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T28 teaser trailer

Already deep in production on Astro Boy and Gatchaman, the creative heads at Imagi Studios now have their sights set on another classic anime series to revive in CG: Gigantor.

They have just produced a kick-ass teaser trailer for T28 (short for Tetsujin 28, aka Gigantor). Click here to watch. It looks very hot to me. Faithful to the original manga and beautifully rendered. Looks like a winner – if they can get it produced.

  • Dr. Moron aka Dr. Woe aka Dr. Frankenbean

    Coooome baaaaack heeerreee, yoou rrraaaaabit…

  • person

    i like the unnecessary camera movement

  • Go go Gigantor!!!

    the very first giant robot animation I ever saw on tv. I was 5 years old then.

    Here’s hoping that Astro Boy does really well so that T28 gets greenlights all the way.

    * I wonder if anyone’s up for making Mazinger Z.

  • Emperor Tomato Catsup

    There was a pretty good new Tetsujin 28 series made in Japan about five years ago directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa (Giant Robo) that’s worth a look if you have any interest at all in Tetsujin 28/Gigantor. I managed to find a box set of the whole series pretty cheap about a year ago, but I think it might be out of print now (I remember hearing something about the distributor, Geneon, going out of business).

    There’s also a Japanese live-action Tetsujin 28 movie made around 2003, but I haven’t really heard good things about it.

  • Brian D. Scott


    I have the Tetsujin 28 series (along with the Rhino Gigantor set) and it was great! I’m always on board for anything with Gigantor in it – except that live-action movie. I didn’t hear good things about it either.

  • doug holverson

    Think that they could post a bigger flash file on a boggier site that keeps stalling? I’m on my third attempted loading, going on fourth!

  • TJR

    I don’t like the way the Jimmy Sparks (sorry I can’t remember his name in Japanese) looks.

    I like the designs of Gigantor and all the robots though, but the style of the trailer bothers me. But it’s just a trailer after all.

  • All the news lately has been of lay offs and investment problems with Imagi. I’ve been excited about the prospect of Gatchaman for ages, but I thought it was all off now? No? Anyone know diffferent?

  • David Cuny

    Bog slow Flash indeed. I’ve tried various times over the last couple of days. In “Low” mode the Teaser loads at about 3fps.

    Now that it’s completely loaded (it took over 30 minutes!) I can’t play the video back, because there’s a poll question asking if I would go see a TETSUJIN 28 feature film.


    What I did see has got the TMNT vibe to it. TMNT had so much camera movement, I had trouble following the action, or focusing on anything. My eyes must be getting old. I’m not really a fan of the dismal grey oilpaint look that everything seems to have.

    The designs look fun, though.

  • doug holverson

    The way I handled the slow loading problem was to click pause the split second the thing started playing, and didn’t click play until it fully loaded umpteen minutes later. Nothing like ruining a wide-eyed sense of wonder with a site that doesn’t work right! I feel like I’m on Soldier OnLine dial-up back in the ’90s waiting forever for some mpeg, mov, or avi to load.

    The giant robot scenes were fun. The humans have a bit of that uncanny valley thing going on. Like Clone Wars, and way too much of everything else CGI, the people and a lot of other things look like they’re made out of the same synthetic plastic they use to make rubber ducks.

  • Graham

    I can’t get the site to open. All I get is a black screen.

    Are there any mirror sites for the trailer?

  • If you can’t get it to open on the official site, try the You Tube version:

  • Everything is looking amazing to me BUT human characters!
    They look a bit come out from a videogame…Is so necessary make them in 3d? I preferred real oriental people.Really I don’t understand
    why use 3d instead of real people when ther’s no a true and stylish alternative.

  • Dave Knott

    I had the same reaction to the character “designs” that seem to have been cribbed from the Polar Express. They’re just creepy–total uncanny valley. Everything else looks great, very dynamic staging. Hopefully the character design is just a stop gap solution to get the trailer made quickly, and they will revisit the characters and put some thought into putting some edge and simplification of form in there. Crossed fingers!

    btw–please please please God let them finish a kick-ass Gatchaman flick.

  • Sean

    Yeah, what’s up with that ugly kid? Unnecessary camera movement aside, I hate watching ugly generic CG kids, so why stick one that looks like this inbetween all these amazing looking robots?

  • Plus, why the production is soooo careful about the mecha design (it fits really the original) and sooo poor and different about human character.
    Don’t want to declare a flame war but this is clearly a selected wanted way.

  • I have to agree with Luca – there seems to be no reason (in my puny mind) why not to use a real live human instead of going the freeky human-cg route with this. I can’t look at that kid or the voice of the “villain” without giggling.

  • Artisticulated

    Cloverfield, er, Cloverbot. Yes, smuggy, streaky, grimy uncanny valley. Good poses though.

  • Obviously, people design in CG animated films is a problem yet to be totally worked out. It’s interesting to be around at this stage to see it develop.

    I was cheesed after loading the film and wanting to watch it again, to be taken to that survey site, no chance to return, temporary disk cache wiped out.