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“The Customized Play” Is An Intriguing Indie Feature From South Korea

South Korean director Jin Sung Choi (Tom N Jerry, Entering the Mind Through the Mouth) is well into production of his first feature film, The Customized Play, which has a quirky storyline:

Chun Jaeyoung and Chun Yusun visit the unusual drama company, which produces the customized play for each client. They ask the boss of the troupe to make the play for their father, Chun Jongsik, who is having his 70th birthday. The boss creates the customized play through interviews with their father and his acquaintances. In the play, Chun Jongsik, experiences fiction and truth from the past, and realizes what he has done and what he has been feeling sincerely,and eventually faces the trauma that has harassed him.

The film is being made with a crew of just a half-dozen artists, but you’d never guess how small the team by looking at the film’s lush, complex visual style:

(via Catsuka)

  • jonhanson

    And people think 2D is dead because of Disney, all take this over a new Disney feature any day (Although I wish we could have both…)

    • Natalie Belton

      Traditional animation is alive and thriving overseas.

    • JG

      Wouldn’t this movie be considered 3D?.. Do textures and post-production reminiscent of 2D animation media make it 2.5D?

  • JWLane

    Looks great! The short synopsis reminds me of a Japanese live action film called (I think) ‘The After Life’ in English translation. It’s not quite the same story line, though – sort of a mirror image, plot points in the opposite direction.

  • Greg

    Looks amazing and great concept! I hurt my neck from cringing throughout the song though.

  • jonhanson

    Oh wow, I’m dumb. This is CG? I thought for sure it was 2d.

    Well my mind is blown.

  • paperman you better watch out

  • espectacular

  • Looks very promising.

  • Scott550

    Just fantastic. The thing that impressed me most isn’t the “lush visual style,” which is always pretty to look at. It’s the specificity of the characters movements–true character animation Every one of them. Even 99% of Japanese animation doesn’t do that. And less and less of Western feature animation of any kind.

  • I think the most interesting point to note is that his films are made by ONE PERSON. It is just mind boggling.

  • Neal Patten

    “Millennium Actress” meets “Synecdoche, New York” perhaps?

  • Alan

    this looks stunning. Staggering to think this was done by such a small crew.

  • Trailer looks great – did anybody count all the different sequences? Tip: switch off that saccharine pop song.

  • Lukey

    Is it me or is the premise seem to be a man facing demons of his past , namely the potential sexual abuse of a child? Depressed lonely old man chasing a little girl into corners… kinda creepy. But if done right could be a powerful insight into the vicious cycle of abuse. Bold and difficult theme to explore if that’s the case. Another thing that sets foreign animation apart from western… adult themes.

  • HN

    Great Style!
    Hand-drawn look and…Its 3D, wow!
    Not sure this is the way to save or to kill hand-drawn animation!

    • GW

      Whether this sort of work ends up replacing hand drawn animation depends on whether they can keep a similar 2D mindset. Without dimensionally drawn 2D animation around, it would likely degenerate into educated guesses or cliches. How long do you think a non-poisonous insect could mimic a poisonous insect that’s gone extinct?

  • WG

    Does anyone know what type of software can produce this type of texture painting?

    • I think it was done in 3D studio Max, if you visit the vimeo page he explains the process a little.

  • Nikhita P

    omg, this is so fresh new and absolutely brilliant! I wish we were more exposed to the east. I can’t imagine how much work must have gone into this production. Can’t wait for it!