<em>Thor</em> trailer <em>Thor</em> trailer
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Thor trailer

Here’s an exclusive first look at one of the big movies of 2011: Thor.

No, not the upcoming Kenneth Branagh Marvel Comics super hero movie. This is Thor, The Edda Chronicles, a new feature from Iceland’s CAOZ animation studio, Germany’s Ulysses Films and Ireland’s Magma Films. This is also coming out in 2011. The last time I criticized a Europeon production, I was raked over the coals. So I won’t say a word this time… I’ll let you be the judge:

And if the trailer doesn’t give you enough information check this clip on You Tube.

  • I am European so I’ll say it…
    That looks absolutely horrid.

  • God, its too early on a Monday morning for this crap. His eyes…his horrible horrible eyes.

  • Donald C.

    Animation is nice. Characters seem a little off with the eyes. They don’t seem to fit with the overall style.
    But it is just a just a short trailer.

  • Not liking the models, especially in the face design, but that’s good animation regardless.

    Ignoring the faces it’s actually a nice little teaser trailer. I like that the rendering and lighting isn’t harsh and is simple and easy on the eye.

  • Isaac

    Europe, where the history comes from.

  • Grant Beaudette

    I’d almost have given it a pass, but then I looked at the other clip. Nothing commands the awe and respect for the Norse god of thunder like a wisecracking talking hammer.

  • Kristjan

    When did Filmation move over too Europe?

  • Mr X

    How to train your producers

  • Too early to judge.

    But I wouldn’t call it “horrid”. Some things are well-done, others aren’t – I guess we’ll see which aspects dominate the finished film.

  • High-Minded Civilian

    It’s hammer time.

  • Brokenshell44

    Go ahead and rake me, this looks wretched. The animation quality is only SLIGHTLY above those freaking “Video Brinquedo” rippoff DVDs.

  • Paul Penna

    Actually, it’s a reimagining of “Eraserhead.”

  • You can find better things in Europe

    -Kerity was recently released on DVD

    -This is Russian series

    -Is city from ‘Lucky Luke go west’ much richer than town from ‘the princess and the frog’?

  • NC

    When did the guys from the Nasonex bee commercial start making films. BTW what’s up with the ugly hammer, It just seems logically that if your going to anthropomorphize a hammer you make the HEAD of the hammer the HEAD not the hilt. OMG I want to rant.

  • Tom

    www. Anything from Gobelins .fr

  • Warhead

    Some good timing and animation, but damn, the designs ruin it.

  • Rufus

    If you don’t have room in the budget for concept artists, don’t bother doing anything.

  • JMatte

    Don’t really like the designs of the characters (personal taste), but the animation is okay. Kiddies would like it. I’d be curious to see more to make a final judgement (gotta remember Hoodwinked and first reaction to it).

    As others have pointed out (thank you Teodor), it’s also good to see the nice material coming from Europe, so I will add this very nice promo clip from Headless productions in Spain:


  • Tanya Scott

    The jokes are overdone, the designs are hideous- they all look high. It looks like a really bad student film.

  • Chris S

    I had NO idea he would fall at the end…… :(

    Some of the animation was nice though

  • Leirin

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t get past the 0:30 mark. The… EYES!!

  • Dr. O

    European Productions are sadly very producer- and client driven and hardly one of them understands anything about 3D. There are great concept artists who one by one leave and try to avoid European 3D work because of this.

    The animation looks like it will be on a decent way, the design is simple not present, same for story. By the end of the trailer nobody knows what it’s all about, nor would even feel the slightest twitch of curiosity about what could be.


  • bob

    Europeans are some if not most of the best talents in the american industry, from Disney, Dreamworks… etc.
    Head of animation, James Baxter, Simon otto…
    Some of the best art Directors and artists. Nico Marlet, Domenic Luis… Head of story Alessandro Carloni…
    The industry’s leadership is Filled with european masters.

    What Europe seem to be failing at is building a Studio.
    A real solid production house that can produce films. And because they don’t have any, they are doomed to loose all their best talents… whom become OUR best talents.

  • F.C.

    Dr. O
    Respectfully, Please stop commenting on “story” from watching a trailer.
    I am a story artist and I am quite sick of people that love feeling like a critic so much that are willing to criticize something that simply is not there.
    Do you not like how a trailer is edited? fine.
    Do you find that what they chose to cut the trailer does not appeal to you and it fails at making you want to see the movie? Fair enough.
    You are NOT however given ANY story. Nor Plot. Nor sense of structure from the movie.
    So to comment on the “story” from viewing a trailer simply suggests you don’t know what story is.

    Forgive my venting. I am quite sensitive on the subject.

    Design wise… I agree with you.

  • The design foundations do seem to be lacking but maybe they’ll produce something fun and quirky? It does seem a shame that they didn’t put a bit more effort into design but maybe it’s not too late to tweak what’s been done?