Trailers you don’t need to see… Trailers you don’t need to see…
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Trailers you don’t need to see…

… but we’ll show them to you anyway.

First up, they’ve remade Madagascar as a live action movie. No, not really, but The Zookeeper is the first hybrid CG/live action talking animal movie of 2011 and those things usually do well no matter how much I hate them:

More exciting is the prospect of Kung Fu Panda 2. However, this teaser trailer is sort-of a cheat – ya think?

  • Clearly two of the worst trailers i’ve seen this year…

  • Cyber Fox

    the Kung Fu Panda 2 teaser is very amusing
    as for Zoo Keeper, I feel sorry for Kevin James
    He was funny in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” but it seems Hollywood loves to put him in bad comedies (of which i assume that film will most likely be)

  • Steven M.

    Kung Fu Panda 2 looks interesting.

    Zoo Keeper just looks embaressingly unnessesary.

  • Michel Van

    to Zookeeper: I HATE IT !!!

    on Kung fu Panda 2 in 3D: at last one movie in 2011 gona have “awesomeness”

  • The Zookeeper has Slyvester Stallone as a Lion… and that’s enough to make me hate that movie! Why he isn’t an Italian stallion is questionable.

    As for the KFP2, I didn’t expect much since it is a teaser… and yes, I participated in the panda stare off!

  • A.C. the actress

    The first one is more accurately described as “Night at the Museum meets Madagascar,” from what I can tell.

    Not ashamed to admit that I took Po up on the “Kung Fu staring contest”–so I was thrown off when he talked. Despite that I’ve never really liked these kinds of teaser trailers, and Pixar does them too. All they really are are animated “Coming Soon!” posters. I tend to be just as much amused by the trailer as I am annoyed at its triviality.

  • Scarabim

    Well…okay…the Kevin James movie looks like a twist on Dr. Dolittle. The animal/CGI animation looked smooth and convincing. So what’s to hate? There’s barely anything there TO hate. Looks a HELL of a lot better than Yogi Bear. I’ll withhold judgement for now.

    Now as for Kung Fu Panda II…if there’s no Tai Lung, I’m really not very interested in it.

    • Damn straight! I mean, you get EXACTLY what you expect from things like The Zookeeper. It’s simple entertainment, not some high brow storytelling. Meh, people just like to be aloof and upset at stuff. If it gives animators paying gigs and it’s not stepping on a pre-existing IP or re-hashing a treasured part of my childhood, looks cool to me!

      So much snobbery… no wonder animation gets outsourced. You’re all too picky about the jobs you take, haha.

      disclaimer: I’m sitting amongst guys that worked on that at the moment ;)

  • Kevin James REALLY needs to go back to standup.

  • I was a little mad the Kung Fu Panda trailer didn’t give us any inkling about the actual film, but then again Despicable Me’s teaser trailer was the the uncut first 2 minutes of the movie and Megamind’s trailers spoiled the movie, so I guess a little mystery isn’t a bad thing.

  • Alberto

    They should call it “Kung 2 Panda.”

  • Oi, they really, really need to retire “Kung Fu Fighting”, STAT!

  • Stephan

    I thought they were both fine. Even the Zookeeper, talking animals freaking out Kevin James has nothing wrong with it.

  • Alissa

    Zookeeper= meh. Kung Fu Panda 2 was at least amusing if expected.

  • Mark

    I think they ought to take the cartoon animals from the kung foo panda and put them in the zoo movie with that guy (whoever he is). Then they’d have another good kids movie.

  • MattSullivan

    These look FINE! What is it with all the hate lately? It seems as if this blog has become nothing more than a place for animators to whine about upcoming films.

    What, do you think YOU should be the one directing these films? Green-lighting them? Being in charge and telling others what they should and shouldn’t like?

    Then go to work in the industry. Work your way up to studio head. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of complaining about these films. Sure, they might not be Oscar worthy but that’s not the point. They’re PRODUCT. Hollywood is in the business of making money whether we like it or not. If you want to be an independent content creator there’s NOTHING stopping you.

    Until then, I just want to voice my concern about the negative, perpetually cynical state of we animators. Is it SO bad to be employed and working on our craft?

    • Ryoku89

      Alright, who’s hiring? Instead of doing something about this blog you’re just bashing it.

      Hollywood has left a bad taste in our mouths and continues to, it always makes the same mistakes.

    • Who said no one here worked in the industry and isn’t doing exactly what you mentioned and working their way to the top, or at least to an influential position? Do we all have to be at the top rung before we can criticize?

      Oh, and I’ve worked on some bad things that I’ve criticized myself, even though the job put food on my table. If I can’t criticize and seem able to separate the good from the bad, I don’t see myself as someone worthy of working in a creative industry.

    • david

      “Is it SO bad to be employed and working on our craft? ”

      technically most of us are getting paid to destroy our craft, those of use who love really cartoons and have to turd polish.

      “If you want to be an independent content creator there’s NOTHING stopping you.”

      actually not having lots of a money and monopolized distribution deals can put a damper on things.

      But it’s okay matt. i’ll still work on my stuff and i will continue to h8 corporate product.

      peaceout homescout.

      • I’d like to point out how difficult it is to do solid, live action / animation VFX work. If you REALLY think it’s “destroying the craft”… uhh… come teach me!

      • david

        oh SORRY DOOD,i thought he was referring to animation in general. like animated films, not specifically vfx or live action. And yes it is destroying the craft by perpetuating the same tropes and things we’ve all seen before. I don’t care how slick your animation, your boarding, your fx are if it’s just underneath a lame katzenberg joke then it sux and suffers greatly. bottom line.

        this medium is over a century old and this is how far we have come? making movies about kung fu stereotypes and fart jokes with Hack-Black actors doing voice work. In part because we let it go that way and gave the power to some executive whose tastes dictate the content. So we are stuck working on lame lame lame horrible things that are uber safe focus tested and took no risks whatsoever. all rehashed. bla bla bla

        Like i said. turd polishing. There are tons of talented artists working that have to start with a turd and make it look like a hershey’s or ghiradelli candy bar(not an easy task i know!), and they do, but it still tastes like shyt.

        take it e.z. buddy.

  • lola

    Nooo! Kung Fu Panda was actually a fun movie, please don’t ruin it with a sequel!
    And as for the Zookeeper, to quote Alissa: “Meh.”

  • I still haven’t seen Kung Fu Panda, but I didn’t mind that teaser for the sequel. Zookeeper seems like an unbelievably generic kids’ movie.

  • i really enjoyed kung fu panda, i just hope that opening landscape shot from the trailer doesn’t reflect the quality and attention given to the sequel.

    and the zookeeper… boooooooo. its like night at the museum with a fat caretaker.

  • Ryan Pimentel

    The Zookeeper was filmed at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA during the summer of 2009. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but Kung Fu Panda 2 should be entertaining.

  • JDW

    Hey that Kung Fu Panda trailer was better than the one for Cars 2, which was just awful. Why isnt that up here?

  • TheGunheart

    You know, it’s really starting to annoy me how every talking animal movie is just some zany comedy. What ever happened to Babe?

    • The most annoying thing is that the opening shots of the ZOOKEEPER preview seem to be shooting for the sense of awe and childish wonder that characterized BABE. It could still be done again—but here it exists only to serve as a contrast to the ensuing Stooge-like nyuks.

      (Which, I must point out, I don’t entirely dislike on their silly level; it’s just that it’s the 45th movie to feature this kind of thing.)

  • MattSullivan

    Honestly, what good does it do to gripe about something before you even see it?

    For that matter, why are you upset about productions that clearly employ fellow animation artists? That pay their rent or buy food, both of which are APPALLINGLY EXPENSIVE in Los Angeles, almost obscenely so.

    Say these films come out and you’re right, they’re awful. Well so what? I like films people think are terrible and I don’t care. And I can almost always find one or two things about bad films I DO like.

    And by the way, BABE exists on home video. if you want to see it all you have to do is go rent or BUY it. The mere fact that these films exist isn’t stopping ANY of you from doing ANYTHING.

    Are we really having this kind of discussion? Why the hell is everyone so angry? Some of you are acting like the people who made these films killed your first born or took a dump on the Mona Lisa. Why so jaded? They’re just TRAILERS for God’s sake.

    It’s so frustrating!

    • Cyle

      Actually, you seem to be more upset than most of the other people here. I agree that sometimes people are quick to be cynical, but sometimes it’s hard not to be. Above, you said that instead of complaining people should try to get their own movies made, but which movie do you think is more likely to get green lit: an original idea that tries to do something different or Kevin James + talking animals? I’d say that’s pretty frustrating.

      • Emily

        movie moguls see one movie that works, that made a TON of money (talking animals and kevin james) and immediately green light spin offs and sequels. they’re thinking of the possible total gross- not whether it will inspire, create thoughtful contemplation in the minds of young people, or old people alike. if you want beautiful animation, i suggest foreign countries, that’s really where it’s headed. spain, france- heck, even IRELAND is getting in on that with the secret of kells. it’s sad, but true, and i’ve accepted it a long time ago.

  • Can’t wait for another Kung Fu Panda, as long as Dreamworks continues the good work started on the first one and that fantastic Dragon movie.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Y know what else? I’m going to go out on a limb here and add AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T GIVE AWAY THE ENTIRE MOVIE!

    …y know. Like 95% of film trailers do these days. Though, I’m sure these are just teaser trailers and in time, we’ll get a nice full stupid trailer for both films.

    And that’s another thing. ALL TRAILERS these days make movies look retarded.

    • Jmatte

      Very true on all points.
      I don’t know what’s happening with those advertising departments these days, but they seem to mess up trailers (as you said, giving away huge plot points).

      KFP2 is just a teaser, just as Cars 2 just got a teaser out. It should also be posted. Doesn’t it deserve the same space as KFP2?

      Neither tells anything about what the stories will be, it’s just a little heads up saying “oh hey! We have those movies coming up! They exist! Start putting them on your radar!”.

      Of course, it makes one wary as to what the actual trailers for these films will be like.

    • Ha that’s so true…someone showed me a trailer for a film the other day (forgot what it was for…about college geniuses playing poker and being set up by their professor) and by the end of the trailer all the major plot points were given away! I think there was a discussion on here once about certain trailers all…FEELING the same…same visual pace, tempo of music, movie-guy voice-over, re-lip-syncing characters to mesh one visual with another line…and it turned out that they were all being done at the same editing house.

      “Teaser” trailers today are basically what original trailers were meant to do, it seems.

  • I found it ironic that there was a lion character when I just saw MGM’s lion pop up.

    Go see kung fu panda 2. MGM is BANKRUPT unless Time Warner has the winning bid. Plus I never liked MGM due to the lion’s roar.

    • Scarabim

      Speaking of the MGM lion, it’s really time MGM got a new one for its logo. Seriously. That one is either a really young lion or a really old one; it’s barely got a mane. The lion in The Zookeeper was much more impressive.

      Just sayin’.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Why some of us probably wished they kept that late 60’s logo they had on “2001” anyway, you don’t have to say much with that one.

      • Yes, I want that logo back. Scary animal noises don’t stand a chance!

  • Emily

    Oh man! The Zookeeper looks okay, and i was extremely skeptical of kung fu panda 2– i always am when it comes to a sequel, heck, i was even skeptical of toy story 3! and we all know how that turned out…- but i was delighted with the teaser for kung fu panda. not only did i immediately partake in the stare-off, but i burst into laughter with the last line, losing. as cheesy and targeted towards kids dreamworks is, rather than “just making a movie” like pixar, it’s awesome to know that i can go to this confident in that it will make me laugh and (maybe?) cry, especially if its composed by hans zimmerman again!

  • I’m sure there are plenty of others. How about a preview of the CG Heathcliff movie?

  • ColorMeBad

    The Cars 2 teaser should be in this category as well.

    • Alissa

      Where is this mysterious Cars 2 teaser that everyone’s talking about anyway? Color me intrigued.

  • Well, if they didn’t do the staring contest gag, they probably would’ve just ended the teaser at the stomach growling thing. I lawled. At least I can say that I found both of the jokes funny for KFP.

  • Zookeeper. I’m indifferent towards it. Yeah, it looks pretty silly, but I don’t consider this type of thing animated movies. This is for the special FX guys, they get a job and they can work in life action movies. The gags in these movies are dumb, but less offensive than the ones in most “adult” comedies starring Adam Sandler/Kevin James/insert any other comedian. I guess children are entertained by talking animals and I’m fine with it if they don’t ruin Yogi Bear or other classic character in the process.

    KF Panda 2: Thought the first gag was ok, but the staring contest thing was kind of dumb. Luckily this teasers are never indicative of the quality of the movie. I absolutely loved the original movie, but Po -pretty much like Jack Black really- is a pretty “broad” character that is charismatic when he’s toned down with other traits like a geeky attitude or a certain naivety.

    Start making gags like him looking straight to the audience during 18 seconds and he could get irritating pretty soon. I don’t think a sequel was necessary to begin with, but I can see it working. The first installment only explained how he turned into a hero, now he can have all sorts of adventures. Please keep him away of the usual “Dreamworks smugness” (TM) and it may work.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wasn’t Kevin James just appointed to the Supreme Court?

  • Toonio

    What the F with the Kung Fu Panda trailer? I was hoping to get a glimpse of what’s coming not this farce.

    Hope Dreamworks is not playing the Shrek 3 card that went: “Look! the story doesn’t make sense and is completely out of track but we got cute babies”

  • In the old days, the animals would probably transform into cartoons a-la-Bedknobs and Bromsticks instead of CG, i sure miss type of films.

  • Josh Z

    The Zoo Keeper looks like it could be a decent kid movie and outside of the usual animation studios I feel like that’s a rare find.

    Kevin James is perfect for the slap stick comedy that little kids go crazy for.

  • Jay

    Here it be! (The Cars 2 Teaser)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I really love the Kung Fu Panda 2 trailer.I’m glad Dreamworks does these amusing teasers.Wonder if romance will bloom between Po and Tigress in this one?

    The Zoo Keeper looks okay. Dr.Dolittle meets Madagascar and The Wild.

  • sigh

    A trailer is either going to reveal plot points or it’s going to somehow notify the viewer to “put this upcoming film on your radar.” (The latter works best with sequels.) Personally, I’ve enjoyed how Pixar has always managed to skirt the former while truly piquing my interest. Also, KFP had its moments, but was no animated gem in my opinion. The trailer for KFP2 is typical Jack Black humor. Take that however you wish.

  • Marc Baker

    And here, I thought this was an adaptation of the ‘Zoo Keeper’ arcade game.

  • Steve Gattuso

    The teaser for KFP 2 was simple and silly and whetted my appetite. That’s all a teaser has to do.

    “The Zookeeper” looks like someone from marketing got hold of the script department again. Feh.

  • Ross W

    The Kung Fu Panda teaser worked very well in the theater with both me and my kids playing along and laughing.

    I honestly thought that Zoo Keeper was a live action Madagascar at first, then maybe a Dr. Dolittle reboot. It made me wonder how soon will it be until they do a live action Kung Fu Panda?

  • For the record, I won the staring contest. And Po said I look amazing; my self esteem is forever invulnerable.