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Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time

Animator director Ward Jenkins has posted an interview on his blog with writer and historian Taylor Jessen, the foremost chronicler of the innovative and overlooked animated film Twice Upon a Time (1983). Ward also interviewed the film’s art director Harley Jessup and will be posting that discussion next.

  • Are we going to see that on DVD anytime soon?

  • I’d love to see this movie available on DVD, all I have is a bootleg copy on VHS.

  • This is one of the first movies (maybe the first movie) I ever recorded off of cable, and it was the PG-rated version with all the profanity intact. I still have that tape somewhere in storage, along with the non-profanity laserdisc release. I’ve been wanting to match the audio from the tape with the more pristine image of the LD for years now. Hopefully the years of storage hasn’t ruined either of them.

  • WOW, what a gold mine Ward has provided for us!!! This is one of my favorite animated films, which I first read about in a George Lucas biography, then saw on the Disney Channel, and found a VHS copy from the remainder bin at Meijers several years ago. Since then I’ve made a point to share it with students & friends from time to time. This film is the impetus behind the title ‘Scuzzbopper’ (my favorite character) as the title of my personal blog and my login name on a few animation forums.

    I agree with anyone who thinks it deserves to be brought back from the catacombs of cult status and given a proper DVD release.

  • awd — I talk with Taylor about the whole issue of TWICE being released on DVD in my interview with him. As far as we know, WB has no plans to release it on DVD — hence the reason for me doing these two posts on the film. We need to keep it out there in the open for the powers that be to know that this film is significant enough to be seen, with a pristine print and all the usual DVD bells & whistles.

    You can now post a comment on my blog, Ken. For some reason, I had it set for “no comments” for that particular post. Weird. All fixed, now!

  • Just today, I noticed that the SVA library has a copy on VHS. Too bad I don’t have a VCR here.

    I remember seeing “Twice” once or twice on Cartoon Network, back when they had the movie program with the Tex Avery characters in the bumpers. I thought it was pretty funny as a child. I vaguely remember it airing on Disney, but that was a LONG time ago.

    I watched it recently on Youtube, where it was broken down to multiple parts. It has since been taken down there, but you can watch the whole film on Google video.

  • Jay

    If a decent transfer can be found, maybe Twice Upon a Time could be Cartoon Brew Films’ first online feature release….?

  • i remember seeing bits of this film a while back on cartoon network, and i read your article on it in an Animation Blast! it’s really great stuff! there’s a cut of it on google video, which wasn’t the best quality but fun to see nonetheless.

  • Man, this is one of my favorite animated movies. I with someone would at least put it up on the internet for others to see.

    Well, apparently someone did at Google Video.
    Isn’t the internet grand?

  • Ward’s article is great ( as is the great article in Animation Blast) . I’m looking forward to the interview with Harley Jessup.

    You John Korty fans may want to take a look at an obscure little article I posted on my blog :

    John Korty Article on Cut Out Animation for the Bolex Reporter , 1963

  • I’ve been waiting for this film on DVD forever, it seems…

  • I was completely aware of the film being available to view on Google Video, but opted not to mention it in my post because of just how awful quality it is. It’s worse than the VHS-copy-to-VHS-copy version that I use to post screengrabs. My feelings on this is: don’t watch the Google version! It’s doing a disservice to the filmmakers and all who worked on the film because of just how much quality is lost. All the more reason to wrangle someone at Warner Home Video and get a decent print of the film released to DVD.

  • Thank you, David, for your blog post ‘John Korty- The Bolex Reporter’. Really inspiring.

    I managed to grab a new old stock copy of ‘Twice Upon a Time’ from an Amazon re-seller before the prices got insane – from $40.00 for a rental to $120.00 for new old stock. Thanks to Animation Blast for tipping me off to the film as I had completely missed it in the 80s. I would also like to see a proper DVD release (preferably Blu-ray or HD DVD) because even VHS quality does not do the film justice. I cannot imagine trying to appreciate the film on You Tube. I expect the viewing experience would be as frustrating as “The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled,” another film that deserves a proper DVD.

  • Has anyone ever seen the un-censored verison of TWICE UPON A TIME ?

  • Just an update: I’m expecting to work on the 2nd part of my TWICE post this weekend (9/22-23). More images and nice behind-the-scenes photos! Even a model sheet or two. Stay tuned….

  • Grace

    You can ‘rent’ a download of TWICE UPON A TIME from that big commercial website named after a river (or a mythical tribe of female warriors…) However these ‘rentals’ supposedly delete off your computer’s hard drive in 30 days (or after you’ve viewed it.) You can burn it to DVD, but it’s supposedly not in a format readable by DVD players.

    My daughter who watched it as a small child, still remembers the movie in great detail: character’s names, the plot, etc. She’s asked for a copy for Christmas. *sigh* As her Mother, I’d love to get it for her at a reasonable price (not the crazed VHS collector’s prices.)

    Any ideas?