“The Great Bear” trailer “The Great Bear” trailer
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“The Great Bear” trailer

Today at the Berlin Film Festival, is the premiere screening of Esben Toft Jacobsen’s feature film The Great Bear. Produced by Denmark-based animation studio Copenhagen Bombay, it’s part of a new wave of animated features coming out of Scandinavia. Here’s a clip:

P.S. check out Copenhagen Bombay’s next film: Eat Shit and Die.

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  • Matthew Koh

    I didn’t know Denmark has an animation culture.

  • this is 50 kinds of awesome

  • Kinda diggin the visuals. Unsure of what all was happening though…

  • I like what I can make out of the concept without knowing the language. But I think the character design is bland and the animation is a bit stiff.

    Still might check it out if it ever makes it stateside.

  • Katie M

    Definitely references Princes Mononoke towards the end.

  • Sal

    “Eat Shit and Die” will clean up in Germany. But it should be four-walled in the USA Bible belt.

  • Scarabim

    For some reason, I can’t see the video. It’s just a big black block. Every other video here is visible though. I have Flash loaded, or so my computer tells me.

    *sigh* I love the “internets”…

  • irin

    I think the animation part is not as important as the story and how it is carried out. Sure, it is quite stiff, but Terkel i Knibe wasn’t particularly amazing visually but it had a great story and was carried out well. This trailer looks nice and I agree there’s some references to Princess Mononoke, but I hope the movie’s more deviant than we think now. I’m scared it’ll get too much Hollywood influnece and it becomes really cliched.

  • Anoniguy

    I would watch the hell out of this! It might not be as slick and high end as what we’re used to from mainstream releases here in the US, but it has kids running from/battling a giant bear with a FOREST ON ITS BACK. A forest that has been set on fire?! I’m THERE, front row, center seat. I’d see this sucker in 3d if I had to.

  • nussferatu

    I saw The Great Bear a few days ago at the Berlinale, and i must say, that you’re right with most of your speculations. The animations are, concerning the human characters, a bit stiff, but not in an annoying way. Other ‘irregularities’ in the animation contribute to the deviant atmosphere of the film: especially the rough connections between 3d and 2d animation underline the allusions to the world of Scandinavian fairy tales.
    During the Q&A after the film, the director made clear, that the bear itself is in the tradition of Scandinavian fairy tales, because anormal animals like this are an integral part of those stories.
    The film itself is not very unusual, but the degree of violence and scariness in some scenes is a bit beyond the standards of the genre.
    I enjoyed watching it and it’s a promising debut, but it’s definitely no masterpiece.

  • Greg Jones Jr

    Wow. They pretty much just spoiled the entire movie. Seriously, would have been a much better trailer if we didn’t see the bear. But the movie looks pretty cool.