<em>The Apple and the Worm</em> <em>The Apple and the Worm</em>
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The Apple and the Worm

Animator David Nethery pointed me toward this intriguing 2D animated feature coming from Denmark, The Apple & the Worm, directed by Anders Morgenthaler (Princess). It was apparently made totally paperless, drawn on Wacom Cintiq tablets, using TVP Animation software. If any of our bilingual readers can translate the trailer’s introductory dialogue, please send us a comment.

The poster and still images are posted here and a very good article about the film and the director is up at Denmark Film Institute.

  • I guess the Europeans are catching up to US animation with the screaming soundtracks. I doubt if understanding it will be helpful with all that absurd shouting going on. The animation style looks interesting, but I couldn’t make it through the loud piece. Hopefully that won’t continue for the full 90 min length.

  • I just tried to ignore the voice over or whatever it was.

    Looked great! I especially like the Princess link.

    How can I see these!?

  • gatebuilder

    I agree with Michael Sporn, I couldn’t get past the frantic screaming of the heavily affected voices. I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere, I just couldn’t stick around to find out. Not sure if this is advancing the case for 2D or not. Nice production values though.

  • joe

    That looks really rad.

  • The apple’s worm owes his crossed “arms” to Ollie Johnston’s Sir Hiss!
    Neat look. Best with the sound completely off.

  • Ryan

    This looks insane, and utterly amazing. To paraphrase Tristan, how do I see this???

  • Ryan

    Oh, and Princess is available on DVD (Region 2 at least, I got mine in HMV). Worth seeing!

  • Andre

    You can send a big cheers to nice Rasmus who was one of my work collegues few years ago then moved back to Denmark to work as an animator on this movie. His blog is:


  • Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler make hilarious comic strips too. One of the only sites I visit religiously, along with the brew, and drawn, and a crapload of other sites.
    >>> http://www.Wulffmorgenthaler.com

  • Iritscen

    You guys don’t think shouting is funny? Oh well, I loved it. I’m sure the full movie has at least a few seconds of non-shouting, in all fairness :-)

  • Dunno, I think I will still see it. But Princess was a torture for me, I could hardly sit all the way through the movie, and I like black humour and stuff : / but this was too terrible hahaha

  • What is with all the bizarre animation involving anthropomorphic apples latley? I’m still trying to forget that last cartoon with the fruit being chased by the retarded tree.

  • @Andre: Well thanks for the name dropping attitude, but I did layout, a bit of boarding and compositing. About that I can tell you all that every shot in the movie is done with parallax effect or multi plane if you want, through After Effects though.

  • Recently I feel that there has been more effort by the world to actually showcase more of Europe’s animated movies. Denmark also published Terkel i Knibe last year and it was really, really amazing. I’m sure this one’s also good and myabe in some ways satirical.

    American animated movies are crappy because they’re too influenced by Disney and Hollywood. Even when you compare Pixar movies to movies such as Terkel i Knibe, it gives you a totally different feeling because Europeans are more inclined towards tragic movies rather than happy happy stuff that sometimes just get into my nerves, seriously. The decent Pixar films which are really worth five thumbs up are Wall-E and Finding Nemo. Haven’t watched Toy Story 3 but someday I will.