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Trailer for Brad Bird’s “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

We normally don’t post live-action trailers on Cartoon Brew, but there are exceptions to every rule, and Brad Bird is always an exception. Watch the trailer for his film Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol at MissionImpossible.com.

  • Very excited for this. I think of all animation directors, Brad Bird’s talent is going to translate best to live action.

  • NC

    A lot of running…

    • NC

      … from smoke

  • Ghost of Warners Bros. Past

    I especially enjoy the ‘splosions.

  • I hope this movie stands out in its directing and gets Bird critical acclaim in the live action world. I liked the beginning of the trailer but fell off when I heard Eminem and things became a little more cliche. Of course that is just the trailer and this could be a fantastic movie. Plus I’m always down for a Brad Bird project.

    • Matt

      It looks great, and it’s certainly a BIG movie.

      If John Walker were on this as producer he’d have a heart attack.

      Get e’m accross the line in FIRST PLACE Brad! ;)

    • Jen

      Chris Powell,

      Are you nuts? Eminem is one of the greatest MCs of all time! Brad Bird using Eminem in a trailer. It couldn’t be less cliche. I’m there!

      • Ergo

        How is it not cliché?

  • B.Bonny

    Tom Cruise fits right in with Bird’s “Aging Superhero” medium.

  • It wouldn’t be MI without a ton of Tom Cruise running shots. I’m looking forward to seeing this. Will probably be the best MI.

  • Ira

    Brad Bird is Mr. Incredible.

  • Paul D

    I liked it! First “big action” film I’ve been interested in for a long time. I don’t doubt that Mr. Bird is making this a great film!

  • tgentry

    Sigh, Yahoo videos never work for me. It even says it’s been taken down. Off the official site. Why won’t studios learn just to release it via Quicktime instead of going through Yahoo or MTV or other junk media sites.

  • If this is successful, then Brad would consider directing Ghostbusters III…

  • Toonio

    Looks a lot like MI:3 which cannot be good. Bring back DePalma or Woo or even better David Fincher and we’ll talk.

    And nothing against Brad Bird. Pixar is light years away of producing anything close to Iron Giant.

    • MI:2 was HORRIBLE. absolutely unwatchable. the first one had some iconic scenes but was a bit all over the place as well.

      what didn’t you like about MI:3? it was a sleek, well-constructed spy movie. and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was amazing. not sure what else i’d want out of a Mission Impossible movie.

      • Anom

        The first Mission:Impossible was the only one that was really unique or intellectually challenging.

        The only reason I would even consider seeing M:I4 is Brad. He certainly knows how to make good action films and films with characters that resonate. I just wish Brad Bird would get back to animation, at Pixar or somewhere else, and leave live action Hollywood alone.

  • tgentry, the video just worked for me.

  • itsyouNOTme

    Nifty… I just can’t get past Thomas C.

  • Lib

    It does look like M:I3 and that’s a bad sign, yeah. Then again, the unfortunate use of that song and the typical blockbuster trailer editing may be deceiving.

    I’ll watch it just because of Brad Bird. I really hope this is the first decent sequel to DePalma’s brilliant Mission Impossible.

  • Scott

    It looks like every other “action” picture made. I’m sure the craft will be solid and competent but it’s such a shame to see any creative energies wasted on this cash cow. Let’s hope it opens some doors for him so we can see what he REALLY can do.

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  • Tim Stevens

    You have to remember that franchise films like this have to fit within an established look. I don’t doubt that Bird will put his own twist on things, but I suspect that Tom Cruise will probably make the call on the final edit.

    Does anyone know how Bird came to direct this? I always found it odd, that with all of the experienced directors out there, he was pulled out. I don’t want to seem too cynical, but what experience does he really have with live action filming on this scale?

    • Michael

      What is Brad Birds twist on things, visually? He and his group seem to have invented the modern standards if cinematographic story boarding, so he is no doubt an expert in formal clarity and the language of cinema. Taking that to live action, its clear that would make you one of the more competent directors in hollywood, but his animated films weren’t exactly stylish, I am not sure he has displayed such a twist, ever. Not like depalma, or Altman, or whatever. What do you think would missing?

    • My guess is that Cruise and Abrams were fans of The Incredibles and thought “hey, Bird would be perfect to direct a Mission: Impossible sequel.”

    • Bran L

      I can’t remember where I read this, but I thought I read quite awhile ago that Brad Bird would be directing a scene in MI4 as a test of his live action directing abilities. I understand that’s one of the things that made warner borthers and pixar nervous about Brad trying to direct what was originally going to be a $200m budget film “1906” (though it’s not reduced to $160m i gather). I guess somewhere along the line they bumped him up to director.

      I’d personally imagine Brad wouldn’t be interested wasting years of his life directing a film like this if he didn’t feel it wasn’t going to stengthen his pitch for making “1906” though. I could be wrong though, I haven’t been able to find a whole lot of details about the whole thing.

      In any case I hope both films work out fantasticly for him. I am god damn itching to see how “1906” turns out :).

      • @ Bran L… that doesn’t make any logical sense.

        They’d test him out by having him direct a part of MI4, get all worried over it, then have him direct all of MI4 as a result?

    • common knowledge

      Oh, I’d say Brad has everything Tim Burton had when he was entrusted with millions of dollars to make “Batman” for WB, plus a lot more-an Oscar, higher-grossing films, super high profile rep, he’s an articulate and brilliant pitch man, and he has hardcore(Amblin), major studio live action experience as a screenwriter. Bird also has killer representation as a result of all of the above. In short, it’s an ideal assignment for him and no mystery at all why he got it.

      It’s Tom Cruise who’s thrilled to have Brad Bird. Given Cruise’s involvement in this franchise I’m sure he spent time getting to know Brad and deciding if he was the right guy.

  • I think it looks good! I liked the trailer a lot although it was kind of long. And very flashy. But hey, it’s MI. The special effects look amaazing…

  • Andrew

    Hey look! Another action movie!

  • Neil

    I’ll reserve judgement till i actually see the film , but trailers to action films seem to be so similar these days, you could string three or four of them together and not actually tell they were from different movies. Video games influence on big movies are dominant not saying its a bad thing its just an observation.

  • Great trailer. I thought Mission Impossible 3 was awesome, So I’m really looking forward to this one.

  • jp

    I expect the tropes of a MI movie to only allow it to be so good (surprise me, Brad), but I can see how it could possibly make boatloads of money. So at this stage I don’t care how good the movie is. I just want it to be madly profitable. I want it to be so profitable that no studio exec would dare upset the perceived “Brad Bird Magic”. I want this to allow Brad the control and funding to make any dream film he has in his head. So you go MI4! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be my meal ticket to a Brad Bird space opera, or giant monster movie, or super hero or robot film, or who knows! But I’m just itchin’ to find out.

    • I for one am pumped for this movie (yes, biased, we’re working on it) because so far it looks like a slick action movie. I would like it to be successful for Bird, because yes, I’m looking forward to 1906 as well.

      I’m not so sure about directors being able to make their dream movies though. Then you get the Star Wars prequels, King Kong, Matrix 2 and 3, etc. Too much freedom and control is not always a good thing.

      • Those who can DON’T

        If you ARE able to make your dream project (which hopefully is something new & authentic rather than a re-make or re-imagining of something else) then make it!

        But then be done with it, put it to bed and try something else. No matter how great the first something was, it usually doesn’t warrant 2 or 3 sequels or prequels.

        In short, don’t be a George Lucas, Peter Jackson or the Wachowski Brothers. Learn from their folly

        …that or do the same, get rich and have people complain about you and your movies.

  • Has Brad Bird been approached to direct a Superman movie? Considering his track record I think he’d be an ideal choice for the last son of Krypton.

    • Eric

      Or a Fantastic Four film. That would be pretty cool as well.

      • Sardonic Tuba

        Brad already made a Fantastic Four film. It was called “The Incredibles.”

  • Looking forward to this film.

    I still remember my wife chatting with Brad at a party and didn’t know who he was. Yep, true story.

  • I can’t really see anything new and special on that. Sorry.
    Looks like any other Action movie that was made before. The special effects are nice, but that’s pretty much it.

  • Saturnome

    Hm. I don’t get much out of the trailer honestly. But yes, they don’t mean much.

    The Mission: Impossible films are all very different from each other and that’s what I think is interesting. I’m all for a 5th one by Quentin Tarantino, a 6th by Woody Allen and a 7th one by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.
    I just hope Brad Bird made it is own way.

  • Kevin H.

    The word ‘unnecessary’ comes to mind.

  • Chuck Howell

    With the sheer amount of CGI in a movie like this I think tapping one of the most original animation directors of his generation for this project probably is not as out there as some may think…

  • Charles

    looks like a michael bay movie

  • This trailer is soooo Brad Bird. Just kidding.


    • It’s attached to TRANSFORMERS 3

      • Anom

        In that case, I’m glad I saw the trailer online, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it for a while…

      • In that case…What Anom said.

  • Marcos

    Not even Brad could resist to the clausule in Tom cruise’s contract to have a scene with him running

  • Tim Douglas

    Well that was disappointing but I’ll put it down to bad trailering. *coined*

    Just keep repeating: “It’s Bird, not Bay. Bird not bay. Bird not Bay”

  • Damon

    I dig the MI series and love Bird’s work so this is a must see.

  • Darkblade

    Not a fan of Mission Impossible, but I must say that is a very interesting trailer. Speaking of Bird, somebody’s trying to bring back his “planned” Spirit animated feature back.

  • OtherDan

    Well, it should be the most interesting Mission Impossible movie, but I’m a little disappointed: I thought he was working on an original, original movie.

    • He was, but now he’s doing MI:4 to gain some footing in Hollywood’s live-action world, so that conservative studios will (hopefully) finally realize that his dream project 1906 is worth supporting.

  • OtherDan

    …I’ll be satisfied if there is the line, “Mind if I…eh?” in the movie. Hard to find his touches in that trailer.

  • Simon Pegg!!! Hooray!!! I bet he’s laughing his arse off over this. This looks good in many ways. Unfortunately I cannot stomach Tom Cruise on screen for more than 3 minutes the psychotic ham that he is. There is no such thing as bad publicity they say, try his rambling gibberish scientology ‘interview’ for the pronounced exception to the rule. I’ll wait until it comes on at christmas some time

  • Len Inn

    Great animation director does O.K. action flick… probably.

  • NC

    Is anyone else a little concerned that Brad is not mentioned as a writer?

    From IMDB:

    J.J. Abrams story
    Josh Appelbaum screenplay
    !!!?Tom Cruise?!!! (WHAT THE F!!!!!) story
    André Nemec screenplay

    • Yeah, if the producers had some sense they should have let Brad re-write the whole thing.

  • greg m.

    can’t wait to see where he sneaks in the Cal Arts connection! ;)