have 2 additional observations. 1: our hero doesn’t have it very tough because his attackers have late stage arthritis (slow motion accounted for). 2: the toughest thing to believe is that a supposed hardened warrior can have so much baby fat. Apart from other production aspects, there’s really no identification with real action. This is more like 18th century French aristocracy dressing protestants up in feathers, the pretending to be bird hunting.

  • Haha…The REAL Rajni is weird enough…

  • TM

    Was it just me, or did anyone else expect an epic explosion to happen behind him at the very end?

  • TM- Ha ha, I WAS expecting a big explosion!

    I also had this big Assassin’s creed video game vibe, at least for the overall feel and the look of the environment.

  • Grant


    Seriously, this looks awful, but that is from a western point of view. We were raised on Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones, they weren’t.

  • looks like a video game not a movie.

  • Luke

    It looks like “Assassin’s Creed: The Mustachioed Musical Comedy.” Presented entirely in Achingly Slow Motion!TM

  • India’s still learning.

    …and biting off a tad more than they can chew.

    But their industry is still pretty much in it’s infancy. I assume they are more so “afraid” to change the facial expression of the main character because it IS their biggest celebrity and they probably have a difficult time of doing expressions and keeping him on model. If they messed up they’d catch hell. Or maybe he’s just so “cool” that that IS his only expression.

    but yeah, it’s really poorly done.

  • That was awesomely creepy (for an animator point of view)… XD
    Yes, that’s true: it is the new Assassin’s creed: The Mustachioed Musical Comedy!

  • El

    Is it possible that those lyrics are actually saying what I think they are?

    “It’s like animation with real life, that’s right”?

  • I hope there is enough time inbetween him jumping of the roof and hitting the ground to stick a story. Sort of creepy the way his expression never changes.

  • chris B

    don’t forget the “Uh Huh” after that :) I wonder if they were American rappers or Indian rappers blowin it up yo uh huh uh huh

  • Paul K.

    To echo above comments like Vishnu’s and Stone’s,
    Someday, animation from India will be consistently great (though works like Sultan The Warrior misrepresents the region as catastrophically deficient in competency) — perhaps the first step is to stop artlessly copying popular entertainment and instead study what makes successful animation a hit. Or perhaps art in general.
    Anyway, the worst part of this trailer was the camera motion… I couldn’t see past the stuttering splines of wonky-ramped keyframes.
    this is STILL better than Roadside Romeo.

  • Why is everything in sllloooooowwwwwwwwww moooootttttiiiiooooooonnnnnnnnn?

  • T

    It may look like moving garbage but if DreamWorks releases it in this country, it’ll take every category in next year’s Annie Awards.

  • Oh lawd Final Fantasy…look what you’ve started!!

  • number one comedy in India

  • Liam Scanlan

    Oh my gosh! What have I done? I emailed about this to Jerry because I thought this would be a great foreign animated feature with a US distributor only for him to make a laughing stock out of it. But I still think the whole “number one comedy in India” joke was very fitting. LOL!!!!!!!! And T, it’s still Annie worthy for it’s dramatic tone.

  • Adam Van Meter

    I will not be happy until I own this DVD.

    It looks like the biggest comedy event of the year.

    I can NOT wait.

  • Setebos

    Just what the world’s been wanting: a Sri Lankan Conan!

  • Nikhil

    awesome trailor….waiting for the movie

  • Unik

    this aint right to critisize whole indian animation industry jst bcoz a couple of movie couldn’t do well… it happens with everyone some or the other time…Indian animation industry is still growing and hence it is not at all justified to comment like this on whole industry……

  • Sandeep Singh

    i think that will be all………………….amazing stuff.actually I like Sultan The Warrior character…….it is rajnikant one of the south indian actor and also producer……….well round figure the tralior is nice and awesume movie………..GUD LUCK