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“Three Stooges” trailer

Yeah, I know. It’s not animated. But the Stooges are part of my childhood – part of my life. And heck, they were animated several times (unfortunately). Here’s our first look at the Farrelly brothers movie. What do you think?

  • Shoot me.

  • I’ll probably get a slap and a poke in the eyes for saying this, but as a Stooges fan I think it looks great! Looking forward to this.

    • chris b


      • Jorge Garrido


  • Deaniac

    I was embraced for the worst…but it actually wasn’t that bad. All of the slapstick in that trailer made me chuckle; even the “iPhone” gag got a rouse out of me. (I can overlook the lobster joke near the end though.)

    And hell, Snooki gets jabbed in the face. THAT alone is reason enough to see this.

    • David Breneman

      I always wondered what Snooki was. Now I know.

    • I’ll have to agree with Deaniac here. It’s not as gut-wrnechingly horrible as I thought it would be. I’ve got to say that these three guys do the best impressions of The Three Stooges I’ve ever seen, especially Will Sasso. I’ve never seen anyone even come close to Curly’s comedic charm. It’s not 100% there (it’s barely even 60% there), but it’s a lot closer than anyone else’s attempt and for that Mr. Sasso should get some recognition, even if the only recognition he gets is from this comment here.

      That being said, I’ll still take the original Stooges any day.

  • Uh . . . huh.

  • Schmegz

    We are truly living in uncreative times here in America.

    • Gray64

      Oh come now; if you’re going to insist on commenting on subject matter rather than the quality of what’s presented, at least be accurate. We aren’t living in “uncreative times,” we’re living in times of economic stress and uncertainty in which studios find it financially a safer bet to bank on recognizable properties than to develop new ones. Also, those same societal pressures are proven to make people nostalgic, so that’s at work here as well. To indict the creativity of an entire nation or society is just intellectually lazy and irresponsible. Studios want to make money and audiences want to be comforted. There you go.

      • Chelsea

        Thank you for saying this.

      • Schmegz

        This probably also reflects how we wound up with an economic crisis on our hands.

      • The Gee

        It may have been made because of the lack of risk taking is so common now but it has been tossed around for a while now. So, I don’t think it is entirely accurate to say the economic times led to a Three Stooges movie being considered. One being made, maybe. It was kind of inevitable that a big screen version would happen. Franchise. Franchise. Yada yada.

      • The economic situation may have some influence in the making of this film. I remember that during the 1970s powercuts here in england we were all issued with a saucey seaside postcard from the 1950s which we were encouraged to spend one and a half hours chuckling at each evening as we sat shivering in the dark

        Imminent fiscal turpitude and entertainment could very well be horrific itchy bed fellows… I think we can all summise who will be taking all the blankets too

    • Dario

      Guys, I’m not from America, but I’ve watched American TV for a long time, the music, the animation, the movies… you name it. I mean, Frank Zappa and now Lady Gaga. The Lion King and Happy Feet. Woody Allen and Chris Rock. Johnny Carson and Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly. There’s a total involution.

      • Gray64

        You can gather a list of pretty much any performers/artists from any nation and demonstrate how they are in some way similar to some other performer/artist in their field, if not in their own nation, than somewhere else in the world. If they seem wildly original in their nation of origin, it’s likely because they’ve been influenced primarily by someone from somewhere else. No one creates in a vacuum, and everyone is influenced by someone else.

  • Stupid? Yes.

    Funny? Hell, yeah!

  • Matt Sullivan

    3 Stooges in modern day? I dunno…Could be funny :}

  • Pedro Nakama

    Forget Occupy Wall Street. I’m camping out in front of my theater.

  • Adam Abraham

    It’s “Brain Donors” for 2012.

    • Liesje

      Brain Donors was a take on the Marx Brothers, not these twits.

  • Doug

    I loved the Stooges as a kid, and it looks like I’ll enjoy this even if it is stupid. Chris Diamantopolous is a dead ringer for Moe; he even sounds just like him.

    What surprises me is that Sony didn’t get behind this project. If there was one thing that defined Columbia Pictures for three decades in the minds of millions of TV-watching children, it was The Three Stooges.

    • Yes it’s unfortaunate what studio greenlit it. I know Speilberg is known with Universal-but I really wished the live-action Casper movie was released by Paramount.

      It’s too bad Columbia Pictures didn’t get their hands first, they own almost all their films. With the execption of Turner/WB owning the early MGM works.

      • mike schlesinger

        Columbia DID have it. They were smart enough to pass on it…as were Warners and MGM.

  • Ron

    Back in 1999, Mel Gibson produced a Biopic of the Stooges as a TV mini-series. It had Evan Handler from ‘Sex and the City’ as Larry and Michael Chiklis as a spot-on perfect Curly. Anyone else remember that?

    • Gerard de Souza

      Yes. Mel Gibson produced it? I remember it as a made for TV movie. It started early in their careers, covered all the Curly replacements, up to their rediscovery in the TV era of the 60s.
      I may have this on VHS off TV somewhere.

    • rnigma

      I remember that TV-movie …Chiklis did make a great Curly, but the guy who played Moe (Paul Ben Victor or somesuch) was all wrong. Moreover, it was chock full of anachronisms and errors: when the Stooges travel to L.A. in 1930 to make their first film, Curly says “We’re going to 20th Century Fox”… the studio wasn’t called that till 1935. When they arrive at Columbia years later, the Stooges tour the lot and a sound technician shows them a device he calls a “Foley” that plays all manner of noises like a digital sampler. Such a device could not have existed in the mid-30s.
      Also, an early scene had the young Stooges performing in Sydney’s Luna Park. Who knew their career began in Australia?

      • Ron

        @rnigma those are good catches about the anachronisms. I think Luna Park was the name of a place in Coney Island in Brooklyn. They could’ve shot it Australia but it was meant to be New York.

      • David Breneman

        The “Foley” that the sound man shows them was a table full of circa-1946 Webster-Chicago wire recorders.

    • Yes I do remember it…and it didn’t capture the humor or spirit of the Stooges, even though it was a biopic.

    • I remember. I watched it on Hulu just a few weeks ago.

    • The Stooges TV Bio Pic was without doubt the worst piece of trash ever. There was nothing factually correct about any of it. Moe shinning shoes? REALLY???

      This new pic looks like a great tribute to the Stooges. I’m glad they found guys who like and act like the originals. I just hope that a sequel, if any, isn’t a Shemp, or a Joe.

  • jordan reichek

    wow. you know what? they channeled the stooges pretty well, character-wise. thankfully, more in attitude and physicality rather than simply looks.

    don’t know how the whole film will hold up and it’s weird seeing them in modern times (at least an idea of the stooges since they are such a product of their era), but i laughed a whole lot more than i honestly wanted to.

    eh, power to em!

  • Rick R.

    Haven’t watched the Stooges since I was a kid, I guess, but if the originals had that many boobie jokes, maybe I…
    huh, no? They didn’t? No sex/nun humor?

    Okay, I’ll stick with the idea that if you are gonna remake/reboot/update something, then please stick to the original spirit of the property in question. If you do, you get something favorably reviewed like Abrams’ Trek or the Muppets.

    Otherwise, you get the Honeymooners with Cedric the Entertainer or the already forgotten A-Team movie. Yeah, I know the Brady Bunch remake made money, and this may fall into that category, but the trailer didn’t impress me much.

  • Ron

    Poking Snooki in the eye made me laugh out loud. But whats with all the nuns? I thought the Stooges were Jewish? Adam Sandler said so in the Channukah song. :)

  • top cat james

    I hope Jerry, Amid, and Leonard Maltin attend one of the interview junkets for this film and reenact the “Press.” “Press.” “Pull” gag.

    It appears as if the three leads have the voices and mannerisms down, but I would perfer the film in B&W and set in the Thirties or Forties.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Yup. Laughed more than I expected. Hope all the laughs aren’t in the trailer.
    There is a part of me that moans like many booners that my childhood has been hijacked….But on the other hand there’s a generation or two who have a vague idea of the Stooges. Maybe this will get them looking at the old stuff, eh?

  • Jeff

    Looks pretty good, pretty, pretty, good.

  • Brian

    That was all right as far as trailers go, but I still think it’s a bit of stretch to post it on here. I could maybe get the trailers for Andrew Stanton and Brad Bird’s live action flicks, but this is just silly.

  • Thom Foolery

    While I am cynical of most remakes (especially one for such a personally beloved property), I think they’ve done a very good job with this.
    While this may be set in modern times, the Stooges themselves are carbon copies of the originals. Not just in the slapstick sense, but also in the voices, mannerisms, and posture. They even got them doing some little song and dance bit, like in the originals shorts.
    This seems to be not so much a cheap “we’re creatively bankrupt, let’s do a reboot for a quick buck” type movie, but rather a very sincere love letter done with the utmost respect to one of the greatest comedy teams of all time.
    That being said, when I read there would be a Jersey Shore cameo, my first words were “Strike One”

  • Thom Foolery

    Oh, one fun bit of trivia on this movie that does relate to animation is that Billy West was Sean Hayes’s vocal coach to help him get the perfect Larry Fine.

  • That was awesome. I’m way too young to have enjoyed the original black and white shorts anywhere except for on my local channels at 6:00am on weekends… but I still have a good sense of the history of the Stooges. I hated the concept of a modernization at first, but hey, it’s looking good so far.

  • Old Man Father Time


    ..that’s Jim Carrey, isn’t it?

    *watches the trailer*

  • uncle wayne

    ditto Deaniac!!

  • Matt

    For what it’s worth they all do a great Three Stooges impression, I would have liked to see this as a period piece though.

  • Geoff Gardner

    I am already referring to this movie in my mind as “Plan Stooge From Outer Space.” The “Curly” in this trailer is exponentially worse than even Joe Besser. This is going to be bad, folks.

  • Hal

    I think that nun in a bikini just sold me a ticket…

    • Mike Johnson

      When she gets in the pool, does it become Holy water?

      • Jorge Garrido

        Only if she pees in it. #2012FarrellyBrothersStoogesJoke

  • Keegan

    It looks okay.

    I wish Hollywood would stop with this pre-existing properties BS though.

  • Bob Harper

    That is amazing how they got Sean Penn, Jim Carrey and Benecio Del Toro to look like the Stooges – Nyuck! Nyuck!

  • tgentry

    Painfully unfunny. Of course the originals don’t hold up much in my book anyway, so maybe I’m just not the target audience.

  • Toonio

    The Farrellys are back! Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Dominic

    This is what the film industry has come to?

    My goodness that is terrible, I guess the public can be sold anything now-a-days, might as well put it in 3D too. I’ll pass and watch the real 3 stooges.

  • FigmentJedi

    I like how this trailer came out on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Day that will live in infamy indeed.

  • tedzey

    Wow… they got down to every sound effect, camera shot, poke in the eyes, and above all… politically incorrect violence! It’s enough to get me to see it!

    My only nitpick is that the plot will most likely revolve around them saving the orphanage from evil bankers/oil-drillers/etc. I would have preferred them to stick to short films rather than a feature, but for what it is it looks like a good send up to the classics!

    • chris b

      from what i have heard the movie is 3 segments as if they were shorts.

      • Tedzey

        Then you know what… I’m sold!

        I hope shemp makes a cameo!

  • Sleezy Exec

    I had a tear in my eye when Moe poked curly. Of course it still makes me wonder why I should give a damn when I could watch the dvds or watch it online on or Netflix.

  • diego

    Amazing casting. Perfect acting. But the storyline looks all wrong. I’d bet the script is not that good.

  • Well the Stoogies are funnier than anything the Farrelly have made, IMO, so I’m not sure about this.

    But they do seem to look and actor the part well.

    But I only laughed at the hammer gag.

    Sooooo, I don’t know.

  • I laughed…I like it. I grew up on The Stooges. As far as I can tell, this is really a loving homage to the classic comedy team.
    Will Sasso is an amazing comic actor to begin with; and he channels Curly like no one I’ve ever seen.
    From the stills I’ve seen of this, I was wondering if Sean Hayes could really pull off a good Larry. From the bits and pieces, he does a pretty great job… as well as the actor who portrays Moe.
    If the Stooges were around today, the Farrellys’ would be the perfect choice to direct for them.
    And come on, admit it, we’ve all been waiting for something like this haven’t we? I just hope that the trailer isn’t the only good thing from the movie.

  • Silence Dogood

    Uhhhh. Never really been a fan of the Stooges, but maybe those who are will get a kick (or a poke in the eyes) out of this.

  • Spread out! Although you can never replace the originals, I already have all their shorts on DVD, so I can watch the real thing whenever I like.

    But I also like the Farrelley brothers’ movies, and no one currently directs physical comedy better than they do. I’m giving this the benefit of the doubt until AFTER I see it…which I definitely will.

  • Looks alright I guess. I’m happiest over seeing Will Sasso on the big screen. He was one of the most talented cast members on madTV (which was a very hit or miss show) and it’s been kinda disheartening to see will playing 4th banana on cancelled sitcoms.
    One thing is certain: this can’t be worse than hannabarbera’s robonic stooges show.

  • snake

    omg they got the characters spot on!! not sure about the jokes though.

  • What’s ironic is that the only Farrelly brothers movies I’ve ever really disliked was animated: OSMOSIS JONES!

  • Clint H.

    It actually looks kinda funny! Maybe I’ll see this…

  • Shockingly appealing.
    I expected total crap.
    It’s nice to be surprised.

  • Bill Andres

    I would rather spend my money on the Three Stooges Collection DVD’s, from Sony, you get all 190 Columbia shorts, uncut, and completely restored.

  • Bill Neal

    Good lord, this was excruciatingly bad. Worse than I ever imagined.

  • chris b

    I liked it and now I am looking forward to seeing it. I love the last part with snooki getting poked in the eye,LOL!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    As with the 1994 Little Rascals movie, I revere the genuine article too much to consider this. Three thoughts, though:
    1. It ain’t the first time Snooki’s been poked.
    2. Does Mel Gibson know the Stooges are Jewish?
    3. I’ll wait for Sister Bernice: the Movie.

    • jordan reichek

      all good points!

      i agree about the near inability to accept these ‘surrogate stoogies’ out of love for the originals (joe besser excluded), but i did find myself laughing when i didn’t want to.

      if it must be done, at least let it be done right. in these troubled times, we all could use some friendly abuse and well-meaning mutilation…

  • dbenson

    Okay, it looks sharp (except when “Curly” tries to do the woo-woo-woo moves). But a part of me is still very pessimistic.

    It’s like doing Bullwinkle in full Disney-style animation. It may look nice in a trailer, but it’s just — wrong. Just as Bullwinkle and friends need to look as offhand as their jokes, the working-class Stooges need a cheap, no-frills world to knock around in. Someplace where the hammer to the forehead is clearly fantasy.

  • Don’t know if that film will work, but I appreciate the efforts of the actors to get that physical comedy right. Even the timing is close – but still not tight enough. Maybe it works in context better than in the trailer.

    But let’s face it: this kind of comedy is legally dead for quite some time now. The performers of the past spent a life on stage to get their schticks right, and nobody’s doing that today any more. This is not just a question of changed taste, but also of changed context: in the 1930’s there was a whole world of physical action and hard labour a comedian could make fun of. In 2011 this world has gone, at least in the Hollywood parts of the world. Contemporary comedy relies on dialogue because our real life doesn’t has much physical interaction any more, aside from war and sports.

    Maybe we should pay more attention to african or philipine cinema. If there ever could be some physical comedy act, it might come from there.

  • The Stooges are not very popular in Spain, I only know them because of references in The Simpsons and John K.

    I dislike most of Farrelly’s movies. I did like Osmosis Jones to some extent, but I thought it was a great idea developed in a mediocre way.

    I don’t know about the trailer. It looks like the characters are in the modern era, but they belong to another period (hence the iphone gag), but they don’t show them travelling through time or anything. It’s kind of a strange way to adapt the thing. The good looking girls are a pleasure to see (especially Kate Upton) but they look kinda out of place in this context.

    The part that goes from 1:07 to 1:32 looks pretty funny, though, maybe the montage and music help or maybe they are funny scenes in the actual movie. And it looks anything but politically correct, which is also a plus in these days.

  • My God! It’s happened. I guess I got brain cancer from my cell phone. That can be the only explanation for me laughing at this trailer. I clicked ‘play’, fully prepared to hate on it, but it had me laughing out loud.
    I’m going to see this when it comes out.

  • This is just a travesty. If ever there was a film that didn’t need to be made, this is it. I don’t care how well they do the voices and have the the right haircuts, it’s not the same.

  • I think we should welcome this type of cartoon violence, let’s be honest we all like it. If the trailer maker has made a little look a lot then hats off to them but to my eye this looked good.

    My only criticism would be over the arbitrary cuts to angles that actually lose what I imagine they are trying to add. A lot of those visual gags could be done with a continuous take straight to camera. It may seem to be nit picking (I admit it is) but from the start when the bag was thrown and the camera panned up to the nun I couldn’t help but spot a great many illogical movements in the filming.

    Imagine if… establishing shot of location…. car approaches at speed….cut to the nun stood on stoop…. [screech of tyres]… bag flys in…. nun alarmed [speeding car sound effect rapidly decreases]…. nun looks at bag…. bends to open it {benny hillesque clumsy cut to the REAL babies in the bag}… CUT to down view reveal of babies in bag…. ?

    How about that? they use the obvious Benny hill style ‘dummies falling’ gag later in the trailer so why not… it would probably save money and be funnier… do I win 5 pounds??

    I also do needle point (whatever that is)

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Back in the 80s I got an idea that Adam Sandler, Pauly Shore, and Chris Farley would make decent reincarnations of Moe, Larry and Curly, respectively. At least they’re trying to recreate the physical comedy that got played down severely by the 60s. We’ll see.

  • Justin

    I love the Three Stooges! I’m definitely going to see this! It looks like it’s going to be a really funny movie.

  • Royce

    “they were animated several times (unfortunately).”

    What? No love for that fine 70’s H/B production, “The Bionic Stooges”? I loved that show!

    Admittedly I *was* eight years old at the time.

  • Dario

    When I looked at this I said “oh the humanity”, like that reporter who witnessed live how the Hindenburg was falling down with flames.

  • Ken Layton

    This looks good. I will go see this!

  • Jim M

    I’m a cynical f*ck, and am frequently disappointed by films. This trailer though, got a couple honest laughs outta me.

    I’m in.

  • Scarabim

    Whoa. Uh….actually…not bad, not bad at all. Seems to have a decent mixture of the Stooges’ classic brutality, slapstick and innocence. Voices are spot-on.

    I hated the lobster-down-the-pants gag though.

    But what the hell. I may see this.

  • This is one re-make I actually LIKE! (*who knew?!)

    Bring on silly slap-stick! We need it! :)

  • I don’t think it looks that bad, in fact the humor looks like it stays pretty true to the old shorts, even at the risk of being dated/unhip. Don’t know about the Snookie cameo, though, I could have done without that.

  • Mick Collins

    I’m casting my vote in the everybody who said the trailer was funnier than it had any right to be, but the proof is in the movie. I can honestly say the actors look great, but I too worry about their translation to a modern setting.

  • Gummo

    Count me among those who HATE the utter lack of ideas in Hollywood that leads to stuff like this ….

    But, God help me, I watched the trailer and laughed my ass off.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    I will be interested to see it having always been critical of the editing in the old ones; The Stooges’ comedic timing was great, it was the editing that was slow for me. I always felt like they could cut to next shots sooner. I guess I was always comparing it to the snappy Warner Bros or MGM Cartoon timing.

    And I confess I have replayed the clip to see Sister Bernice a few times. A star is born!

  • Justin Delbert

    So what was core about the Three Stooges:
    The Violence (first and foremost)
    How they looked (Moe, Curly, and Larry loooked just like they did in the 1940s)
    The voices (especially with Moe and Curly; they both had unique voices)

    What did they change:
    Color (The original Three Stoges theatricals originally were released in black and white)
    New cast (The original Stooges have died, so they had to find real act alikes to keep the core of the looks and voices of these characters)
    Modern times (They now make jokes about iphones and even gave Snooki a poke in the eyes which is good because I claim Snooki to be nothing but a bitch with big breasts, but I digress)

    I think it looks great. On the side note, I’ve noticed that cartoon fans love The Three Stooges. They are wonderful, aren’t they? The cartoon from the 60s, they’re ok, but the live action shorts are a sight to behold.

  • Priory

    Very happy to report that I giggled and guffawed at this just like I do with the original 3S !

  • Etz Rasch

    Curly was a little guy, Will Sasso is a giant… All the stooges were around the same height too, had a nice uniformity. They were always much shorter with the people they interacted with in their shorts, almost seemed like they were another “species” who lived amongst the populace.

    Although these guys in the new movie should definitely win “best costume” at a Halloween party, they just don’t cut it… Then again Moe and Larry themselves unsuccessfully tried to re-cast Curly, so this comes as no surprise…

  • This is perfect!! The actors have portrayed them in honor and respect! 3 segments of this film like they did in the times of The Three stooges! I feel so happy! I can’t wait!!!


    Where’s Tim Bear?

  • Steven M.

    I must say, I’ve been dreading the absolute worst when I heard news of them making a new Three Stooges movie, but upon seeing this trailer, I’m pretty impressed. The actors channeled the Stooges personalites very well and their looks, the gags were very in-tone with the Stooges (aside from the beginning gag and the lobster gag at the end).

    I won’t make judgements yet, but for now, I’m very happy with this.

  • joe

    That was pretty terrible.

  • Christopher Cook

    The trailer did nothing for me…it looked like the same forced slapstick that invaded the “Pink Panther” redeux with Steve Martin. The Stooges’ feature-length films proved that a little of them (their two-reelers) go a long way.

    The Robonic Stooges? Sure it wasn’t great art, but it wasn’t afraid to be stupid and admit it.

  • meangene

    I’ve been the ultimate stooge fan since 1960…I know this project has been kicked around for about the last 10 years and I’m surprised it ever saw the light of day. It’s ridiculous to try to copy a classic. A true stooge fan would never go for this – it’s just irritating…it’s wrong. This movie will flop after one weekend or maybe just go straight to video. You can never come close to the original stooges.

  • I’m a Stooges fan and I sort of cringed when I heard they were making this movie, but I honestly think it looks great. Chris Diamantopoulos did an incredible job as Moe. Long live slapstick!

  • Glowworm

    I was bracing myself for the worst–I’m a three Stooges fan, and when my boyfriend mentioned Snooki was in it–I was worried.

    Yet to my surprise, not only do they look like the Stooges—they actually act and sound like them–it’s not like that black version of “The Honeymooners” where everything is entirely revamped for the worse.

    I did love watching Snooki get poked.

    However, I will say this—the lobster joke went too far. The Stooges were far too classy to do groin jokes.

  • JustSayNoToStoogesClones

    Call me a Stooges purist. Try this: Watch just about any “Curly” short (except for maybe one or two from his “stroke” years), then watch ANY 10-20 minutes of this movie. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE ORIGINALS. At minimum, this movie should have been filmed in black and white, set in the 30’s and/or 40’s, had “rolling” changes of scenery (see the originals), the Stooges should have all been the same height (with Moe and Larry a bit dumpier), no background music, the REAL opening music (pick whichever era you like) for each “short” and not cut off halfway through it, less “trash” humor-wise (the trailer has enough of it), better character actors (Vernon Dent, Bud Jamison, Symona Boniface just for a few really made the difference in a lot of those shorts), etc. etc. etc. You get the idea. A whole lot more was needed in this production to even ATTEMPT to match the originals. It probably just can’t be done, because nobody in Hollywood (ESPECIALLY the Farrelly Brothers) would dare to make it the way I described. I heard a sequel is in the works. It is sure to be more of the same. As the ending music in the movie went, “It’s a Shame”!