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TRAILER: Bibo Bergeron’s “Un Monstre à Paris”

Un Monstre a Paris

A trailer (en français) for Bibo Bergeron’s long-gestating CG feature Un Monstre à Paris has popped up on the website Catsuka. Bergeron, a veteran animator who co-directed the DreamWorks features Shark Tale and The Road to El Dorado, made the film at his French studio Bibo Films. Un Monstre à Paris opens wide in France in October.

(via Sketchcrawl Twitter)

  • Finally, there is a trailer for this movie. I hope the promise from the concept art transfers to the screen. If so, this could be an animation treat for us animators.

  • Philippe

    I’m not a fan of the poster, but I like the trailer. Great character and background designs. I remember seeing some footage of this at Annecy 2007. I was wondering what happened to the project. I’m glad to see they are releasing it and I hope I’ll get to see it!

  • This looks amazing! I’ll have to wait for subs, as my French is quite rusty. >_>;

  • Bob

    My French was not quite up to the task, but it sure looked great! Perhaps a touch of Phantom of the Opera, a little Jekyll and Hyde, and a pinch of Beauty and Beast. Lovely design.

  • the art direction and design is gorgeous. too bad the animation is stiff and cliched.

    it seems like a lot of CG flicks are falling into this trap…i’m seeing the same poses, movements, and interactions over and over and over again.

    is it just a by-product of these studios needing to crank out movies fast, therefore falling back on lazy habits?

    the only movie that’s surprised me recently was “Tangled”…there were a few shots in that one (most notably, the death scene of the evil witch) that really stood out as fresh to me.

    • jerome

      The budget for “Un monstre à paris” is 10 times less than the budget for Tangled… So yeah they clearly had more time (and hands) to craft the animation for the Disney film.

      • right…i guess my point was that i see this same tired animation in other big-budget films from Dreamworks, Blue Sky, and Pixar.

        i couldn’t even get past the first 15 minutes of “Despicable Me” because of the awful animation.

  • Love the look of the characters and art direction!

  • burkiss

    It looks fresh to me. I like Bibo Bergeron’s animation and I hope his movie is a big success.

  • Looks pretty charming. I got the Phantom of the Opera vibe, too.

  • Fantastique!!!

    If the story is at least half as good as the visuals and characters I think this film could be a real hit :)

  • chipper

    The colours are gorgeous. I like Lucille’s clothing (think that’s her name? I might have caught it wrong). I hope this somehow is either dubbed or subbed and makes it overseas.

  • wgan

    character style looks very nicolas marletish, nice

  • I had the pleasure of storyboarding on this film with Bibo & co. for 18 months in Nice in the south of France- a tough gig eh?! Although we began production in French the film was eventually animated to English dialogue & I guess that will be the ‘version original’ while the French version is actually dubbed! (I believe Ms Paradis plays her role for both versions)

    The creative team on this picture was the most amazing collection of artists & film-makers I’ve seen in Europe- staggeringly talented! The style is a melange of art nouveau and Bibo’s influences-French language comic books (Tardi, Franquin etc.) and his love of mime, music and large nosed monkeys!

    I pray they put together an ‘art of’ book for this film because the artwork generated as storyboards, layouts, colour keys and concept work is beautiful . . .

    • The film looks gorgeous. Very appealing style and art direction. To my eyes this is CG with a very “hand-drawn/cartoony” look to it. I definitely picked up the Franquin influence.

      I hope it gets a North American release.

  • droosan

    In addition to the literary influences noted above, there seems to be a dash of ‘Kafka’ in -M-‘s design, as well.

    I’d love to see this get a stateside release .. but I’ll definitely grab it on Region-2 DVD, if it doesn’t. Ditto for an ‘art of’ book!

    • MadRat

      That’s what I was going to say. It kind of looks like a light-hearted combination of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera and Shaw’s Pygmalion. I can’t judge the animation and story line but I like the artwork and story idea.

  • Great character designs and nice backgrounds. I am looking forward to see this.

  • cbat628

    I’d definitely be willing to give this movie a look!

  • I loved what I saw. Allez, Bibo!!!

  • Kendra

    The style of the film is so pretty! The animation is a little questionable during a few moments of the trailer, but I will definitely want to check this out regardless. As others have said, the character designs are awesome.

  • Mapache

    I’m a huge fan of Mathieu Chedid. Yet I still don’t want this to become -M- Le film.
    Anyway I wanna see it, even if Bergeron’s past works aren’t that great. (euphemism.)

    • M’s trademark haircut inspired the design of the ‘monster’ but that’s really his only onscreen influence. The music and songs of course will be M’s main contribution. In the English version Chedid’s friend & collaborator Julian Lennon will play the role.

  • English trailer is up on the TIFF channel