The Goon teaser trailer The Goon teaser trailer
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The Goon teaser trailer

Consider me impressed. Here’s a 30-second trailer promoting the San Diego Comic Con panel for The Goon on Friday night. Based on the Dark Horse comic by Eric Powell, the animated feature is being produced by David Fincher and is currently in production at Blur Studios in Venice California. This could be interesting…

  • This looks pretty cool! Very close to the style of the comic.

  • Rooniman

    Looks nice.

  • Looks lie a laugh-riot.

    Blur Studios are amazing. Considering the high caliber of work they do on quick-turnaround game cinematics, this should be (and looks) even better.

  • Karen

    Looks good. Hope it has a story and characters I can care about.

  • Chris Webb

    I wish it were 2-D like the comic book is.

  • Charlie

    Looking good! Except for Franky’s face, his eyes don’t really translate too well into “the third dimension”.

  • The animation looks great. But Blur’s known for that. :)

  • Ron

    Looks awesome! Is there Mo-cap in that or is it all strictly animated?

  • Craig

    Very VERY nice!

  • Oooooooo… me likey.

  • CANT WAIT blur’s quality is impeccable!

  • It looks phenomenal! Did they use any Mo-cap in this or is it all traditional CG?

    • Brian Prince

      No mocap in it that I know of.

  • This looks pretty sweet!

  • psychomar

    Kinda reminds me of the artwork by which makes me like it even more.

  • I’ve never read the comic book but this looks fantastic!

  • This looks great! I only hope the script is up to par. With visuals this strong, they’re really going to have to build the mayhem.

    Please! Please! Please! Don’t wimp out and go for the “family audience”. The Goon isn’t and shouldn’t be a kids property.

    • NC

      I concur the last thing we need is another family friendly butchering like “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”.

  • If the voice during the tag represents The Goon, I always pictured The Goon as having a much deeper voice – like Ted Cassidy (Lurch – in the Addams Family).

  • Roberto Severino

    That is pretty awesome. I can’t wait for this to come out.

  • I’m totally in the tank for this one. I love Powell’s weirdo hillbilly sensibilities and I can’t wait to see ’em translated to film.

  • >>Please! Please! Please! Don’t wimp out and go for the “family audience”. The Goon isn’t and shouldn’t be a kids property.>>

    Well, a decomposed zombie has a prominent role in this teaser, and we also see a girl with big boobs, so it doesn’t look too family-oriented so far.

    Here’s hoping the CGI in the Jeff Smith’s “Bone” movie would be this good or better.

    • True. But this is just the teaser. The final product can be quite different – especially if the marketing *ahem* “experts” don’t see the result they expect from this clip.

      But of course they will, because it’s awesome!

  • Looks very true to concept!

    I’m hoping this thing doesn’t get canceled or watered down along the way.

    Maybe we can finally do animation for a different kind of crowd for once in the US.

  • Yo

    Blur’s lighting and animation are always impeccable. This trailer is no different!

  • Yehehesss! How refreshing. Hope it stays that way.

  • PJ Dalton

    I also hope that the content isn’t watered down for a ‘family’ audience BUT I believe that David Fincher personally secureed the film options for the story and is producing the film. I don’t think Fincher would be one comprimise and, from the interviews I’ve read, he doesn’t have much respect the big studios.

    I’m REALLY looking forward to this. Blur have been making some great animation recently.

  • Anonymous

    I highly doubt that this is going to be a ‘family film’ or changed much from the comics, since Powell himself wrote the script.

    Very much looking forward to this. The animation almost looks like some kind of highly-detailed claymation whatsit, and seems to work well in the samples shown here.

  • john

    I don’t think this movie is actually in production. It’s merely a pitch.

  • Craig

    Christ, I hope some of the stuff in this trailer get into the movie. Particularly the chick that barks and then punchs the zombie and the character talks (“Norton, gimme a drink!” and “That’s what makes it so funny!… You get it?”). This stuff would be such an awful thing to waste. Atleast I would hope they’d make it into a short or something so that we’d see it put to good use later, say maybe on the movies dvd. I have such high hopes for this now that I’m worried this trailer will end up being better than the end result.

  • Ed

    Horrible animation.

  • Mark

    Wow. One of the few things I’ve seen to really exploit what CGI animation can do – bring a very particular style of artwork to life. Ironically, if this were hand-animated, all sorts of compromises would have to be made with the detail and the lighting of the characters – it would end up looking far simpler and flatter than the marvelously rendered comic it’s based on (or else it’d be very short or take a decade to make.) WOW! If only Hellboy and other comic books were given this kind of treatment.