Trailer for Blue Sky’s <em>Rio</em> Trailer for Blue Sky’s <em>Rio</em>
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Trailer for Blue Sky’s Rio

Here’s our first look at Blue Sky’s next feature, Rio, due Easter 2011:

(Thanks, Iain)

  • joecab

    Dang, they’re really getting good with their character animation: I love that toucan.

  • Celia

    I’m smitten with these birds. They’re so appealing, which I rarely see in CG animation. I’ll save my Shrek money for this!

  • Iritscen

    What the?! No celebrity voice credits? How am I supposed to judge this based on the quantity and quality of famous people involved with it?

    Oh well, it *was* visually enjoyable. The punchline by the toucan at the end wasn’t as broad as I was expecting, which actually impressed me. It was a smart low-key punchline to follow so much slapstick.

  • Looks promising.

  • Jeffers

    Didn’t say a lot about the plot of the movie, but it was a nice introduction to 3 characters. I have to say that the statue of Christ that pops up in the one shot was distracting and confusing. Where did that come from? My favorite moment was when the birds bounced off the woman in the bikini’s ass. I replayed that a few times.

  • elan

    The christ statue is the most famous landmark in Rio. No movie about Rio would be complete without it. It isnt a religious movie, if that’s what you’re thinking.

  • Ricardo

    Looks great! I’m really looking forward to see this movie. Jeffers, that Christ statue’s is one of the most famous Rio de Janeiro’s landmarks. And this part of the story happens in Rio. When in context, it makes sense.

  • Jeffers –

    That statue of Christ is as iconic to Rio as the Statue of Liberty is to New York.

    Also appreciated the bikini ass shot – another iconic feature of Brazilian culture.

  • Leo

    Hey Jeffers, that statue is one of the most famous landmarks in Rio, ubiquitous in any tourist guide. I don’t think they were promoting some sort of Christian agenda with it (though the execs probably loved it).

    Animation was great, want to see more.

  • robiscus

    Jeffers is joking.
    (I hope)

    …I’ve never been a fan of BlueSky, but this peak looks quite good. Quite good.

  • So far so good! It’s got me interested…

  • Yeah, I also liked the punchline at the end. Didn’t find the slapstick especially funny but it was ok. The characters look appealing and the background reminds me of Three Caballeros, which is good.

    It doesn’t look too spectacular, but it looks aesthetic enough. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be brilliant in the plot or humor departments but it could be entertaining.

  • Cool! Looks very promising and I know we can trust Blue Sky to deliver like they have in the past.

  • Amazing animation, and very appealing characters. :)

    Really looking forward to this one.

  • Brad Constantine

    Animation looks really great…but I can’t help thinking to myself…Oh no, not another cg movie about South America already…didn’t we go through this all before with the “penguins,” and the “back to the wild,” and the “under the sea”…and the “heroes”…and the “robots”, and the…

  • Jeffers – you will have seen the statue of Christ destroyed alongside the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, the Vatican, Big Ben etc in every disaster movie ever made.

    Also – George Lopez. Great…

    The main parrot looks lovely, though and they paid off that awful sentimental sludge at the beginning with a reasonably good comical follow up at the end.

  • Best butt gag ever!-visually, at least.

  • Angry Anim

    I thought I was getting bitter these past few years.

    I had no interest in seeing any of Blue Sky’s previous films from their trailers. Also, I’ve pretty much had no interest in seeing ANY animated film of late from their trailer. Toy Story 3, Princess and the Frog, Dragons, Shrek 4, Mega Mind… yuk

    But THIS I want to see!! Very cool!

    They also get bonus points for using Sérgio Mendes and Brazil ’66.

  • The character animation look outstanding !!

  • Dear Tim Rauch

    Bear in mind we Brazilians are not proud of this unfortunate iconic image of the bikini ass shot. Asking Brazilians about it is even more awkward than asking an Icelandic person about Bjork. ;)

  • JMatte

    Visually very appealing! Looks like it could be fun, so definitely putting this on my to watch list.

  • Flyboy

    I dont know, if my culture had butts like that I’d own it

  • Chris

    So THIS is why “NEWT” was cancelled. Looks good, and I’m not saying that just because Blue Sky Studios is literally at my backyard.

  • Alissa

    First I’ve heard of this movie, and it seems pretty good so far. Of course there’s not much to go on, but the birds were cute at least. :)

  • Andre – the bikini ass is something that should be celebrated, admired, carved from rock and worshipped.
    Nothing unfortunate about it at all.

  • I am beside myself with excitement here. Blue Sky gained my full trust since the likes of “Robots” and “Horton” crept alongside their “Ice Age” flicks, so consider me first in line for this movie!

    BTW, FAB animation :D :D

  • Gummo

    That was adorable.

  • This pleases my eye.

    I have a sticker from the ctn for this movie with a much cooler font. They should bring it back.

  • MichaelDair

    Finally!! Sergio Mendes & Brasil’66 as part of a sound track in an animated feature.

  • I liked that. It’s one of those “I wish I’d thought of it” ideas.
    Can’t wait to see it.
    I’m with Elliot about the Bikini ass. Be Proud of that image!

  • Looks promising.

    Just on a technical note, metal framed paragliders like the ones shown in the trailer are passé and were long ago superceded by the far lighter, somewhat more stable, all-fabric gliders in use today.

    But more importantly, will they be able to get thru an entire Brazil-set movie without a Carmen Miranda reference?

    Or using “Brazil” in the soundtrack?

  • Wait wait….isn’t this just Pixar’s Newt? with birds? I believe the Newts in Newt were even BLUE. SERIOUSLY. There was a poster mock up with BLUE spotted newts. Why the hell does this happen? Do studios really mean to steal from each other like they do? Is their a little script goblin that decides everybody is doing ant or fish movies at the same time?

    The birds are lovely (beautiful rendering on the feathers nice animation too) and all and it looks pretty but I am getting really sick of these Ice Age movies that just have long falling/sliding/chasing/screaming sequences. Almost all the Ice Age movies were just that and it felt like Horton (oh man and Robots)was just one long falling/slide/chase SCREAM sequence.

    I do look forward to it but I wonder how good it will look after a longer preview. Color me unimpressed.

    P.S. Its nice to see Neil Patrick Harris doing more cartoon work Rio. Well played.

  • Rat

    “I have to say that the statue of Christ that pops up in the one shot was distracting and confusing. Where did that come from?”

    At some point Americans should really learn about places outside their country.

  • I think I liked the logo more than anything.

  • Hey, well I was quite appalled by this trailer. The characters were offensive, in that they were generic stereotypes of Hollywood cookie cutter personalities and that the gags were forced and there was no ingenuity to them. I thought this was a bad start for a film, I hope the film doesn’t fall into the trappings this trailer is full of.
    I will say however, the two parrots were very pleasing designs.

  • I…don’t like it. Seems contrived. Like the story about feeling it in your heart though. I think that will find its way into people’s hearts and they’ll like the rest of the film because of it. Halo effect or what have you.

  • Alison

    I believe Newt was supposed to be about two blue newts who were supposed to mate because they’re the last of their species. This just seems to be about birds who want to fly…? Don’t really see the resemblance, other than two birds in this trailer being blue.

    This movie looks interesting. I like the designs of the birds, very appealing. Wonder what the story will be like.

  • Tony

    Thank you, the visionaries at Blue Sky who have imagined something DELIGHTFUL, FRESH, and very, very APPEALING.
    We all want to go to colorful, warm, inviting Rio!
    You are thinking clearly, AND TO OUR BENEFIT.
    Your BLUE parrots appear vastly superior and infinitely more fun than some recent green monster(s) being thrust upon us. Way to GO!!

  • mickhyperion

    Looks great, but the personalities are utterly mundane and generic to the point of being personality-less. Boring. Whatever happened to unique voices in animation? These are pedestrian.

  • Hal

    George Lopez has officially replaced Robin Williams as the actor I’m least excited to hear in anything animated. Between Beverly Hills Chihuaha, Marmaduke and now this the throne is yours – you earned it George.

  • @Alison

    “Blu is a rare species of macaw resident at a zoo in Minnesota who believes he is the last of his kind. When he learns that another macaw was spotted in South America, and that she is female, he leaves Minnesota and travels to Rio to find her.”


  • lampshade

    It looks… decent… I don’t find it entertaining though.

    Tony: Green monsters?

  • Matthew DH

    The color design is fantastic. The primary colored beach umbrellas were a great choice. It reminds me of up but more matted. Could be fun to watch if my ears don’t bleed after two hours of listening to George Lopez’s voice.

  • Erin

    Eep! A parrot movie! Those must be Spix Macaws since they don’t have the yellow of the lear’s and hyacinth, nor the size (Hyacinths are the largest parrot and would tower over a toucan).
    Hasn’t been a good parrot movie since Paulie. I’m looking forward to see my favorite feathered animal on the big screen.

  • Rooniman

    Not bad actually. The cahacters aren’t annoying, no excess spewing of chilche jokes and gags, and the punchline was good enough for me. I do think Blue Sky is getting better….slowly.

  • hellohue

    Is it just me or did the humour at the start feel a lot like the pigeons in bolt? This film looks boring, boring, boring. Wacky animals just don’t cut it anymore as the basis for a story. Shame, because it’s well made and all that. But why do stories that don’t come from other source material or pixar have to be so horribly dull? It’s not as if they’ll do anything interesting with how it’s told, Ige Age 2 and 3 did too well for them to do anything interesting.

    Why is it that a medium with endless possibilities mostly only makes films involving talking animals? I’m sure there are a hundred good ideas at that studio better than THIS. It’s a bad trailer. Hahahah. The movie might be the cinematic heir to Citizen Kane, but I doubt it. Do something original for once.

  • there is talk that THIS movie is the reason NEWT was cancelled………….the premises do sound similar but i dunno

    Does anybody with information know anything about that?

  • erlab

    If u think their character animation is good, thank Peter De Seve the designer and their talented sculptors!

    The only film so far that featured anything close to human protagonists was Robots. I REALLY wanted them to try more humans and was almost let down by this trailer….. until I saw the BEACH. :) And now I am excited! Too bad the animals seem to be the center of the story.

    THIS is what George Lopez should voice! Not some…. established, popular character who will never sound anything like him in a million years!

  • East COAST!!!!!

  • Tim Schuit

    Talking animals participate in all kinds of crazy wacky hijinks!!!

    Movie doesn’t look the least bit appealing to me.

  • Billy Bob

    trite but cute, animation is GREAT.

    East Coast indeed!

  • Scarabim

    Pretty but pointless.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It looks good. I’m expecting toucan poop jokes though.

  • I was so excited to see this…TILL I saw it was in 3D—I hate 3D Gives me a headache and adds nothing to the movie experience except a bigger ticket price.

  • I dunno, but maybe the Animators are the saddest of all workers in the world. Apparently there is nothing that can make them happy.

    Maybe, in an anthropological study, someone discovers that this posture of “hating everything made by others” is some way of trying to look smarter or more talented. Just people who try to look bigger by diminishing the others.

    There are bad things posted in Cartoon Brew, of course. But its visitors (more precisely its commentators) act like this blog is some kind of “photoshop disasters” of animation, where EVERYTHING is posted to be bashed.

    To reinforce my previous comment: I loved this trailer and can’t wait to see it. Looks like lots of fun.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I saw this a couple of days ago and was tickled pink by it. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film next year.

  • Jim Engel

    The voices stink. How I long for a return to VOICE actors (VS actors) PERFORMING for animated characters… (Not just George Lopez talking in his natural voice, but HEY! He’s PERFECT–he’s Hispanic AND hot right now!). With America more celebrity-crazed than ever tough, I’m not holding my breath, though…

  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone, both positive and negative! I’m proud to be part of the team animating on this movie and we can’t wait for you to see it!

  • Roberto Severino

    I was pleasantly surprised by how appealing the character designs looked. No excessive fart or poop jokes or any of that. I might actually go watch this next year. The voices didn’t really cut it for me though, but overall, this movie looks really fun. Go East Coast animation!

  • Gerard de Souza

    I realize it is a trailer but I am tired of non-stop action. Can we see some subtlety…some pathos in shorts and trailers

  • Larry

    DeSeve deserves some credit, but Sergio Pablos did the original designs…

  • I’ll never understand the “talking animals” criticisms. Animated movies are not better or worse depending of the species of the main characters. Dumbo is a “talking animal” movie?

    Yes, there are tendencies In the 90s talking animals were the comic relief and the main characters were heroic, perfect human beings like Disney prince/princesses. I actually prefer talking animals to that.

    Maybe there could be more variety in the talking animals, though. Like, having some antropomorphic talking animals again. Characters like the Looney Tunes or Yogi Bear that act somewhat like human beings and stand in their two feet. This seems to be considered unrealistic today or something. Of course they reuse this classic characters but they never create new characters that look and talk like that for modern features. I don’t know the reason.

  • Leirin

    Seems like a fun watch, nothing spectacular. The designs and colors, as others have pointed out, are very, very appealing, though I’m not too keen on the look of the humans and the bikini butt gag seemed… ugh… soooo contrived. If the rumors are true, I really would’ve preferred seeing Pixar’s Newt come into fruition rather than this, but Blue Sky is usually pretty good, I enjoyed Horton. If anything I’ll go just for the pretty animation and interesting setting.

  • I forgot Kung Fu Panda is a modern feature that has antropomorphic animals as main characters. I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. It’s my fave type of character.

  • Bill Andres

    Looks like a fun movie, like the character designs, I’ll go and see it.

  • White Plain Boring

    I have the sensation I have seen this movie already 7 times
    in other reincarnations… cliche all over….cookie cutter vision.
    Despite more than enough talent in BS, overall the studio
    lacks direction, movies are bland with goofy humour and the corporate creativity is evident. The readers say its good animation they see.
    Perhaps, but also stock expressions and poses, not to mentioned
    tired hero does good dialogue and story. Nothing new really.
    It pays the bills and fills Fox’s coffers.

    I think I will go read a good book now and wait for something better to come along. Good luck to the crew though.

  • kiss me there

    bodacious big-booty babes and sun? i’m there.

  • Plain Wrong

    Boring? Stock expressions? What, you mean, like smiling?

    Maybe you werent looking at the same thing I was, but what I saw was beautifully designed and crafted artistry and animation that hasnt been rivaled in ANY studio I’ve ever seen. The perfect execution of squash and stretch alone is worth the price of admission.

    Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to make CG films? How MUCH of a victory it is to see inspired character design like this coming from a studio? You DO realize that you dont press “smile” on the keyboard and get what you just saw in that trailer, do you? The subtle curve of the beak and how it flows into the back of the head, the inspired wing and feather designs all scream of originality and effective, talented execution if you ask me. These birds scream character.

    We dont know anything about the story, but to claim these are nothing but stock expressions and poses speak volumes about your ignorance of character design and animation.

    You know what, maybe you should go read a book. Log off the internet and never come back. Your ignorant, arrogant babble is the only boring thing Im seeing here.

  • Vzk

    Well, it certainly does better justice to Rio de Janeiro than Ratatoing.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Did someone say George Lopez? How about genuine Brazilian actors?

  • lampshade

    Plain Wrong: A lot of us were under the impression that CGI was easy to do because Pixar’s Toy Story cost a lot less to make than The Lion King. I’m guessing The Lion King’s animation system was pretty inefficient.

    I’m still interested in hearing about the “green monsters”.

  • Matt Sullivan


  • Doug Drown

    I rarely, rarely laugh at movie trailers . . . but I did at this one.

  • AnthonyA

    A trailer for a movie due out more than a year from now?

    It looked good, but puh-leeze. Three months in advance is more than enough time.

  • I like that the female character was a participant in the slapstick! I’m tired of scenes where the dopey male protagonist is crushed, falls from heights, slammed, smashed, smacked, and then a few beats later his female counterpart arrives, unruffled, and makes some smart-aleck remark.

    Though the ‘fish out of water male chained to wise female’ has sort of been done, recently, hasn’t it? Bolt.

    …Wait, back up, what’s this about Newt being cancelled?

  • Some Bird

    Initial reaction: “A movie with birds as the major characters? YAAAAY!!!”

    Later: “So. Much. Screaming.”

  • Black Different Fun

    To White Plain Boring

    Seems like you have a personal issue with the film. It’s quite clear that everything about it is awesome. It’s so very easy to criticize. Maybe you should take an art class and get out of your bubble. It’s a kids film, it’s not going to change your life. I think it’s going to be great and I can’t wait to see it.

  • Alligator Radiator

    FYI from what I heard, Newt came way after Rio. Rio isn’t a copy so get over it.

  • Filipino Pancake

    Drewski is that you? *sigh*

    I for one am looking forward to a film about learning to fly. So far the trailer has shown a beautiful representation of birds, Rio and wonderful artistic styling… and the animation ain’t too bad either!

  • Jimmy Timmy

    Hey Bobby Pontillas that awesome! How long have you been apart of the team at Blue Sky Studios?

  • Alligator Radiator

    Oh JP.