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The Sky Crawlers

Fulfilling its obligation to qualify for an Oscar nomination, the latest anime feature from Mamoru Oshii (Ghost In The Shell) opened in L.A. last Friday (at the Los Feliz Cinemas). In case you miss it this week, The Sky Crawlers will open in New York next Friday at the Walter Reade Theatre, and they’ll be free screenings for Asifa-Hollywood and Academy members within the month. Here’s the trailer.

  • alberto

    i really like oshii, trailer doesn’t really tell me what it’s about though. i did notice something funny, whoever it was that animated the female lead looked like they tried to do lipsyncing for her, really uncommon in japanese anime.

  • ericC

    This was a strange film, the trailer really doesn’t even give you much taste of it. Then again, look at the trailers on any of his films.. GUNS, COOL CG, EXPLOSIONS, YEAAHH!!… But does that describe ANY of what makes his films so loved? Well, maybe, I don’t know. But most of the film isn’t at all like that.

  • DW

    I really appreciate the heads-up on these limited runs. I’ll be checking this out before it leaves.

  • Dan Spilatro

    I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival, I wanted to like it a lot, but it just was WAY too long! The Air fights were amazing, but the rest of the animation looked cheep. I hope this does not get nominated for anything because it would take up a spot for a more deserving film!

  • Inkan1969

    Will “The Sky Crawlers” get a distribution, or will it only have these oscar qualification screenings?