<em>The Secret of Kells</em> trailer <em>The Secret of Kells</em> trailer
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The Secret of Kells trailer

Buena Vista International (aka Disney division that acquires material like The Secret of The Magic Gourd and Roadside Romeo) is distributing a stylish hand drawn/2D feature from Ireland’s Cartoon Saloon (the creators of Skunk Fu):

The Secret of Kells opens March 6th in Ireland. Chalk this up as another intriguing animated feature with, sad to say, little or no chance of being seen in the United States.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • The film looks absolutely fantastic and coming from Ireland, I think it’s more than just an intriguing film. The very authentic Celtic style is a sure sign of its Irish origins and as much as I wish it was being distributed here in the States, I think I might need a DVD shipped from home before I can enjoy it. Rest assured Jerry, this film is miles better than the two you mention above, even the brief clips I’ve seen are enough to make me sure of that.

  • greg m

    with it being BV it will probably get a big DVD push in the States. If it wins a nomination at the end of the year that could help it to get seen. Wouldn’t it be nice if it got a theatrical release though?!

    Oh, and didn’t the bg’s and art direction have a wonderful quality similar to Dick Williams “Thief and the Cobbler”?

  • Wow. Really slick.

    Maybe Disney will release it on DVD here in the US.

  • Man, I love the look of this film! Can’t wait the 10 years it’ll take to get to New Zealand!!

  • Things like this make me want to direct movies in England. Not only does the movie look intriguing, but from what this trailer shows, its very enigmatic. They don’t fill the trailer up with puns from the movie, like most American trailers do. Hopefully, this one might get shown in festivals, which should get it some recognition.

  • Peter F

    Didn’t I first year about this in-development project here on Cartoon Brew? I’ve had their blog bookmarked for years…


  • This film has been a loooong time coming. What is this, like 12 years in the making? Must be more. 14 perhaps? The trailers look excellent and totally unique and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final film, which will hopefully be very soon.

    Good luck to the Cartoon Saloon guys with this one. Should be a well-deserved success. And, given the buzz, I’m actually ever so slightly more optimistic about this making it to the US than Mr. Beck is. Just slightly.

  • Ross stewart was responsible for the art direction…
    http://www.rossstewart.net/ …..
    This film is going to be brilliant and will have to be seen on the big screen for full effect. Petition your local theatres… it will be worth the effort. A visual delight with a magical tale and no feckin penguins wise crackin it up until it hurts. i can’t wait for it myself.

  • Sues

    I can’t tell much about the story from watching the trailer once, but the art and style in this is so gorgeous that I need it to come to the States.


    Damn the aesthetic of this flick looks like fun.

  • Andrew

    That does it! I’m moving to anywhere but the United States!

  • tom

    Seattle will show it. I even saw Nocturna on the big screen here last summer during the Seattle Film Festival. In addition, we’ve got one of the world’s largest video rental stores here: Scarecrow.

    Anyone living in the area need only keep their eyes peeled for the opportunity and you’ll see it here too.

  • tom d.

    this looks great. with proper marketing they could make a fortune distributing this in the us.

  • SWEET!!! So they finally finished it!

    Yeah, I remember some comparisons to THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER, with some of the background and character designs. I noticed that!

    Chances are slim, but if this does get picked up in the US, that would be great.

  • adam van meter

    It’s so beautiful, and has such a genuinely irish character compared to the watered down, offensive lucky charms stereotype we see in america.

    It would have been nice if the Black Cauldron and and the other stories in the Prydain series could have been animated in a similarly lovely style.

    Maybe there’s hope for the future!

  • Kai

    For once, I’m happy to live in Berlin…where this gorgeous film is being shown as part of the Berlin Film Festival. Love the color styling and characters!

  • D

    my first job was scanning drawings for this when i was 15. great to finally see it in the light. well done lads.

  • Shows in Berlin?? Thx for that info, I surely would’ve missed it!

    I’m only a bit less enthusiastical because, as great and unique the styling is, the story seems to be the very same old stuff again.

  • Wow- very nice. I wish Skunk Fu was even half as interesting as this thing looks to be.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    It looks terrific, but I can’t help having mixed feelings about the project as a whole. Having read up on the history of illuminated Celtic manuscripts, a part of me wonders whether this film will end up having the same relationship to the facts as “Secret of NIMH” did to the original children’s book: heavy on the mumbo-jumbo at the expense of what could be a fascinating story in its own right.

    Though I’ll gladly forgive the film any historical inaccuracies if it turns out that the cat’s name is Pangur Ban!

  • Cadychan

    Hoooooooowwwlll! Why? Why do you torture us so?! It looks so good!

  • julian

    nice——i hope too see it here……waiting for years.

  • I recall chatting with someone who was working on this film last year at a comic convention, though this is the first I’ve seen of it. All I can say is WOW. That’s some stunning looking work that’s gone into that, I do hope that release date is not just for Ireland, but for England too..

  • Hulk

    Samurai McJack!

    Don’t get your panties in a bunch I mean that as a compliment!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Strange. It’s already in English, so really all a distributor would need do is strike some prints for the US. I do hope someone at BVD decides to push a release here.

  • Hopefully we’ll at least see a DVD in the not-too-distant future. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • benoit

    Can’t wait to see this feature!
    The character designs by Barry Reynolds are amazing and what’s more the animation doesn’t lose any of the style throughout. Visually its superbe!

  • Lee

    Someone loves Genndy Tartakovsky. :P Or, it reminds me of Samurai Jack, anyhow.

    At least I’m sure we’ll be able to see it on the internet, or buy it online.

    The magic of the intertubes.

  • Brendan and the Secret Of Kells

    Alot of hard work went into the production of the Secret of Kells. Congratulations to ALL the Artists, Supervisors and Production team for making it possible for this feature to make it to the screen. It could not have been possible without you all!! Well done!

  • TK

    This is sad: large demand + no NA release = torrent

    I’d rather torrent then pay directly to the filmmakers than to hopelessly wait and wait and wait.

  • Liam Scanlan

    This just in: we have what appears to be a promotional trailer for a potential US distributor: