<em>The True Story of Puss In Boots</em> <em>The True Story of Puss In Boots</em>
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The True Story of Puss In Boots

Here’s another one of those European animated features, from 2009, that was somehow unable to achieve a release in the United States. Submitted for your approval, The True Story of Puss In Boots:

  • Hulk

    Puss himself looks good. I like the dancing. The editing on this trailer isn’t so good though and kinda ruins it.

  • The truth

    The character animation for the puss in boots character was great. Everything else though…not so much

  • erlab

    So this is NOT the Shrek spin-off featuring Antonio Bandarez’s character that was promised like 5 years ago? … I wonder if they’ll ever get on that…

  • Roman

    :sigh: another CG film that looks like cut scenes from a PS2 game…

  • Celia

    Is it just me, or does Puss In Boots appear to be a little light in his loafers?

  • Matthew

    I thought it was well documented and publicized that dreamworks is in full production of a puss n boots movie slated for a 2011 release. check here:

    and here:

  • DD

    Perhaps the reason why this failed to secure a US release could be down to it being utter garbage?


  • rosa

    The first part looked really pretty, and the animation on puss through the keyhole was great.
    Though what was with the WEIRD ending: the hold too long on the ‘shamBERlin’ (isn’t it supposed to be chamberlin?) and the WEIRD floating head we’re left with… 0.0

  • Oh God… the quiet moment at the end, held way too long for no reason… priceless! :D

    This movie definitely gets my approval.

  • MadRat

    It seems a little uneven. I thought the outdoor scenes needed work but the characters and door were beautiful.

  • What a great dance – good job on Puss!

    That shamBERlin sort of outed the narrator as a non-native speaker of english, I think – but he did a pretty great job masking his accent, aside for that.

  • justme

    Its been released it the US just watched it last night… William Shatner was the cat. Not that great. Very effeminate and he moves like jack sparrow and looks like him and sounds like an owl on drugs. You can get it at red box.

  • meara

    I rented it thinking it was dreamworks puss in boots instead i got some cat who sounded like an 80 year old man?this movie was horrible. Lets see where to start? Theres a nasty queen who sounds drunk and carries a fly swatter.. um all the other girls have ghetto booty lol and um theres a frog who eats piles of dead bodies?? Hmm. Apparently they talk about chopping you into little pieces . Its inappropriate makes no sense whatsoever and the voices and animation pretty much suck. The worst part is i paid for this and wasted an hour of my life and to top it off i cant stop thinking of how awful it was please dont watch this!

    • Sven

      Absolutely devastated; severly lame movie. I thought this was the DreamWorks version, rented it from Redbox, with a house full of kids over. We couldn’t stand to watch it anymore after 30 minutes. Uggghhh. I only hope DreamWorks sues the lame company that allowed this to be re-dubbed and processed into English. Yes, the animation looked like a bad PS2 game and the voice dubbing was off for every character I noticed.
      Awful, horrible, bad movie…..

  • meara

    Worst movie i have ever seen!!!!

  • Annie Bell

    This was a TERRIBLE movie. I now understand why the voice over was so poor- it was adapted from French so the voice over may be off but the voices were completely annoying. The cat’s voice was irritating from the first moment and we turned off the movie… my young children frightened by the spooky music, scary visuals and drunk slurring queen and irritating main character voice. We thought it was the new “Shrek” version but was hugely surprised and annoyed as this movie as it was clearly created to piggy back the anticipation for the Dreamworks Puss n Boots production- otherwise, people wouldn’t have ever rented it. If it were released at the theater, we would have walked out.

  • Emily

    I thought this was Puss in boots from Shrek… I thought Antonio Banderes was supposed to be the voice, apparently I was wrong.. I thought I saw commercials for a Dreamworks Puss in boots movie, but maybe I was mistaken? I dunno. Regardless this movie sucked. And What the heck was up with all the women and their big butts? Man this movie creeped me out. And Puss in boots was totally a copy from the look and mannerisms of Captain Jack Sparrow. Absolutely hated this movie… It’s actually playing right now, gonna go turn it off. Wish I could get my money back.

  • joanna

    i was disgusted by this movie i mean really? it was like they were copying pirates of the carribean and then the cat sounded like the joker from batman. I couldn’t figure out why they kept on having so much music in it when all of it sounded terrible!2 of the songs atleast copied the exact tune of christmas carols specifically what child is this and ave maria. I was extremely annoyed with this film mostly for it’s lack of originality. they didn’t have a single thing in there that they didn’t copy from someplace else!it made me mad because i mistook it for the shrek puss in boots film! Definitelys the worst film i have ever seen…And what’s with the huge behinds?

  • erin

    my boyfriend and i were debating what was worse Puss and Boots or Ong Bak 2……..

  • Marina

    My husband bought an illegal ( bootleg) copy off the street
    Thinking it was the shrek puss n boots.
    My 5 year old son and I watched it and we both
    Loved it! I see most people here didn’t like it , saying
    The CG was poor , the music sucked or that it was a total
    Rip off. I disagree. The music was fun and catchy, yes they used
    Previously composed music ; fur Elise for example , just in the way
    Other movies use music , why is this strange to any one?
    Not many films use an originally written score.
    I thought the queens voice and Manerisms were hillarious!
    Yeah she seemed doped up, as did the King who spent
    The entire film in a nod ! The big booty girls were hysterical as
    Well. I liked the way they rendered the women, not
    Your stereotypical beauties by any means .
    This was a weird film for sure. An attempt to
    Do something a little different, apart from your average
    Dream works animated film. The characters could have been
    Fleshed out better for sure. My fav character was the ogre
    Id like to see a full length animated film done on his
    Plight and quest to become a swan.
    I think too many off us were expecting A slick over produced
    dream works puss n boots so we never gave puss and boots
    The true story ( as it’s called) a chance . This film was meant to be
    WeIrd and weird it is, a refreshing change IMO