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“Tad, The Lost Explorer” trailer

As part of my on-going series to bring awareness to the dozens of animated features being produced throughout the world, few of which ever come to the U.S. – This is the Russian trailer to Tad, The Lost Explorer, which Paramount is releasing in Spain next fall. It’s a feature length 3D film, a sequel to director/creator Enrique Gato’s two award-winning Indiana Jones-inspired spoofs called Tadeo Jones.

Foreign made features are getting better and better – it’s only a matter of time before there is an explosion of diverse films, by studios and independents, competing with Hollywood for your attention in theatres, TV and through digital means. This is a very good thing, sez I.

  • bones

    Dora’s gonna be pissed.

  • Look like fun :)

  • Rachel Gitlevich

    I love Russian dubbing :)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s still pretty tough getting through what obviously sounds like the original audio underneath those voices.

  • Ryan

    From what I can tell the story looks weird & terrible. The visuals on the other hand look different & interesting, maybe not A+, but hey, it’s not like X Y or Z, so yay.

  • michael

    “he’s a pirate” around 1:47?

  • Looks kinda fun, but the characters reflect several different influences (Pixar, Aardman, early Dreamworks) without really convincing us they can coexist.

    Also—”Tad the Lost Explorer,” like “Jester Till” and “Hugo the Movie Star” before it, only sounds like a marketable title if English is your second language. Paramount, if anyone, ought to know better.

  • Doug Holverson

    Angry bird?

  • ken kahn

    Bringing awareness is one thing; bringing access is another. Is there any (legal) way to be able to view these and other foreign animated films other than waiting for some studio suit to come to his or her senses or flying to another country?

    Maybe everyone on Cartoon Brew can get together and start a club where we all chip in to purchase a copy of the film and make it available to all club members; like our own private netflix for foreign animated films.

    (I can dream)

    • It’s a good dream to have! :) I know I would pitch in.

  • Clint H.

    Looks kinda interesting. I could actually hear English dialogue that was drowned out by the Russian dubbing. Perhaps a English release isn’t too far behind?

  • Toonio

    With most theaters being owned by big studios, I see very difficult any nation wide release of this kick ass looking film (story wise might be a dud though).

    However we have the internet and sites that will sell the movie in any conceivable media.

    Keep informing us of these cool releases CB!

  • cesco

    thats pirates of the carribean music righ there

  • GhaleonQ

    No offense, Jerry, but you ought to focus on the good ones. This is no Fimfarum series, certainly.