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The Pixar Story


Starting today, an Oscar qualifying one week engagement of Leslie Iwerks new feature documentary The Pixar Story will be screening at Laemmle’s One Colorado Theatre, 42 Miller Alley in Old Pasadena, California. There’ll be two showings daily, at 7:10pm and 8:45pm. Leslie will be at the theater in person (along with family and friends) at the 7:10 screenings on Saturday 8/25 and Sunday 8/26. The film will only play through Thursday, August 30, and it’s really worth seeing on the big screen. I’ve seen it and it’s really good.

The 88 minute film was written, directed & produced by Iwerks and features narration by Stacy Keach. Its only prior public showings have been at Annecy and at the San Diego Comic Con (where it was reviewed by Variety). For periodic screening updates, visit www.LeslieIwerks.com.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I was also at the Comic Con screening, and I agree, it’s an excellent film. Well worth the effort to see if you are anywhere near the area.

  • Yeah I’ve seen it at Annecy, and it’s a good docu. film. It gives a good perspective of John’s Lasseter’s work at Pixar.
    Also a funny fact: Parts on Michael Eisner were taken out because this was a sensitive matter within the Disney/Pixar environment!

  • red pill junkie

    Alas, I will have to wait until it’s available in DVD form at amazon :-(

  • If anyone in the LA area wants to go see the 7.10pm Tuesday show, I’m hosting an event with MyPC which will get you in for $6. If you live out here, you know that’s a good deal. Check it out and join us if you want to. See you at the theatre!

  • I was able to see it at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival earlier this year. Iwerks was there for Q&A. There was a tribute to John Lasseter on that Saturday, so the whole day had Pixar-related showings and presentations. I had a great time and loved the documentary.

  • I just got tickets for the first showing tonight in Pasadena, definitely looking foward to it!

  • mnmears

    I saw the film twice in Sonoma … I chose to see it the second time instead of going to see “Toy Story” on the big screen (tough choice, but the right one for me).

    Iwerks’ documentary deserves a wide theatrical distribution … and not simply a few limited engagements in major cities. As a documentary, it will interest several Disney, Pixar fans (adults and teens) and probably leave people feeling even more impressed by the box office marvel and storytelling genius of Pixar and Lasseter’s own love affair with Disney animation and theme parks.

    I’m looking forward to seeing it again since the film was still a work in progress and not “locked” when it was shown in Sonoma.

    The short synopsis history of animation early in Iwerks’ film is great — and, it’s good to hear that she was able to get the “Where the Wild Things Are” test footage included (that was something she told us in Sonoma that she really wanted to use in her documentary).

    For me the “Where the Wild Things Are” test footage is just one of several great reasons to see “The Pixar Story” again. It’ll be interesting to see if anything else has been added and what’s not there now that was there a few months ago.

  • Saw it last night at the Pasadena screening, great film! She was present after the movie and even did a lil QnA which was very cool. I agree it deserves a wide release, my wife thought she would be bored with it but she really, thoroughly enjoyed it. The director mentioned that she barely finished the film a couple of weeks ago and that there is going to be more stuff on the DVD. Looking forward to picking it up when it releases!